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Gas Coupon / Coupon is a fake!

1 United States

Was issued a certificate to obtain a Gas Coupon for $100 after transporting vehicle to Nevada. No problem with the transport company, they were perfect. The Gas Coupon came from 3rd party as a "promotion". I spoke to the manager at the auto transport and he said the Gas Coupon has caused major headaches. No on has been able to get a refund on their gas purchases. First, you must send in the certificate in order to receive the "coupon booklet" which consisted of a coupon to be filled in with your personal information and again submitted to the company in Port Orange, Fl. Then after 21 days you may submit the other (only 2 pages in the coupon book, 1 to register,again, and 1 coupon to send in with a gas receipt) coupon along with the gas receipt which, according to the "RULES" must be for exactly $10. So, you submit a gas receipt for $10 and they will send you another coupon good for another $10. Unfortunately it has been 7 weeks and I have yet to receive the first $10 and second coupon. I'm not holding my breath. Since it didn't cost me anything I am not real upset. But, companies such as this should be banned from ever doing business anywhere ever again. If I were the owner of the auto transport company who allowed the coupon company to use my service only to have it discredited, I would take them to court and have them send every customer promised the $100 rebate a money order in that amount. I have yet to find out the name of the company so I cannot report them to the Florida BBB. I sent email and snail mail and received no response.


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