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Full Flush Poker / Poker scam, Casino Scam, Equity Poker Network Scam

1 Lincoln, NE, United States
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Hello, I'm a 14 year poker pro, with 7 years of winning poker under my belt, I have played online everywere and I'm very detailed with my note taking and recording of every poker hand I play, I spend easily 40 hours a week playing poker and a additional 10 hours a week reviewing my playing and studying. Having said that, I started playing on Full Flush Poker, and with in the Equity Poker Network, and I most say this site was a very clear cheat site. Like always on the new site there is a process of getting to know the software and player traffic and really overall how it plays, there is several tools you can use to help with this learning curve, but reality is it takes time and effort. I started playing and soon noticed a very clear cheat within there tournaments, so I started recording every hand on video, and the things I found where very clear cheats, I have a sample of 70 conceive all-in for meaningful tournaments, and i loss 69 out or 70, now I want to be clear when I say these are all stranded all-in's, like I'm on the bottom and I have AA, I raise and i get a call and a re raise, then I shove and there is a over call, the hands are turned up and I have AA and the other player has QQ, then the random over called has k 2 off or 10 4 off, and 69 out of 70 Video recorded times Both the QQ and AA lost, now if you do the math on AA vs QQ vs K 2 off, its very clear something is very wrong. So here is what I did, I used my contacts from my past poker career and got a hold of a person from 2+2 poker, and I was told that several players on that site have the same feeling and are Video recording there hands and tracking the "players that never guessed wrong" and I must say WOW!, there several thousand hands recorded showing this nonsense. Additionally we noticed that these "players" would some times get chips added to there stack while there moved, and every time we seen that happen, a hand or two later a player would get a unfoldible hand and these "players" that got funds added to there stack would have the perfect amount of money to knock them out, and ALWAYS a tendentious bad beat. I have a lot of videos and info on this, that I will be posting on 2+2. I hope this saved some real poker players time and money. Also if you would like to help contribute hand history or donation money toward this campaign, please contact me @

Jan 17, 2016

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