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When I signed up for FormSmarts the screen clearly said that I was getting a file upload capability included in my $50 annual fee. After I paid and tried to create a form with a file upload embedded in it I got an error message. Then I discovered that I needed to pay an extra $100 to get it. Again, FormSmarts website clearly states that file upload is included in their basic $50 package.

So I'm out $50, but hopefully you're reading this will decide that FormSmarts is not the company you thought they were, and you'll save $50!!!

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      1st of Feb, 2018

    I am out $120 after signing up for formsmarts buz package. I needed to sign up and pay the full annual amount in order to figure out if it would be functional for me with paypal and didn't realize that they have a policy of NO REFUNDS. I then spent significant time trying to set up a form that I had far more easily set up on two other form platforms. (jotform and 123 formbuilder) Unfortunately, a number of claims they have about their services are untrue or far more convoluted to set up; requiring assistance; and there are too many quirks about how it functions that you need to go back an fix to make it work in a basic way. When I reported a number a issues they refused to offer any additional support. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Not a good product. You basically need to understand coding and back-end functioning to make this workable beyond a basic form. Here are a few issues that I found problematic:
    -When forms come through to email they appear as 'from' the company itself, instead of from the person who submitted the form like other form platforms. This creates far more difficulty in tracking and sorting submissions in email. They claim they cannot allow the the email address of the submitter because it will go to junk mail - however this has never been an issue for any other form platform I've used!
    -Paypal integration is quirky and doesn't work as stated (they claim that you can use multiple paypal accounts, but then it turns out you can only use the paypal account that has the email that matches your formsmarts login - so the only way to use different paypal addresses is to switch back and forth between them and keep changing your formsmarts login. Not functional.
    -If not set up properly (which is quite difficult as instructions and functionality is convoluted and unclear) submitted forms won't come through to you at all.
    USE another form platform, this is not a good deal, they will not help you out, they will not speak to you over the phone if you have multiple issues. Any money you save upfront usiing this company over another you will pay for in your time and aggravation!!

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