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Fraud Investigation of Mary Pilon writing reporting Wall Street Journal New York Times


Fraud Investigation of Mary Pilon writing reporting Wall Street Journal New York Times

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Fraud Investigation of Mary Pilon writing reporting WallS Street Journal New York Times
new york city, New York
United States
Fraud Investigation of Mary Pilon writing reporting Wall Street Journal New York Times

A client of a friend of mine was recently called by a person " Mary Pilon " claiming to be a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

According to the transcripts, she asked several questions which made no sense whatsoever. It was as if she was confused or on drugs?

Based on a review of the transcript, Pilon had no understanding of the kindergarten level business or basic finance concepts, even when great steps were taken to explain things to her.

Mary Pilon badgered people by phone, called other people in the office, and asked completely bogus questions which could only produce confused and bogus answers.

Some people call this "interview-laundering " where you ask a phony question that makes no sense to get a bogus quote or sound-bite to use.

Later, when Mary Pilon prints her article in her blogs, she misquotes everyone in a way which was clearly intentional fraud and abuse.

After reviewing transcripts & speaking with other people who Pilon had harassed or interviewed, they said that Pilon made up quotes for them too.

Is this reporting? or is this fraud or just pure ignorance?

What makes things worse is that Pilon, a former Wall Street Journal Blogger, added the names of other reporters to her article without permission to make it look more legit?

I encourage everyone to avoid this "so called" reporter and demand to speak to a supervisor or boss before giving any quotes and DEMAND to record the conversation to be sure.

In the blogs, it says that Mary Pilon was recently fired and terminated for misconduct by the Wall Street Journal Blog supervisors

We can only assume that Mary Pilons Termination was for misrepresentation, journalistic malpractice, laziness, and fraud.

As a member of law enforcement for 20+ years, I urge everyone to avoid this reporter.

Other news blogs about Mary Pilon show that she ignores the transcripts and simply prints what she wants to attempt to create notoriety or controversy.

If you are anyone else is libeled by Mary Pilon, report it to the police, to the News editorial board and to the national press club ethics board.

Keep posting the blogs and keep bloggers and writers honest by exposing fraud abuse and messy journalism

The page is also awarding Mary Pilon a gold medal for the worst reporting for 2011. Now she can honestly claim to be an award winning journalist

To keep an eye on this neophite - Mary Pilon go to
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Pilon Bogus claims about being a reporter and winning fake awards.
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N  14th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Yes, I heard she was busted and booted out of the Wall Street Journal for screwing up so bad that they could NOT avoid firing her because the ignorance was so Bad.

I heard she switched from Finance to Sports? Why? Who the f*ck does that?

She must have really pissed off some folks or created legal liability for her malpractice?

What do you think?
A  16th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am so glad you exposed this Fraud by Mary Pilon.

These are serious allegations and Pilon and her conspiritors should be investigated for Quote Laundering like you said.

Also, these assh*les who claim to be in the press should be subject to SEC rules and FINRA rules for fabricating phony information to affect stock or mutual fund prices?

It is sort of like insider trading or stock fraud, but the reporter is the one creating the FAKE insider tips?

Mary Pilon ... What a scam or is it the people she works for that are putting her up to this. Not sure if she is smart enough to think of this by herself.

Mary Pilon is too young to be doing this type of criminal stuff. Either that or she is to stupid to figure out that the tips she gets are from Criminals and Idiots?

Again, You Heard?

OMG - This blog just keeps on getting bigger with more names and The search engines are allowing millions to see this stuff . You are so freeking screwed.

Some of the other Wall Street Journal utter ###s where Pilon created phony articles and press are the following: Pilon may have all of these guys in trouble for fraud and criminal violations.

Joe Light
Jacob Bunge
Jason Zweig
Min Zing
Bill Gross
Sam Zell

Mary Pilon - Biography of a Fraud
Assistant jerkoff, Former Exposed Idiot from The Wall Street Journal -- Kicked out for being an idiot.

Mary Pilon is a former New York-based staff blogger and screw up at The Wall Street Journal, where she worked as an assistant for various writers for the Money & Investing section. She started at the Journal in June 2008 and attempted to write numerous page one features, covered various aspects of personal finance and the financial crisis with her opinions for print and online editions. She has no education in finance or busines nor does she have any graduate education.

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