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I saw an ad on the internet for Full Movies which claimed you could watch all the latest Hollywood movies on this site and they had the largest selection of movies to watch. When I went to check out signing up for it, a live person came on and chatted with me (salesperson). She offered me halfprice for the year which included free streaming TV as well with hundreds of channels. I signed up and within minutes could not sign in. They had made an error on my email address. I went back to live chat and she would not help me but said to contact support. I had to email support with the error. After days of waiting they informed me that they could not change me email that I signed up with. It was their error, not mine. I gave them the correct email. Someone on their end keyed it in wrong in their system!

Meanwhile that first night I checked out their so-called TV streams. Most of them did not work and the ones that did were foreign and had pop-up ads, one right after another, that covered the screen so I could not see the shows! I was never able to access a movie because I was unable to sign in. Searching through their selections I noticed there were not any new movies but old movies. On their ad, they show the latest Hollywood movies. Disgusted, I uninstalled my software and realized I had been scammed. I had thought this was legitimate because I had read a reviewing report on the internet about the top movie download companies and this one was mentioned as one of the best. They need to get their facts straight, obviously. The only thing they are good at is selling their half-off price!

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