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I started the process with 1st American Law Center on 10/09 and gave them a deposit of $1500 and monthly payments of $568 thereafter. In the beginning they are great, they return your calls ask for endless amounts of paperwork for your case. Once they have all your money and personal info. (scary) you wont hear from them again. Today is now 4/10 and nothing has happened aside from my bank account debited! If you are still making payments they will call you ASAP. Once you have payed them the $4500 good luck ever speaking to anyone! I feel completely ripped off and cant even get my case work John Hearn, or Mark Andrews to return a call. I am working on getting a refund if I can ever talk to anyone. I will call the BBI of Sandiego. Its sad to see heartless individuals taking advantage of people who are in such need. What has happend to people in America!!!

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  • Jo
      5th of May, 2010

    Sorry for what you have been through with this company, but I have a very different experience. Yea, their processors are a little hard to get a hold of, but I was patient and in about 4 months, my modification was completed and i got a better interest rate than they initially told me I would get. The only complaint i have about 1st American Law Center is that it is difficult to reach them, but they dilivered above and beyond what they said they would.

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  • Mo
      14th of May, 2010

    CONSUMER BEWARE: It has become known to a few near this situation that there is now several state agencies looking at this "Law Firm". I do not want to disclose who they might be. I do not want to give these crooks even the most remote of glues who is investigating them. When they slap the cuffs on these people they will then know who it is that is tracking these criminals. Stay tuned things may become very interesting in a relatively short order.

    1st American Law Center

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  • La
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    First American Law Center - Rip off
    First American Law Center
    United States

    I would like to put in a major complaint about 1st american law center. I paid them 3000.00 to do a loan modification for me and I guess i just got scammed. Bank of America who I have my loan through just sent me a forclosure notice after 8 months of waiting on a modification. I thought the modification was in place because my payment was lowered from 1800.00 to 1145.00. They said to make 3 months trial payments and If I do just to continue to make those payments and i have for the last 7 months, now they want to forclose. Beaware of places like this that prey on people in hardship.

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  • Lb
      7th of Jun, 2010

    First American Law Center has been scamming people for a very long time now. Lets hope they are gonna be brought down soon for all the illegal stuff they did. The main lead conmen are Travis Iverson, Parker Vinson and Shelveen Singh, but they also employ Iverson's sister, Megan Iverson and Singh's brother, Shivneel Singh, as well as several others like Eric Whitcomb, Margot Earring, Debra Finnegan, Danielle Villasenor, Jennifer Daigle and more. They mostly go under aliases. Singh calls himself Steve Singh, Shane Singh, Michael Armani and God knows what else. His brother goes by Neil Coalminer. The rest just wont give you their last names.

    Whatever they tell you their operation is NOT legal! They take everyone's case knowing that they cannot help them. They offer a guarantee that is void after 3 days but try to make it sound like its valid for the term of the modification. They charge upfront even though its against the law. They lie through their teeth to get you to sign up. Run fast from these people.

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  • Do
      9th of Jun, 2010

    Thank you so much. First American Law Center keep calling me. I decided to google this company, and to my amazement, the number of fraudalent activities and complaints given by potential customers. It is a shame companies such as this take advantage of people like myself who try to get legitimate help for legitimate concerns. But what goes around, comes around, trust and believe. If this company is preying and taking advantage of people, it won't last long, soon and very soon, this company will be no longer.

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  • Lo
      26th of Jun, 2010

    You people should actually check out the Riverside County Court records website and see how many times this Travis Iverson clown has been sued; his brother Jamen (Cody) Iverson as well. It is my beliefe that they are money launderers as well as some sort of imbezzlment. From the looks of things, there is a dental lab that is in the same vacinity as this office that this Travis guy runs. Someone needs to check out that link. Also, this Shelveen guy has imbezzement charges as well. Check him out on the Riverside County website. These clowns are something else. Kyle Parker Vinson is also a criminal and he can be looked up as well in the Riverside County website. However, according to these post there is a "Parker" Vinson. Does not use his real name obviously.

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  • Lb
      10th of Jul, 2010

    They are now out of business.

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  • He
      27th of Jul, 2010

    Check out this website:

    This was online 9+ months ago and since then, hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars have been stolen and thousands of people have been ripped off!

    The end is near for these charlatans and their gang of misfits….

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  • Nu
      11th of Oct, 2010

    In January 2010, my family paid $3500 to 1st American Law Center for a mortgage remod. They sent incomplete forms to the mortgage company and then stopped corresponding with us and the mortgage company.

    We have just learned that they were raided by the FBI and all phone numbers are out of service.

    The lawyer and owner, Dean G Chandler has since started a new company, 1st National Law Group. He can be found on Facebook.

    Beware this company and the new one! They only take your money and run. We are reporting him to the California Bar in hopes that this scam cannot continue!

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  • Sa
      3rd of Nov, 2010
    First American Law Center - Biggest liars
    First American Law Center
    United States

    Hi Just I want to let you know to everybody and anywhere do you see this guy, go around this is a biggest theft on the law marketing, if do you know someone looking for legal help let to know is better to hire a local lawyer, as do you can see on his web page 1stamericanlawcenter and then go to the personal information his a father but I think he no has mother. As you will see all the SH#$%^[email protected]* he talking I do not how he can post a picture on it. Only do you need to see his face THE BIG LIAR AND THE BIGGEST THEFT ON THE LAW.

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