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FMS Collection Agency / Harrassment

United States, Illinois, Schaumburg Review updated:
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FMS Collection Agency
Phone: 8474130326
After two years of repeated calls trying to reach "Jamuel Ceasar" (which is not me), and me telling them, y number is the wrong number, they have changed their number and started harassing me again. As of April 26, 2009, 7:00pm EST, they were notified one last time (I spoke with Manager Annabelle D. Catalan) that another call from their company will start a lawsuit for harassment. This company called me a liar that they were NOT calling 2-10 times per day, yet when I requested a fax number or e-mail address in which to fax my phone records to her for proof, she stated that that was unnecessary. I gave her multiple reference numbers for the times that I recorded my calling and asking to be removed from their calling list. I also registered them with the National Do Not Call Registry and will file a complaint with the BBB.

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A  13th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Contact an attorney to get your CALLER ID records and sue them. Many attorneys will work on a reward basis. You can also call the sheriffs office in your county to file a phone harassment case.
N  12th of Jul, 2011 by 
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as a collector i can agree, that SOME collectors border line on harrassment. when a prty answers the phn and says "wrong number", we are required by law to remove that number from the call list immediately. However, we(collectors) have a way of verifying weather or not a number or address is valid through a method called skip tracing...each and every time a consumer applies for any line of credit...it sends what they call a "trigger" in the system which automatically updates phone#'s, address, place of employment...etc, etc...now here is where I have an issue...Debt Collector is my job title...debt collections IS NOT illegal. I find that the people who have a problem with bill collectors are those THAT DON'T PAY THEIR BILLS ANY WAY! Bill collectors have been around since the Biblical times...that is a law established by our FATHER and CREATOR...we are suppose to pay our debts( Mat 6:12;Rom 4:4; Ezek 18:7; Luke 7:41; Rom 1:14 & 8:12; Gal 5:3). When you apply for a credit card or default on a contract and DO NOT pay it back...it's stealing i.e. THEFT OF SERVICES...my theory is...if you can pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer to sue a collection agency, then you can pay that 800.00( less or more) bill?????? or the most popular thing...bankruptcy. Don't get me wrong...some law suites are valid...however if you owe and someone like me calls your house to collect on something you know you owe ...pay it...in the end it's not hurting my job...it's hurting you...jacked up credit scores means higher intrest rates, putting up collateral, loan denials for homes, cars, etc. COLLECTION calls so forth and so on...so before you get angry at a bill collector take the time out to hear the information in regards to the call...say wrong number or provide contact information for the person they are calling for if you happen to know that person so the calls will stop comming to you...just a lil FYI!
N  17th of Jan, 2012 by 
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They are the rudest, unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. I've spoken with Erica twice, and today was George Ortega. He told me this bill will stay on my credit report for 14 years(it is already off my credit reports) and this agency is not a 3rd party, which I was told it was. He ran his mouth some more and yelled that FMS will call many more times, every day, if necessary! I could do a MUCH better job than these useless people, trying to harass and scare people. It might work on some older people, but it SURE does not work on me. He also said he would find me where ever I am.

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