gablecrest living for women in Fresno CARules broken and employee lies

My daughter was approved to live in their housing sponsored by Salvation Army. They have rules but the mangers are always bending rules in their favor They then issue rediculious write ups that are very petty. She has been asked to leave within 3 days with a 5 month old baby and no where to go but on the streets. And they call this a Christian organization. They lie and are very unchristian. There was absolutely no reason for such harsh behavior. She did all of her chores. They just did not like her This place is a very clicky organization.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fresno, CA The head manager had even ripped up a couple of her write ups. The manager is never ther when supported to be. Her name is Kathleen and the on premises co manager is a 20 year old daughter of someone higher up at Salvation Army. Therefore, she lives for free and thinks she is hot stuff. It is a big joke!!! I have been a witness on all the accusations. The last was in text form that wasn't even to them and none of their business. This place is a poor example of Christianity. God knows and sees their activity. What a shame for Salvation Army to represent such behavior.

Dec 17, 2014

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