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Fulton's Crab House / They ruined our special occasion

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The complaint is that on aug 25th 2007 my son and daughter in law and myself went to fultons crab house for what was suppose to be a nice anniversary dinner for my son and his wife we had reservation for 6:30 pm and we were promptly seated after arriving on the upper level of the restaurant when making the reservation we were ask will there be children with you we explained that no children just 3 adults so far so good

After being seated our waiter david who was very good and explained the menu and was very helpful we had a beautiful view along the windows and immediately after seating us another table across from us was seated with a family with 3 small children a girl dressed in a disney dress approx 5-6 years old a boy age about 3 and a baby in a carrier thats when the problem occurred the baby was crying the boy wouldn't sit down on the chair he stood up reaching across the table and yelling at the baby the girl went from table to table with her wand in hand running up and down telling everyone she was a fairy princess and this went on for the entire meal after we ordered and this family was still not keeping the children at the table the waiters brought food to us and the other table the children were not fed at this time the two older children now both running up and down became very disturbing and they were loud and rude while the parents continued to eat their dinner the children screamed and yelled to the parents that they wanted to go to mcdonalds they were hungry the baby still crying with no one taking that as a problem the parents continued with their dinners obviously undisturbed by the action going on with the children running and the baby crying

Our waiter david ask if we would like to move and we said yes please well the tables were all filled at that time and he explained that as soon as there was an table available he would let us move well he also ask the parents to please make the children stay at the table due to the fact that hot foods were being served and that the children running up and down could cause them to get injured at that the father stated he would like to keep them put but that they were there having their dinner and that the children were there with them and that they were under the impression that disney caters to children and that his children were just having their fun no problem if they had been at mc donalds but in a restaurant like fultons that wasnt the way the children were to be acting

After our meals arrived we still had no other tables available an david explained he was sorry for the problem so we continued to try and cope with this unruley family at this point the little girl again visited the tables an made a wave with her wand again knocking the container for our crab and lobster shells off our table when doing this the glass that was in front of my sons meal was also knocked over on to his plate and continued to splatter on his pants we were not dressed in shorts and casual clothes but dressed for the occassion the pants were soaked and stained with his drink two waiters came by and offered to help him clean up the spill and offered to replace the drink with no charge well this was a special night out for all of us and our after dinner plans were ruined because my sons pants were wet and stained at this point we had nothing else to do but just sit there an finish our spoiled dinners and leave the parents didnt even acknowledge the fact that the girl had caused this to happen she also had a rude remark that my son a large man 6'5 and as the child called him your really fat the waiters told them they would have to contain the children they said they would leave as soon as they were finished dinner and they left as our dessert came to us they were rude to the waiters and all the other people at the restaurant but did not seem to care their children were very nasty they caused us to have a very unpleasant evening and as they left the two older children stuck their tongs out at people and the baby was still crying the baby was only about 6 months old so thats not the problem the problem was the parents did nothing to correct this but had their dinner to themselves while all around them suffered from this our dinner and after plans were ruined and our meal was expensive we spent 320.00 plus a 40 dollar tip to a great waiter that had no other tables available to us so we had to stay there and make the best of it well this is fine but someone should have made this family move to an area that had other children one table that was there seated just after we were didnt stay they did not want to order and have to put up with them so they left this table was next along the window from us so that would not have been any use to move to i cant believe we spent over 300.00 to enjoy a nice dinner and this happened especially when we were ask before seating when we made reservation if children were going to be present we go to the disney restaurants often and we are orlando residence and after this evening and the cost of the dinner and the loss of our after dinner plans being ruined and the fact that my sons pants were wet and stained i am very upset the only thing i have to say is that these parents enjoyed their dinner probably never to return as they seemed to be vacationing by the remarks they made to the waiter when they were ask to correct the children with the answer that they figured children were to be welcomed at any disney restaurant or park well they would have been had they been well behaved and the parents remarks and inconsiderate attitude to the others in that area i am not happy with this evening and the cost of our dinners being over 300.00 made me think twice before going to another disney restaurant esp since the drink got spilled on my sons plate on the lobster that he didnt eat after that not wanting to put up a fuss we just paid for our dinners and left i must say again our waiter was doing everything he could but sometimes parents just dont control their children they should have gone to one place that caters to children rather than spoil others dinners crying babies should be quited or at least picked up to try to smooth it to stop crying these parents just ignored them and they enjoyed there meal i hope they fed those children after leaving there at mcdonalds they constantly yelled out they were hungry and wanted to go to mc donalds while the parents enjoyed their meal we will not try doing that again next time i go out for a expensive special dinner it will be for sure that our table will not be next to the likes of that family 300.00 is a lot to spend to put up with a table of loud unruly family and children even if it is a disney restaurant

Thank you for listening you may get another such complaint but i feel very strongly that we had a miserable time and the cost of a dinner like this is not the factor as much as the special occasion was ruined i could have gone to mcdonalds and spent a lot less and wouldn't have had to put up with that kind of interruptions

Thank you again for reading this complaint

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  • Ki
      23rd of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    first of all - this text rambles on and on...
    so... you spent $320 +40 tip
    the waiter was great
    the family next to you had unruly children and their children and their attitude ruined your meal.
    It takes you about 5o0 words to say just that.
    Sorry - next time you want to have a Grown Up dinner celebration... don't do it at a kids resort restaurant.

  • As
      23rd of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I have to agree with Kimberly.

    First of all, USE PUNCTUATION. It's hard to take a complaint seriously when it looks like it's been written by a grade-schooler.

    Second of all, you say the exact same thing about 70 times. When you make a complaint that says the same thing over and over and over and over again, it kinda loses its punch.

    Third of all, you're complaining about a restaurant because the people sitting next to you annoyed you, even though the restaurant did the best it possibly could to accomodate you?

  • Sa
      6th of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    That's a horrible tip for a great waiter! If the service was "great" you should have tipped 18-20%. If I was that server and had to deal with this situation and resolve it for my customers and they leave me a bad tip with a "thank you, everything was great!", that sends mixed signals because a bad tip is for bad service. Do the math. $18-$20 for every $100 spent. You tipped $40. Your server should have gotten $64 dollars on a 20% tip. As a server getting tips like these is so offensive. If you don't have the money to tip you don't have the money to dine there. So not only did the server have to deal with you and the obnoxious people they also got a crap tip at that.

  • Sa
      6th of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    PS. Fulton's Crab House didn't ruin your dinner. That family did. From what you said, your server attempted to resolve this.

    Restaurants legally cannot turn away undesirable customers and you were at a kids resort restaurant!!! What did you expect?

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