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On January 20th, I paid $5.99 to to unlock my BlackBerry Bold 9930 smartphone. Within a few minutes I received an email from [protected] containing several unlock codes. However, none of them worked. That is, was unable to unlock my phone.

At that point, I worked with one of their support agents (Marika) to try to manually unlock my phone. After several attempts of unsuccessful troubleshooting the results were still the same, ineffective. As a final escalation of support, I received an email from a Senior CS Rep (Dani Carlo), which stated "…the unlock code for IMEI # **** could not be located…” Reading that email I quickly learned that the rep entered the wrong IMEI # on his end. Wrong IMEI # equals wrong unlock codes. At that point, I gave up.

Since I would soon be traveling overseas and needed a quick solution, I paid $2.49 to a reputable company ( and they were able to unlock my phone in less than 3 minutes by providing just one working unlock code (instead of several non-working codes from

On January 22nd, I requested a full refund. To date, there have been yet another several unnecessary email exchanges between myself and Marika who insisted I shoot a video demonstrating their codes indeed do not work. Basically, she wanted video proof showing the IMEI # of my phone and me typing their non-working codes in my phone. This was a waste of my time. I pointed out that their codes contain way too many digits (16 to be exact); while the working code I received from were just 8 digits.

Marika was adamant about the video and kept referring me to their Terms & Conditions. I stated their Terms & Conditions don't apply in this case since their support agent entered a different IMEI # than what I provided at the time of order. I then emailed 3 different photos showing the IMEI # on different menu screens of my phone as well as the manufacturer sticker under the battery. Basically, I proved to them the IMEI # which I provided at the time of order did not match the IMEI # I received from Dani Carlo. Needless to say, Marika did not want to admit the error was on their end and kept hiding behind their Terms & Conditions.

This is ridiculous. People shouldn't have to go through the hassle of shooting an unnecessary video where evidence is concrete.

Feb 02, 2015
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  • We
      Sep 07, 2015

    Wow. I just went through the same thing and guess who was my support agent. Marika. They charged me $19.99 and then requested an additonal $16.00 to unlock my phone citing it was a US-AT&T phone?!? I don't have time to go through the rest of the hassle but 20+ emails later I finally received my 2 refunds via PayPal. Questionable business practice and wasted 4 days exchanging confusing and incompetent emails.


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  • Cu
      Jul 19, 2016

    This jerk owns and and used to have and
    on facebook he pretends now to be in melbourne au.
    Nope, still somewhere in Brooklyn NYC
    All his websites have bad reviews.
    He is now possibly scamming people on under username navkarran19 (NEW)
    Navindra K
    also aka krishna karran
    Addresses are on liberty st and chestnut st in brooklyn,
    Google guyanese in nyc to see kind of person he is.
    same website

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  • R4
      Sep 13, 2017

    freeunlocks is a scam, its not free!

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