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I go to the cash register to ask for a black and mild cigar at a corner store downtown where I wouldn't ever expect a cashier to lie and try to force me to buy what I didn't ask for over just a little change the cashier kept repeating aggressively there s no 79cent wood tip cigar s $1.07, $1.07 repeatedly until I had to point to the 79 cent wood tip black and mild
I just got out of jail I'm not trying to go back

  • Updated by Xanonymou s, Oct 24, 2018

    It s typical harrassment Store s, online, phone service, hospitol, etc, etc
    It s all corruption greed and ignorance
    It wa s how it seemed to be that I tried to make a purchase and he thought he could mind control me like I wa s one of hi s kid s Ide like to speak to hi s bo s s but that wouldn’t make any change to the situation
    I’m struggling with money, no job, who hire s these punk s,
    You’d rather have punk childish cashier s than a real man who is just strugglin
    That punk knew I wa s right when I asked for the 79 cent wood tip
    of all the thing s in the world I have a bad day over a cigar and they say more money more problem s
    maybe so maybe not
    You still gotta see it for what it is from all side s of the story
    I got my seventy nine cent cigar left the store and went and smoked it all even more stressed than I wa s not helping my diagnose s
    Dealing with these kind of punk s I’ve been known to just take what I had asked for without leaving the cash because they wann play stupid and then they call police and have me banned from the store I wasn’t ever looking for trouble . You punk s nerd s try to set me up and do thi s to me intentionally. Please ruin yourselve s .
    Im brain damaged with memorie s of evil people do to me like it s out of act s of hatred and they’ve already pushed it to far with me it s beyond obviou s. They want me their target . They want me to loose it. It s those type s of set up s the police get off on. End of story

  • Updated by Xanonymou s, Oct 24, 2018

    They lie about anything just for cop s to get off on what 21 cent

  • Updated by Xanonymou s, Oct 24, 2018

    Punk bullie s it s obviou s . You just wann create a scene. of all ting s to make me wish I lived somewhere else wow but I can’t say that to any punk bullies they don’t know half of anything I’ve ever had to go through beside what I haven’t mentioned allready
    it s on and on nothing give s

Oct 24, 2018
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