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I've purchased 2000 sq.ft of wide bamboo flooring and trim parts from (they also sell on ebay). 2.5 months and 20 emails later - no bamboo flooring and no refund. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to get a refund of almost $7,000.00 from them.

The company is dishonest. Do not order from them.

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  13th of Feb, 2007
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I had a similar experience with oak flooring. They do not return email or phone calls.

  21st of Feb, 2007
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I've filed the same complain with (1) Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Division of Consumer Services and with (2) Better Business Bureau of Florida.

If you encounter a similar problem, please do the same.

The websites are:

  3rd of Mar, 2007
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I got some bamboo from them. The product and services are good and people are trusty.

  3rd of Dec, 2007
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I agree! My wife and I build our house in 07 and bought our flooring from them with the instilation included. The product is excellent but the instilation was completely crappy! Have been trying for the past 7 months to get it seen about. But, no one will return phone calls. I'm in the process of filing a law suit against the company. Hoping the get this take care of soon.

  19th of Dec, 2007
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I am a builder and keep buying from this company for 3 yrs. Prices are unbelievable, products are excellent. Sometimes they don't reply phones but I would say they are short of hand all the time due to big volume...

They have a wholesale website at They sell to the distributors and wholesalers also at the same price to end users.

Thomas Towne

  2nd of Jan, 2008
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I ordered laminate from them. It took them over a week to notify me that they didn't have any in stock that I wanted. I ordered another color from them and when it was delivered they had only wrapped the pallette in a little bit of plastic wrap. The boxes had spilled all accross the back of the truck and out of their boxes everywhere getting scratched and dented. I refused the order and have still not got a refund 3 weeks later.

  3rd of Jun, 2008
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I ordered 20 cartons (620 s.f.) of the engineered bamboo floors from this company, even after reading these complaints...and here I am complaining about it too. Two of the boxes were not even the right kind of floor, and about three boxes worth of the right wood was damaged, so 1/4 of the wood I ordered was either wrong or damaged. I called the same day the wood came in (which conveniently for them was the Friday before Memorial Day weekend) and talked to a guy that said he'd call me back, which he did a couple hours later, but then didn't call me back after that. I called back that night (trying to get the problem solved before the three day weekend) and spoke to a woman with a foreign accent who said the guy I spoke with earlier had left and after disputing with her that I needed more boxes sent immediately she hung up on me! Then she wouldn't answer any more calls from any phone within my area code. So, that weekend I sent them an e-mail with photos of the product I had taken, and they still have not responded. Now I'm working with my credit card company to get some of my money back.

  19th of Aug, 2008
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I wish I read this board before ordering from Our order took almost 2 months to get to us (we were told it would take 7 days) and they shipped us not two-- but THREE-- different types of floor! Now, we're not getting returned email or phone calls. We paid with a virtual check, so our money is gone!Anyone know a good attorney? ;) Let's shut this company down!!

  9th of Sep, 2008
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We keep buying from this company for more than 4 years. Their prices are the most competitive and quality is pretty good!

They don't make big profit. Just love them!

  10th of Oct, 2008
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Questionable and Suspicious. An Asian woman walked me thru the process to have money sent via Paypal. After payment was sent to a "t", they immediately refunded it saying they needed a different payment option b/c paypal charged 2.9% (which they should have known from the onset). They were rude, but money did refund. They wanted electronic check which i refused to do b/c there is no recourse if product comes in faulty. Paypal has this option too with guaranty's but I have decided to pay more elsewhere so i know what 'm getting. My grandmom had a saying: "Smart, Smart, Dumb, Dumb" it was a blessing in disguise after reading these comments. it seems the risk doesn't outweigh the benefits

  26th of Mar, 2009
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I ordered the 2-layer hardwood flooring for my mother's house in December. The wood came in a few weeks, but the installer didn't return our calls. We ended up getting a local installer to install it. We only paid for the wood and had no problems what-so-ever. The wood is excellent quality, just find your own installer.

The floors are now in and are very beautiful. Thanks!

  3rd of Apr, 2009
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I just got Ripped off for $3422.00 . Check was cashed
1 week after I cancelled the order, no contact, no Flooring. 100% Ripped Off

  13th of May, 2009
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It's now been a year since I ordered wood from Floor US...and still no response from them! (My original post is above about the 20 cartons I ordered) I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, Florida Division of Corporations, etc about this matter and am still working on a resolution. If you've had a similar experience with company, PLEASE complain! If you're thinking about buying something from Floor US, PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Floor US is a VERY dishonest and unethical not support them!

  17th of May, 2009
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I am seeeking totake action against this company. I am not a lawyer but am seking to pursue insurance frad charges against them in California court system. I contacted the local DA a few month ago and was tols to wait...I did and still no refund for damage goods shippped. I would like the DA to have as much information going into this as possible. If you would like to join me in seeking criminal charges, please respond to me personal E-mail at and I will forward your information. I will be updating this site as things progress.

It is a shame these people feel that they can get away with theft. I have tried to work with them but they refuse to cooperate. I thought about the civil case side but they too know small claims courts will only tell them to refund the money, but is powerless to actually make them do so.

I am also really sadden at the bad name they are giving to the asian community. I wish they would act honorably. Sean

  31st of Jul, 2009
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We purchased bamboo flooring from FloorUS and they sent us the wrong flooring. After at least 20 phone calls and messages, I filed a claim with the credit card company. Finally, they arranged pickup and they sent the correct flooring. The long delay put us behind 3 weeks on a house that we were working on for someone. Made us look bad. Then a month later we started receiving bills for the return shipping of $175. 20 more phone calls and many promises that it was resolved, we are still receiving bills from the shipping company. The credit card company said that since they make you sign their terms and conditions sheet and their return policy is that the customer pays for returned merchandise, I was basically screwed. I would have no problem paying for the return if it was my mistake, but they were the ones that sent the wrong flooring. I would NEVER buy from them or their affiliated company "Greenland Floor". They will tell you anything to get you to stop calling. How they are still in business I have no idea.

  23rd of Sep, 2009
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I am so glad that I read this board before ordering! Sounds like I was about to make a HUGE mistake. Thank you all for posting, I hope you get your issues resolved.

  2nd of Apr, 2010
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horrible company. I bought 1000sqt of the Brazilian Teak and it turned out to be a horrible mistake.Every box has multiple different sizes and it's impossible to install. They told me to open it out so it can "absorb moisture" but it's just their trick. When I try to return it, they said the open boxes are not returnable. There are 25% restocking fee and only 15 days for return of unopened boxes.This company has only one sale person/boss and she's a Chinese named Christine. They have a small warehouse on 4601 Arden Dr, 91731. Do not buy anything from them. If you plan to sue them, I'll be very interested to help you. forest428 at yahoo dot com

  3rd of Jun, 2010
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They have a huge warehouse in El Monte with more than 50containers in stock. They are the suppliers of Sam's Club and they are the manufacturer, that's the point why the prices are so good.

They said the prices can not be lowered down even one penny but sometimes they have some closeout lots. I am waiting them to call me for some very good deals. But for my opinion, their people are pretty nice and there is really nobody can beat their prices.

i took some pics for reference. And you can email me at for any question.

  20th of Jan, 2011
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This is a dangerous, ethical business. I have similar complaints. The key to shutting them down is through credit. If 5% consumers ask to refund credit card and/or paypal transactions, the credit card companies will not work with them.

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This is a bad company; they do not respond to emails, send wrong products, and do not refund. I made a very big mistake by ordering from them. It took the product two months to arrive, though the website said 5-7; then the product they sent was the wrong color. Not only did I have to send it back on my own dime, but the company still did not refund my money for their commission and handling fees. They also maintained additional money for a restocking charge. YOU ARE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE TO BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

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