Galaxy & CoI will never buy anything from Galaxy again

Seven months ago, i had purchased a watch from Galaxy jewellers in Cresta Mall on my account . The cost of the watch totalled R 420.00 . I payed my first installment in April for the amount of R200.00, I made the second payment of R 250 in May . I recieved a manual doc as they were offline . My account had now been paid off . I started recieving letters from Galaxy stating my account is in arrears of R 250, i called the store and told them i had paid the account and gave them my manual doc . They said its a system error and i shouldnt worry about it . This continued and i eventually was handed over to blake and associates for non payment . I then called the head office in Cape Town stating my case, i spoke to the manager of the complaints dep, she said the same thing that they had a system problem and she was going to call the branch and call me back BUT SHE NEVER DID CALL ME BACK !!! I then spoke to a lady name teresa at the durban branch where i had opened my acc, she has been extremly helpfull, she has been calling the credit office for the past two weeks to get my account updated !! NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE WHEN I HAVE PAID THIS ACC, THIS AFFECTS MY CREDIT RECORD.


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