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free grant funding source pleasant grove UT / a charge to my credit card that I did not authorize

1 UT, United States Review updated:

Yesterday my vell let me know that there was a message on it for me, so I read it and since I own a PREPAID VISA CARD, I've made sure that any and all transactions done on my card I get a receipt sent to my cell phone in a TEXT MESSAGE FORM! Anyway after I read it I noticed that this company that I had never heard from before called GRANT FUNDING SOURCE PLESANT GROVUTUS, somehow, someway they had made some type of purchase off my card because $40.90 had been deducted from my visa with out my authorization! And now I don't have a clue how, when, why & were. I want my money back, I just need a littled help getting started!
Mrs. Dionne Wing-Powels

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  • Zx
      6th of Oct, 2008

    Visa fraud number is where you start.

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  • Ka
      28th of Oct, 2008

    To whom it may be directed to:

    I did not subscribe to any site for the Grant Funding Source ... You charged me a total of $49.95 and I would like for that to be credited to my credit card. The only thing I did agree to was the $4.87 for a CD... Please with haste take care of this amount and mistake. With kind regards a phone number would be appreciated in a return confirmation for contacting your organization. This is a busy time and a quick response would clear up the miscommunication.

    Deepest regards,
    Karen Yeakel

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  • He
      2nd of Dec, 2008

    To whom it may concern:

    I have no authorized a monthly charge on my credit card for $ 49.95 from Grant Funding Source.

    As the Lady before me I have been charged this for several month on my card.

    I need this to be resolved ASAP.

    Heidi Pommer

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  • La
      14th of Jan, 2009

    if you plan on cheking out any free grant funding source you must keep in mind that IT IS A SCAM and it is NOT FREE. I authorized a charge of $1.98 for the shipping cost of an informational CD. Then, when a charge for $69.95 shows up on my card, I was told that 7 day free trail to use the website, which, by the way, I never used. After the trail period it cost $69.95 a month, SOME FREE SERVICE, huh? Anyway Beware.

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  • Ch
      23rd of Jun, 2018

    @LaRhonda Stoker yeah there good. [censored] but i notified my bank so the rotten dirty [censored] cant do it again i hope it comes back double triple on them! IF YOUR GOING TO RIP PEOPLE OFF STOP PREYING ON THE HOPELESS AND POOR PEOPLE.

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  • Da
      28th of Jul, 2010

    i did was i cancel or block by credit card so they will not acess my account

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  • Da
      26th of Mar, 2013

    I signed up for a 10-day 'free trial' period, and they charged my account $49.95 the very next day! I refuse to do business with companies that use these tactics, regardless of the quality of their products or services.

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  • Ik
      8th of Dec, 2014

    I have had the same thing happen to me today and I'm pissed I want my money back. They took $50.90 from me without me knowing. This is stealing.

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  • Je
      10th of Jan, 2015

    the same thing happened to me, did anyone get there money back? i didnt authorize this transpiration what do i do to get my money back whom do i contact

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  • Eb
      23rd of Jan, 2015

    My prepaid card was just charged for this pleasant harbor thing too. No money was taken because the amount was not there, but I just signed up for the free government grant today about 3 hours ago. I was told I was on a free 30 day trial.

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  • Ri
      3rd of Mar, 2015

    i would love too stop my payment. so i do i cancell my account

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  • Ri
      3rd of Mar, 2015

    i am looking too stop my service with you. how do i do that. i do not need them any more ty

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  • As
      11th of Mar, 2015

    How do I call them? Already called once can't seem to find the number again. I only agreed to pay a dollar something they returned the one charge of 19.95 but sti haven't taken off the 60 dollars that they said they can only return half of (which I never agreed on any if it to pay ) and I look at my account today another 60! Someone please help what should I do ?


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  • Ju
      13th of Mar, 2015

    I was charged 3.87 and an additional 19.95 from the same company. I called my bank and reported the fraud charges. Now I have to wait until the morning to go into my bank to clear this up. The number the gentlemen called from is based out of Los Angeles, CA a bar that idoes not answer the calls but gave me the address and location. I hope my bank can use this information. The gentleman told me he was from the federal government I never thought to question him.

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  • Je
      27th of Jun, 2015

    I Don't Know Who Are What This Company Is That Call They Self Pleasant Grovutus Snd They Also Go By My My Funding Source I Didn't Authority This All I Do Know Is That Last Month They Stole 59.95 Off My Pre Paid Card And Try To Do Yhe Same Thing This Month I Don't Have A Number Are An Address To Ask Them To Dtop In Return My Money So I Need Help Can Some One Please Help Me!!!

    Ms.Jeanette Stlot

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  • Me
      18th of Aug, 2015

    I dont who or what this company is. I did not agree to a charge of 59.95. I want my money back and to be taken off anything associated with them. How do I do this?

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  • De
      1st of Feb, 2016

    I was charged a $3.87 last month. And this month I was deducted a charge of $59.95 off my debit card. WTH is this!!! This is thievery. I would like my money back or there would be a lawsuit coming your way.

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  • Li
      9th of Aug, 2016

    I was charged $3.87 just the other day. And now no one will take my calls. I am very very upset these people promised to put $5000.00 in my account so now I'm going to get a new card. I'll show these people.

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  • Sa
      25th of Aug, 2016

    In May I was charged $3.85 for a cd which never arrived, since then I have been charged $59.95 a month without my consent, & as everyone else on here, I WANT MY $ BACK!!! $179.85 + the $3.85 for my invisible CD! I want to see this credit back into my account by next week, either that or I will have my attorney get in touch with you, your choice. 08-25-2016 Sally Horton

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  • Br
      14th of Oct, 2016

    They took 4.95 off my card telling me I was approved for. A grant for 6, 000 it would be on my card in 6 hrs but he needed my card number to put the money then I saw it was charged he told me I wouldn't be charged anything now the number he called from is not a working number did any of yall get in touch with anyone about this

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