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Sept.12, 2008 I paid my car note with my check. My check was returned weeks later. On Oct.22, 2008 I recd. a call from rep. Ms.Sylva at Fireside bank in reference to my current payment for Oct. I stated to her that I will pay my return check and my current payment on Oct.31. She stated I did not have to pay my returned payment check due to it was put back into my loan. I disputed this with her for another 15 minutes. I told her I do not want this to ruin my credit, she said let her confirm with her supervisor. She returned and said yes, that she was correct and the payment was put back into the loan. She stated I do not have any late fees on my acct. as of that day and I can make the current payment of $350.00 by on the 31st of Oct. I agreed. I continue to get harrassing phone calls in regards to this payment in Sept. I req. to speak to supervisor to inform them about the conversation with Ms.Sylva. I was the blame. No help! I then req. a managers number, spoke t

o her Ms.Chambers. I was still the blame. Not only was I the blame this has caused me a 2 month late payment on my credit for there wrong info. They said it will get worse if I do not pay the Sept. bill I was informed not to pay. I recd. no help but to pay from all employees and basically its my fault, being I was told inaccurate information twice.

Damage Resulting = My credit report has a bad report (2 months) late which I havent ever been late. I do not work, currently on disablility. I paid other bills off with the money she stated, now I have to come up with the money or my credit would continue to be damage because of this wrong information. (Stressful). I have been trying to keep my loan in good standards because I was trying to build my credit up from my bankruptcy. This has now damaged it.

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  • Dr
      Feb 10, 2011

    My e-wife And I had A loan with Fireside Bank. My ex-wife crashed the car and insurance took care of it. Now 4 years later Fireside Bank calls me out of no where demanding money, telling me that insurance never took care of it. They are liars and scammers. Also in the divorce paperwork my ex-wife took total control of the car. I told Fireside this and they laughed at me! They call me all day, with around 6 or more from different numbers. I'm getting sick and I'm suing!

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