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Hooksett NH District Court case #2009-SC-662. I was forced to take Tracy Lacombe, the owner of Frog Pond Bordeaux, to court to force her to return my deposit of $500 for a puppy I wanted to purchase from her. Turns out there was no puppy. I was able to produce 3 different emails she had sent me stating I WOULD get my money back if there was no litter. She stalled for months before finally admitting to me her dog was never pregnant.

Tracy comes across as a very caring and professional breeder but my experience with her was quite the opposite. She stated in court that she was unemployed, on food stamps, had no money and had used my deposit to pay her mortgage payment. She was ordered to refund my money but has stopped making the monthly payments of $50. The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Department will be paying her a visit soon ordering her back to court for non-compliance. <br />

Ironically, her website warns of Internet scams...Is she referring to her own website? Buyer beware!!

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  • Tr
      May 19, 2010

    I am Tracy LaCombe. This man placed a non refundable $500 deposit on a puppy. I informed him that the dog he placed a deposit on, was not pregnant (its nature and many times animals as in humans as well, don't get pregnant the first time they takes time, it's nature) and that I would either move his deposit to the next litter as is common practice, or I would offer him pick of the litter from a dual sired litter, since the litter had been fathered by the sire he was looking for with Angel. The other female that had the litter was Angels mother. He called me an unethical breeder and said that a dual sired litter is not possible. He was very arrogant and insulting. I kept my cool and sent him a link to the AKC that proved dual siring was not only possible but that it was used daily.
    I agreed to refund him his money, but told him it would be upon the next litter as his arrogance and his demeanor was not a home I would have sought for one of my puppies. He was not satisfied with that and went to court. I again, told them I would pay him as I had stated I was not in the business to rip people off. I also told them that times were tough as we were self employed and I am a full time nursing student. This man is a horrible horrible man and he bought his new pet from a pet store.
    I am more than willing to give anyone interested in puppies email addresses and phone numbers of satisfied puppy owners. I have 35 puppies on the ground and in homes over the past 5 years I have been breeding. Each and every puppy owner is satisfied. I keep in touch with all my puppy owners, as my dogues are not just dogues, they are an extension of my family. They are my fuzzy grand kids. I stand behind every puppy I produce, and every puppy buyer signs a 6 page contract that states that the deposit is non-refundable before I ever accept a dime from them. I want to be sure that my buyers understand what I expect from them in care for the puppy and what they expect from me. I guarantee my puppies for 2 years from health defects. I also ask in my contract that if for any reason during the life of this dogue the new owner can't keep the dogue, he/she is welcome back to my home. My dogues will never end up in a shelter!
    Thanks for reading and I hope you all can see both sides of the coin. I am truly an ethical breeder who cares deeply for this breed. Feel free to visit my website and shoot me an email.
    Breeding is not something I do for money, it's because I love this breed. I want the best for it when it comes to health and temperament.

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  • Do
      Jun 17, 2010

    This will be my last comment regarding Frog Pond Bordeaux owner Tracy Lacombe. I know that after more than a year of her nonsense I will never get my money back. I will not stoop to her level and start name calling or making false accusations...I will only state the truth and back it up with emails she sent me just to get my hard earned money. She has not made a court ordered payment since January 20th and was warned by the Judge that there will be severe consequences if she does not pay. We will see what happens at our next court date in September.

    What I am trying to do is warn others who are thinking of buying a dog from her that they might end up as I did...with no dog and out $500. I have decided to "copy and paste" the actual emails we exchanged so that you can see for yourself that my deposit was to be refunded if no puppies were born. Tracy did not consider me to be a "horrible arrogant man" until I insisted she abide by our contract. She is also LYING when she states that I bought a dog from a pet store. I purchased my puppy from a reputable breeder. Please read the following emails and decide for yourself who is telling the truth!

    From: Tracy LaCombe <[protected]>
    Subject: Re: Puppies
    Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 10:38 PM

    Sounds good. You are on the list...first after pick. Yes, the deposit would be refundable if she didn't have a litter. We will be taking progesterone we should be good. I will also forward a few pics of a puppy out of last years litter...owned by a woman in Quincy, MA

    He is out of Katie and Tanakajd Szepe's Morris. He is a brother of Angel...only from a different litter,


    Hi Dave,

    I wanted to touch base...I, unfortunately, don't think Angel is pregnant. I won't know for sure until the 31st of May, but it doesn't seem that she took...we did everything right (progesterone testing...etc) but she is showing no signs...she may just have 2 puppies in never know...but I am leaning more towards her not being pregnant.
    You have 2 options:
    Katie, Angels mom, was dual sired with both Cinder and Cajun. There are no deposits yet on the Katie/Cajun litter...if you want to move your deposit to that litter, puppies will be here this week.
    Your other option is to refund your deposit.

    It's up to you, I know you really wanted Cajun so I wanted to give you that option. Let me know...but I will know around the 31st for sure. I am very bummed if she isn't pregnant either...I was dying to see her litter.

    Tracy LaCombe

    Why would you be "concerned" about vet care...She has had vet care up thru now...there is nothing they do...her shots were all updated before breeding...and she has been on proper food throughout pregnancy. Puppies are due on or around (because there are multiple breedings and there are multiple due dates) May you start counting on the first due date. I usually don't refund deposits, it moves to the next litter, but I did offer that to you. If she doesn't have pups, I will send back your the agreement was if there wasn't a litter.

    Tracy LaCombe

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  • Do
      Jun 18, 2010

    Thank you for posting your complaint for others to read. My wife and I were looking to bring a Dogue de Bordeaux into our lives. We have friends that have this breed and we fell in love instantly. After doing our research on the breed itself, we moved on to find a reputable breeder in our area. We found Frog Pond Bordeauxs on the web and they looked like a great breeder to work with to get our new family member.

    To our dismay, we went on and read the complaint you posted about Frog Pond. At first, we didn't really know what to think and thought we would give Tracy the benefit of the doubt. Then to see her response, and your subsequent post with the email correspondence stating that a full refund would be provided to you, we were a bit taken back.

    In the end, we have decided to look elsewhere and hope everything works out for you.

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  • Az
      Sep 21, 2011

    I have to disagree with everything being said about Frog Pond by this person. I have a dogue from Tracy. He is a very nice male, great temperament. He is beautiful. I couldn't be happier. As for Tracy, she gave me a contract and told me to read it in full. I knew before I ever placed a deposit on a puppy that the deposit was non refundable if I decided to not take a puppy. In reading what this man said, I think it was more than fair that she offered a pick of the litter male. I also was surprised that he said she was on food stamps. When I visited her home, she had 4 or 5 horses and 5 beautiful dogues. He said he wasn't going to insult or call names, but saying on a public forum that someone is on food stamps is very insulting and very personal. I would take what he says with a grain of salt and go see for yourself. Before I bought a puppy, I asked for references and she gave me names and numbers of puppy buyers. I called them and was satisfied with what I heard. I have also been able to call her any time with questions or concerns. I think THAT is a great breeder!! I didn't get a taillight guarantee, I got a lifetime of support. My baby is 4 years old now and I couldn't ask for a better dog. I just wanted to say something after I read this post.

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  • Be
      Nov 06, 2011

    Tracey Lacombe ise a dirt bag, Period. Do Not do business with her. Do a search of her. There are court records a phone book thick from people who have sued her and her husband. You all have been warned

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  • Tr
      Apr 02, 2012

    Again, this is Tracy LaCombe. The last post is a complete falsification by a puppy mill in Canada that screwed me out of $3800 and no puppy. She just posted this because I am suing her. I have only this one person who posted on here, David. She is mad because several more people came out against her. We are compiling a list of people to go against her in a class Action suit. Google Red Legends Bordeaux and you will see, they are horrible people and they way her Dogues live is deplorable! If it wasn't a false complaint, she would have signed her post.

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  • En
      Jun 16, 2012

    Hate to burst your bubble but that is not my post up above but I have to totally agree with that post and add trailer trash to it lol. Did you not tell me that your self Tracey?? That your neighbors consider you that?? Just quoting your words.. Still waiting for the court papers to arrive, or is this another one of your fabricated stories?? You should also add that you bred a dog at 12 mths each heat and finished her at age 8 because she died of cancer, when asked why you would constantly breed her you said she likes to have babies... Can you say "Puppy Mill"??? What about that poor dog you did not even own that died if heat stroke in your back yard from lack of care... Can you say "Puppy Mill"??? Tell me can you show generations of health testing and proof that your breeding program is successful?? No cause they don't accept food stamps at your vets lol

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  • Tr
      Sep 25, 2012

    wow Cathy of Red Legends Bordeaux. I gave you proof of her heart being defective and of her luxating patella. I have numerous text messages from you stating you would refund my money. Trailer trash? I don't live in a trailer! I have a 1900 sq ft gambrel on 5 acres in Amherst, NH. I have numerous people who came to me about complaints about you. You have a blog started by one of the people you screwed out of money...and many of us have added to it. It's
    I did own Massimo and for your information, he had an aortic anurism. He died peacefully in his sleep. I have vet papers to prove it. Katie was NEVER bred til after 24 months and she was bred once a year until she was 6. I don't breed my dogs and throw them away after 3 litters. My dogs stay here for a lifetime. She contracted cancer 2 years after her last litter. There is nothing wrong morally or medically with breeding a dog they way I did. You throw yours away after they've produced what you needed. You have produced over 500 puppies in the last 5 years...PUPPY MILL! Your dogs live their entire lives in crates in your 2 car garage...20 plus dogs...with 10 mins twice a day to get water and go potty. Your husband steals your horse hay from his employer, Cleary Homes. Your horses drink water run off from the cow farm next door (it's urine and liquid feces). Your 18 year old daughter likes to run around naked in your house and in front of her step father! You have cat litter boxes piled up 2 feet high on your wall! Dead birds for days on your stoop!! Please anyone who is looking for a puppy, call around Canada...ask about her breeding practices. Google bordeaux breeders in Canada and ask around. Check out the blog. I speak the truth and my puppy families become part of my family...honestly. We keep in touch via Facebook. I see several of my puppies several times a year. Out of 68 pups in 7 breeding years, I only have one complaint and he was given half his money back. It states in my contract that he signed (I have proof) that shows my deposits are non refundable. He was merely fabricating emails and adjusting them to suit his needs. Why would you sign a contract stating that the deposit was non refundable? He was unsatisfied, but he's never taken a puppy from me. I stand behind my dogues. I have had 3 pass away early, and I replaced 2 out of the 3. The third, he died of a lymphatic type of cancer. She bathed him in a medication that states right on the package that its carcinogenic and she dipped him more than 5 times at less than a year old. I instructed her not to do so but she did anyway. I gave her back more than 1/3 of her money. The dog broke out in mange, but only after it was attacked at a dog park, had stitches on the inside and outside of its mouth at 4 months old, went to doggie daycare and contracted kennel cough which turned into pneumonia, on top of that was given all his shots...his immune system was depleted...of course the mange mites (which as we all know are present on EVERY dog and are controlled by the immune system) took over and gave him patches...but he was dealing with way too much at such a young age. His immune system was still puppy like...he wasn't an adult and to go thru all that...mange would be expected. I recommended the feed thru meds, she opted to dip. I believe as well as many vets Ive spoken to...that this treatment caused his illness. It's unfortunate, but he did pass. Also back when she purchased him, I only offered a 90 day guarantee, which when he was diagnosed with the disease, was 2 years old. I now offer a 2 year.
    I shouldn't let her slander bother me but as you can see by her above posts...she's a very slanderous person. Food stamps? Anyone looking for a reference is more than likely to call my vet. I have heart tested all my dogues, hip xrayed my breeding dogs.
    Cathy states her dogs are health tested, she's a liar. The puppy I bought from her...she told me the parents were tested. The father, who was not her dog, was heart tested with a level 1 murmur...she told me he cleared. Her ### was never tested. That entire litter came back. She refused to give me back my money when I was the only one with proof.
    Cathy and Kirk Smith of Red Legends Bordeaux in Warkworth, Ontario are swindlers who don't care a rats ### about their dogs. They want the money.

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  • Ol
      Dec 08, 2015

    Amherst Police Log: Resident Arrested on Cruelty to Animals Charge

    Tracy Lacombe, 42, of Amherst, was arrested at 2:50 p.m. on July 2, on a charge of cruelty to animals. Lacombe was released on a summons to appear in the Milford District Court on July 30, 2015.

    This should say enough about the above complaints.

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  • Tr
      Jan 28, 2016

    Call Amherst Police Department. It was a false charge and went no further. Case was dismissed, my horses were returned less than 10 days later. if you would like I can have the vet report posted or you may call Dr. Mark Anderson who is my horse vet and he can tell you he went out an saw the horses after the incident and called the state vet and demanded them returned. The horses were and still are fat and healthy. [protected] There was no reason for the charges. Call Lt. Anthony Ciampoli. of the Amherst Police Dept. as well [protected]

    so Yes Don't judge before doing your homework and calling the police and checking.

    as is customary on all puppies sold, the deposit is nonrefundable. Ask any breeder. The emails I have look very different than his. He changed the wording and posted it. He just wanted his money back when the contract says if a puppy is not produced in 24 months. That was the contract. He wanted his money back before the litter was even born.

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  • St
      Nov 10, 2017
    Best Best Advice

    Hey Tracy. How are you enjoying your 1 year "vacation" (suspension) the AKC gave you for violating a bunch of their rules? Yes, folks, the great breeder, Tracy Lacombe aka "Trailer Trash" is under a 1 year suspension by the AKC and has to pay a fine of several thousand dollars before its over. Tracy, you need to quit digging a deeper hole for yourself and while you're at it, you might want to ask Dennis Von Hof, who you think is your buddy, why he was trying to get the man who was bitten in the face by your vicious dog to sue you.

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  • Bo
      Aug 16, 2019

    I must say, Redlegends Bordeaux took good care of me. The above is a lot of crazy stuff. Karma is not partial. U get what u give. When Cathy dealt (well) with me, she was professional. And none of us are perfect. I saw a woman who is trying her best considering all she has been dealt with. Bless her heart.

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