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we were told we had a full loan approval got house did appraisal and inspection at end of escrow was told never had loan 9 banks later and ruined credit. we were out of luck stuck in a one bedroom apt thanks too the unperfessional tony piedad and full reality murrietta cal.

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      Sep 05, 2010

    yes i aggre this is why the market is so messed up. there are great agents out there but the few bad ones mess it up for them... its not fair

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      Aug 29, 2014

    Steve, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I feel you need to know the truth. You did have full loan approval(I sent a copy to your wife)Steve you had BAD credit from the start...fortunately your wife's credit was good enough to get the loan approved. All that was needed was the letter that your wifes many school loans were differed for 12 months as I was told they were...that was it! and the house was yours! But, no letter could ever be produced. And as I kept the other agent informed and got you a 2 week extension to get the letter...But, then your wife told me the bank would not differ her payments and there went the deal . You say you were cheated out of monies! But, I was able to get your Deposit back (which they did not want give back), Inspection fee back and your appraisal money back...all back to your wife!The 9 banks your talking about were not you recall you were going to another lender who said she could do your loan...sounds like she could not. Steve, I have been in the Real Estate Field for 22 years and have never had a complaint and was surprised to see yours. I had always heard that the deals you work the hardest seem to end up like this...I never believed that until now! Steve, please get your stories correct and check your spelling before you publish.

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