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Gamekoo / Scamming

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I purchased 500, 000, 000 maplestory currency from them and never received what I purchased. Before I purchased I asked someone in the live chat help if they had the currency in stock, she said wait one minute so she could check. It took her 10minutes to come back and tell me it was in stock and that I could purchase. I then proceeded to purchase the 500, 000, 000 maplestory currency. I was still in the chat while this was going on, It only took me a minute to purchase the currency. After I purchased I then proceeded to tell her that I purchased and I am ready to meet up to received the currency I bought. She then told me to meet up at a random place in the game and that she was coming to that spot to give me the currency. I went to the spot she told me to go to and then I waited...and waited...and waited..for 30minutes I waited patiently for her to arrive. After I waited for 30minutes I then went back to the live chat and asked her what is taking so long, she responded with "sry no stock come back in 3 or 4 hours".. So I came back in 4 hours and asked if she had in stock then to switch she responded "sry no stock pls come back tomorrow"... so I returned the next day and asked if they had in stock to only get the response " Sorry we dont have stock we got banned" at this point I was getting annoyed and wanted a refund. I asked for a refund and got the response "i dont have the right to refund pls come back when boss is here" I asked when the boss would be back and got the response "come back at 8am he will be here" so I returned later that day since I'm in america it would be a different time. I asked if the boss was there and could i have a refund on the currency I never received. I got the response "srry we dont do refunds on weekends" at this point I am very upset so I keep returning and asking for refunds or my currency that I bought for the remainder of the day. I told them that I would do a chargeback if I didn't received my currency or a refund and only to get the response " you are scamer " and some cuss words in chinese. I have yet to get a refund or my currency. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE SCAMMERS


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  • Pi
      10th of Jun, 2011
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    I had a similar experience. was told i'd get my order within 20 minutes after specifically telling " fanny" i needed it quick. Was told i would get it fast. Well guess what???? Never got it at all. I had to harass these @#$&'s to get an answer as to why and they would take forever to even respond to me. They told me to wait longer and that the gold farming market is very unstable and i should be aware of that. wtf??? They wouldnt refund me and told me "the boss" had to be around to do it. and he convienently seemed to be gone every time i checked.. So i decided to cancel my char and start back on my old server this way they couldnt send it to me. oddly that following day i got a BS emailing saying the order was filled lol.
    So here's some advice. 1: always ask if they have it avaialble for fast delivery and get them to tell you you can get a refund if they cant meet the time promised, 2: always copy and paste the chats, 3: File a dispute with your bank and explain to them exactly what happened and mail them a copy of the chat if the company you are dealing with refuses your money back. According to my bank ( BoA ) if they promise you a delivery time and a refund if they cant meet said time, you are entitled to get that cash back. worked like a charm. i was credited immediately annd it was settled a few weeeks later.

  • Zr
      17th of Sep, 2011
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    I had a similar situation. I asked them beforehand how long the delivery would take and they said 2 hours, I asked are you sure? They said yes don't worry. So I went to sleep (I purchased 10k NX that they deliver through MTS) and I had not received it. So I opened the chat and asked what is going on and they replied that I will get it later. I asked how much later and they didn't reply. I opened a new chat and asked for a refund and they didn't reply. I came back 3 hours later and tried to ask for a refund again but the "site operator" closed the chat before I could ask! You could say I was "banned" from their live chat! I couldn't believe how ###ing ridiculous this was. I went on a different computer and asked for a refund quite nicely and they told me the same ### "our boss isn't here come back later". I can't believe how terrible this site is. I've had MUCH better experience with GameCuu. I've disputed it on Paypal now and I am probably going to do a chargeback.

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