Fortis Institute / Failure to comply with their teaching programs.

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I am currently enrolled in the MBC program and I am absolutely disappointed and appalled at how students are being treated here. I came in on the MA program and decided to switch to the MBC program in November, sure the only snag would be switching from the morning class to the afternoon (1-6) class. Before making this transition I was assured that this class would always exist. I have a special needs child that needs breathing treatments and medication nightly and at the same time. I was just informed two days ago that I would have to switch to the evening class. NO EXCEPTIONS . " It is not feasible to the school to bring in one instructor for a one student class" is what I was told. Mind you they were well aware since November that I the other two students in the class would be leaving in April and that there would only be one student left (me). Fortis should have known that after April there would only one student left and decided according to that whether or not it would be feasible to let a student make the switch and informing them of this. But, I wasn't informed. I was allowed to make this change and now I am stuck in limbo. Sure, I can switch to a new school, BUT my credits or hours are non transferable. Many of these type of schools prefer to teach you as a blank slate. I've spent 6 months complying with their school rules and attendance policy but they can't comply with simple communication skills. No matter what I do I have to start all over again and still owe this school money. I will never refer any new students to this school, I will never say that this school helped me or anyone else. The instructors that I was lucky to have, have been nothing but super nice and helpful but the way the classes are taught, the material, the lack of books and the lack of common courtesy and communication with the people that are in charge of this school trickles down to the students (me). And I do not want to be a representative of a school that does not value my teaching, my money or their ethical code. I may not be part of their big money program like LVN or Radiology but I am part of this school and my money is just as good as those other student's. Not one person sitting in the BIG office downstairs has made an effort to help me or try to accommodate the situation. Please do not consider this school, I am one of many students that have the same if not worse complaints!

Feb 27, 2014

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