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I was going to purchase a suit from Frank A. Cuppari Designer, that he showed me in his catalog of his own suits which he designed, he told me the price will be $499.00 but he could do it for me at a discounted price of $450.00, he said he didn’t have it in stock so he would order it for me. Two weeks later the suit finally came in, I was busy that day so I told him I would pay over the phone and then he could FedEx it to me. I paid him over the phone, gave him my credit card number, a week later I got my suit in the mail, it was the EXACT suit that he showed me in his catalog. At the end of the month I got my credit card statement and I saw that he charged me $2, 200.00 for the suit instead of $450.00. I assumed it was a mistake, I went over to him with the suit, and he aggressively told me "that there was no mistake and that was the price!"
I called my credit card company to file a dispute and told them I was scammed by Mr. Cuppari. After a few weeks my credit card replied and told me that he is insisting that the suit was $2, 200.00 and that he is also continuing to insist that there was no mistake.
I also got a call from Mr. Cuppari threatening to sue me if I don't drop the dispute.
I refused to drop it! It's still pending, my credit card said they will report him to local authorities for fraud, but they also said there is a chance he might win the dispute. The guy is a crook ###.

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Frank Cuppari Designer
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