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My glasses were lost (or so I was told), I was charged for the repair and new lenses. August sent me replacement frames and lenses that I did not request several months later. These were laughable at best. Wrong color/size/gender. I was told that I would receive my lost glasses. I never did. I held onto the unrequested replacement glasses thinking that mine would show up. A few months later I returned them and was never issued a refund (even though they had a 1 year warranty).

Please avoid this company at all costs. I've been working with my credit card to reverse the charges. August has sent me a certified letter that outright lies. He is threatening legal action. After reading complaints about the company, this has happened to other people. Be careful and save your money and frustration.

  • Updated by jjd32, Jul 14, 2017

    After working with my credit card company, found a suitable replacement for my lost glasses and made it right.

Jun 27, 2017

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