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This company stole $3500 from me. I spoke with a lady who claimed to be Erika Salazar. She promised me a mortgage loan thru their alternative program for interest only loans. She stated they will help me raise my credit score. She stated when I find a house and my offer is accepted they will provide me and my agent with a pre-approval letter, finance the loan and handle closing in house. She stated there are no fees, the initial $3500 is going toward my loan and they make their money off of the interest on the home.

When this did happen, she asked for more money, a $595 processing fee. She stated was need and I reminded her of all she had said previously. She said it is needed or the loan process won't go forward. I advised her to take it out of the money I already sent and she stated she can't touch that. I asked for refund and she stated she can take it out of the money I sent. She stated that after my fees will determine the new amount of home loan I qualify for. She is a scam artist.

I asked for refund again and she declined. She said she will after I send notarized letter but they changed the address on their website to Seattle when they are in Las Vegas, NV. She was rude, disrespectful; I asked for her boss. She put a gentleman on the phone that called himself Ryan Ruda Sr. (he spelled it for me). He was ignorant and rude. He began telling me I could have a refund or he can deduct the fees from my money I sent. I explained the things they had told me are have changed so much I am no longer interested in doing business with them unless they can follow the initial plan of action. He got loud and told me that he is the owner of the program and it was design especially for "you people" in the south. He then went on to tell me I have a "slave mentality".

I, again, asked for a refund and the address to send mail. He declined and told me that he wasn't giving me one dime if I didn’t' want to play by their rules. I advised I would press charges and he said to go ahead because he pays $3000 a day for his attorney.

Bottom line: They won't give me a refund of my $3500. I have contacted initial Escrow company _ American United Title & Escrow and spoke with Gina Thomas the Escrow officer. I told her I wanted a refund when she initially advised me that Erika was withdrawing the funds. She stated that as far as she could tell the terms of the agreement have been met and she has to release the funds.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Seattle, WAThe terms were: Disbursement Condition- Agent is hereby instructed to disburse the Deposit to the Facilitator through this escrow upon satisfaction of the following conditions:
(a) A pre-approval letter for a mortgage to be issue to the Depositor's and or realtor
I signed this after speaking with Erika and she let me know that a pre-approval letter will be delivered to me for the home I select to go with my offer and once received she will complete the paperwork and finance my loan.
the Return of Deposit section states: Agent is hereby instructed to disburse the Deposit back to the Depositor less a $300.00 Escrow Fee being deducted from Deposit if the above condition is not satisfied within_(14) business days from the date of these instructions.
I have not received anything from this company since the date of this letter but phones calls and denies for a refund. You can preview and zoom in on the attached document I have attached well with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.
Here is the information I have on them:
Forefront Mortgage Services
Erika Giron - Mortgage Consultant
Other names: Erika Salazar
Current Contact #’s: [protected]
Fax # used: [protected]
Previous #’s: [protected]
Address from contract:
8670 W. Cheyenne Avenue Suite 120
Las Vegas, Nevada 89129
Address from website:
Forefront Mortgage Services
Bank of America Building
800 Fifth Ave
Suite 4100
Seattle, Washington 98104
Website address:
Uses Escrow account with:
American United Title & Escrow
2637 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Ste. 120
Henderson, NV 89052
Tel [protected]
Fax [protected]
Transfered funds from there to her personal account at:
Corporate Headquarters
U.S. Bancorp
U.S. Bancorp Center
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Bank Name US BANK NA
Routing Number [protected]
Address EP-MN-WN1A
State MN
Zip Code [protected]
Telephone Number [protected]
Office Type Main
Servicing Number [protected]
Record Type Code 1
Institution Status Code 1
Record Revision Date 2005-02-14
**Bill at this bank stated they have no account in the names: Erika Giron, Salazar, Ryan Radu, or Forefront Mortgage and they would not give me the name on the account. Their Fraud Dept:877-595.6256 would not deal with me directly but said to press charges through my bank. My bank said once it is wire there is nothing they can do.
I you would like more informatin or you have further information or can assist me then please contact me. I have documented every interaction with these people. I will check here often.
Thank you

Forefront Mortgage Services
Forefront Mortgage Services
Forefront Mortgage Services

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    She was arrested. She was charge with several crimes. The court system did take 3 years to finally catch and charge her but its never too late for justice. I do not know where she is incarcerated or if still right now. I am happy.

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  •   Nov 30, 2009

    They are many companies that are legitimate and can help homeowners stop foreclosure and keep their homes.

    Mortgage Assistance Group is one of those companies that holds an "A" rating with the BBB and has help over 500 homeowners keep their homes.

    They give a discount to the homeowners who have been scammed and treat each client with respect and dignity.

    You can reach them at [protected] and at

    Thanks and good luck,

    Randy D.

    P.S. If you know someowner they can help, They will pay a $100 referral!

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  • Is
      Jan 14, 2011

    It has been over a year; It is no longer my desire to pursue justice for this situation. Her above statements are false, I am not a scorn client, I am a normal person that trusted and believed what I was told by a business owner. Though it is a shame, I am tired of dealing with you, seeing your name and hearing your voice (I know that was you that called to confirm my address last week). I don't care because my words are truth.

    But because I forgive you Erika, I am moving on.

    I want to thank all of you who sent me the emails and identified with my experience but also remember there is power in numbers. If more of you would have stood your ground instead of "letting it go" then we may have saw a greater justice. With that said, I will remove all posting concerning Erika Giron and any of her companies and therefore allow her to carry on with her life. I will take these down within the next few days. I pray that she is now a legitimate business owner hereforth and that God blesses her.

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  • Ms
      Jan 31, 2012

    Don't give up. They did the same thing to me but their office was in Boston Mass in '08. It was devistation, we borrowed money from family as did my boyfriend. Forefront Lending Group was their name then I dealt with a Katen Dobson. They destroyed my relationship and caused so much additional devistation in my life at the time. I feel that everyone that went through this needs to file complaints and find out about filing lawsuits. I have somethings I feel would really shut this place down. These people have no conscience. I think are from Canada and here. We need to work together. Letting it go means they can do this to more people. I cant wait until they get their Karma. I do not wish harm on anyone but these people are taking the lively hood from so many and that's not right.

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  • Cr
      Aug 27, 2012

    Hello everyone,
    I just noticed that Washington State has a judgement against Erica in the amount of over $60, 000 for running the illegal financial companies. At least in this case justice has prevailed.

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  • Is
      Nov 26, 2012

    Erica Salazar Giron (and all the other names) was arrested and is in AZ jail... hopefully she gets a year for every dollar she stole!
    Here is the link:

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