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Do Mar 26, 2016 Roswell, GA Review updated:

This company lied to its distributors in Dec 2106 and said it was closing. Although we were told to sign a contract with them for 2106, and they broke that contract even though we were all intending to keep up OUR part of the contract. They knew when they told us it was closing that they were not really closing, and they had no intention of keep the contract they had us sign for 2016. We have no reason to trust this company or recommend it to anyone. This dishonesty has left a bad impression on the pet industry as a whole. We worked tirelessly and selflessly for this company for 17 years only to have them "dump" us all on Christmas, 2105, blaming us, the distributors who built the company over the past 20 years, as the reason for their financial trouble. We are embarrassed that we recommended this food. Who would recommend a dog food that some "invisible" investor, now, with no interest in the company, except for the value of it's customer base. And the final insult; Where are our checks? Last you told us, they would be "slow in coming".

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  • Do
      Apr 06, 2016

    JP, the president of the company, Flint River Ranch, uses the service “constant contact” to spam all of our customers.

    If you read this anti-spam policy he is in violation.

    it clearly states that he must have affirmative consent

    We, the former distributors he "dumped" and broke contract with in 2016, are the ones who collected the e-mails we have the consent not JP

    FRR was previously a direct marketing company and it is stolen the e-mails from us and is now spamming our customers trying to start a new company.

    If you are a previous FRR distributor, please lodge your complaints here and also to the email below.


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