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I went in to a job interview and was really excited about the position they promised then went to training to find out that it wasn't what was promised. The man that hired me was named Aaron and above him is Steve Mantz. Both men are horribly behaved and verry disrespectful towards Mormons, return missionaries, and Utah in general. Both of them dropped the f bomb many times and straight out told everyone that they don't care if they hurt your feelings or if they disrespect you. I went to all of the training and saw many red flags. The girl that came and got my social and license was high (literally) Aaron even told me she was later that day that she was. The lady renting the space came and told Aaron that his card declined for his rental payment, but the whole training he bragged at having thousands of dollars and Rolex watches, designer suits that we'll never see him wear twice and yada yada... Anyway I started looking up the company and Steve mantz on line and found that their company used to be called Savannah distribution located in west valley and had horrible reviews for their business and for their employment. I am verry disgusted and I am mad because they are not going to pay me for my work done. They promised bonuses for whoever got to their demos (first 5) would get 25 dollars the next day and no one got paid that...let's just say they are about to get a visit from Utah state labor commission here soon!

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      Dec 11, 2012

    Hi "That Ain't Right." I am writing from The Kirby Company in Cleveland, Ohio. It appears that your concerns involved an independent distributor of Kirby products. As you may know from working at Pacific Frontier, The Kirby Company manufactures home cleaning systems and then sells them to independently owned and operated businesses or "distributorships." The distributorships then sell the cleaning systems to consumers. Despite this vendor/vendee relationship that exists between The Kirby Company and its distributors, the Company still requires the distributors to operate legally and ethically. As such, we would like to discuss your concerns with you directly. Please call our Customer Relations Department at [protected]. Thank you.

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  • No
      Jan 30, 2013

    I agree with "that ain't right." These kirby vacuum vendors wanted to clean 2 of my rooms and show me all the dirt it pulled up on the white discs. It's not that hard to believe that the girl was "high." The kid who was running the demonstration asked to step out to smoke. They were going up and down our street trying to offer to clean rooms. The girl who rang our doorbell originally to set up the appointment smoked outside our house. Then they brought in the manager to finalize the offer. He is a very "Prideful" man. He felt so bad that I didn't make enough money to support my family that he offered me a job. Gave me his name and number. There is no way in hell I'd work for a company like this.

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  • Ka
      Jun 19, 2013

    I just went to this orientation today June 19, 2013. And I agree with almost a100% of the above complaint. He did not use the F word, but made sure to let the Mormons know it was because of them. And also I didn't see the girl who was high the only one we saw was Aaron, and yes he is very prideful. Aaron said I think exactly the same things. Really sad because the Kirby is really awesome. He lie a lot too, and you would not notice if you weren't paying attention. Oh and you can't even ask questions! I would like to know if Kirby has a lifetime guarantee why do you have to pay $200 for a warranty? I would have really like this opportunity to sell Kirby seeing it is the best, but I won't do it for this company. He hates Utah and anything to do with it.

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  • No
      Jan 22, 2014

    Be warned they are operating under west coast consulting now in salt lake city now. Tons of lies and very pushy even to your family members. Aaron is in charge and Zach is the one hiring.

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  • Mc
      Feb 12, 2015

    I just interviewed with Aaron the other day. There's no way this is an honest company when they've had to change their name multiply times. I could tell the second I walked into the interview they had rented out an office to look "official" This one was located in Midvale. They're now going by the name "Pure Air Solutions LLC" I realized it was a scam after calling Aaron's # and his voicemail saying it was West Coast Consulting. I'm supposed to go to training tomorrow but won't be attending because of how "fishy" this company is, if you could even justify calling it a company.

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  • Ns
      Oct 13, 2015

    I "worked" for this Aaron. Promised a weekly pay for demonstrating and then switched my job up on me and had me knocking on the doors. Did not pay me because I didn't demonstrate enough. Wtf!?! At first he wanted us to go out and basically hustle our own families. He was definitely sure of himself, brought in his new true religion jeans to show off and a new watch. Drove a Cadillac he took everyone out side to see. Swore non stop. But, to be honest, he told everyone what they wanted to hear...that they would make a lot of money. What a lie. What a joke. I pity this man for having to build relationships on lies.

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  • Mu
      Aug 08, 2019

    On 07/11/19 I had a door to door salesman come to my door to show off the product, I generally was not interested from the beginning and let him still continue his show, towards the end his partner came into my home and started to become pushy that I need to buy this vacuum he was repeatedly told we don't want it, so in order to get him out of my home I agreed I couldn't take the badgering any longer the next morning I called and cancelled the order the 2 men came back and picked up the vacuum. I was informed that I'd receive my refund in 7-10 days well 13 days later no refund, I called several people to get this situation settled and finally after a month they clarified that my account was closed as of 08/02/19 they had given me steve mantz direct # so that I could ask and get my money refunded to me! I got into contact with him the one day and he'd promised me I'd receive my money on monday the 5th, well still no money back I've called him repeatedly left several messages and even my husband has called, today my husband gets a call back saying steve is out of the country and that were not getting our money refunded to us until he gets back when nobody knows when that'll be and my husband was 100% positive that it was steve himself that called him! this company is a fraud! I want to speak to someone that doesn't have their head up there ---!!! Steve Mantz is very unprofessional and should never be allowed to mistreat people!!

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