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Fireside Bank and Auto Finance / Harassment and Abuse

1 Pleasanton, CA, United States Review updated:

Dealing with Fireside Bank (now Auto Finance) has been a horrible experience. The dealer where I purchased my auto pushed me into financing with them (probably gets a kickback or piece of the interest but he is now out of business), and since that time, has been the worst experience I have ever had with any particular financial institution. Fireside no longer makes loans and its only function is to collect on the assets they have financed. First, they start calling the minute your account is one day past due. The farther past due, the more they call during the day. They will call every number they have on file, and if your account ever goes two payments, they will call in excess of 20 times a day like every fifteen minutes. They have an auto-dialer from hell to speak. And they use various numbers from various states to call and sometimes even show the numbers as "Private". Never give them a work number, but you can request they not call at your work under law. Once they get you on the phone, that is where the real abuse begins. They are threatening and rude and make false and intimidating statements. They will disclose information to third parties not on the account in violation of the law and collection codes. Once a friend answered my phone, and the agent stated, "we will keep calling until he pays the damn account." And unless you pay that minute over the phone, they will require you to give a post-dated check or credit card. Even if you explain you cannot pay, they never note the record and continue to call and harass until you pay. They are the most aggressive and obnoxious bank collections group in the USA operating more like a sweat shop collections agency. Also, if you process the payment over the phone or their web-site you have to pay a $9.95 transaction fee to Western Union. This is most likely illegal and not disclosed in your loan documents. Also, they probably receive half of the fee back in revenue from WU for the service. This is the only financial institution that does not allow you to pay on-line without a fee and are too cheap to set up this arrangement (or because of the kickback from WU). They also charge this fee in addition to late charges. And they do not want you to pay through your on-line banking as they say that is delayed (more than likely they do not receive the fee from WU which the employees are probably incentivized to collect). Fireside has been involved in numerous lawsuits including a recent class action in CA involving repossessions. A really ethical company!!! Eventually they will be out of business as all of the accounts will eventually pay off or charge off and they will have no more assets. To conclude, the employees of Fireside are the rudest out there and have no empathy for customers and their situations and offer no solutions to assist when times are tough. If you can re-finance your loan, you are better off than dealing with these loan sharks representing themselves as a financial institution.

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  • Lb
      16th of Jun, 2010
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    I too have a car financed through this company. They are extremely rude and they will not work with you know matter what.
    I have paid on my account for more than 33 months and they state they can not help me with a financial situation I am. The thing is, my car that I have financed through them had a tranny go out. I have to pay 2200 to get it fixed. I told them that basically im going to have to choose between paying my mortgage or my car payment for this month. They didnt seem to care. Really, the only time they ever seem to go above and beyond is when your late making a payment. Then they will do anything in their power to get that money.
    I asked if there was anything I could do, the answer was no. period. no refinancing, no payment deferment, no nothing. basically its the worst auto finance company I have ever heard of or been a part of. If you have any way of not going through them then take it. You will be extremely sorry you did business with these money hungry people.

  • Th
      12th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I happen by this site in looking for a phone number for Fireside Bank and Auto finance. Everything that is said about this company is true. If I had saw these comments before I dealt with them I would not have done so. It really pays to google companies for these type of comments because everything that is said is true. I should have known that when the dealership where I bought the car went out of business and had me make false statements to Fireside. I am looking into it with my lawyer to get out of it. These people are ruthless, loan sharks. What needs to be done is a bunch of customers need to file a class action suit against this company for their practices. Please don't do business with this company.

  • De
      2nd of Aug, 2010
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    I can only reaffirm what has already been written about Fireside. They never cease to amaze me in their unethical methods of business. I no longer provide them with a phone number, simply because if the payment is one day late, they will call all day long, never posting information to my account, and with each new caller (collector) the attitude is more demeaning, insulting and rude. I've had up to 20 calls in under a 1/2 hour. There have been a few times when payment was there, and they had either posted it to the wrong account or ???? I had the postal delivery confirmation ticket to prove it and they still slapped me with late charges...along with the harassing calls.
    I realize that a due date is just that, but too, life's circumstances sometimes go beyond our control. Fireside doesn't care. They will not work with you - even if they say they will, it's a flat lie. They won't put it in writing and their verbal agreements are about as good as the company itself. I lost my job and got behind two months; it was agreed that I would get one payment caught up and they'd work with me on the other. As this was being made, the repo man was knocking on the door of my old address - literally. In the meantime, Fireside was calling friends, relatives and whoever they could, discussing my situation with whomever answered the call. I got the two months to them within five days of our conversation, but then I was considered delinquent on the next month.

    If you are one of the unlucky people who got stuck with this demon finance company, check your statements closely, spend the .65 for receipt confirmation or send it via Moneygram so you have some legal documentation to support yourself for when (not if) Fireside decides to pull some form of illegal activity.

  • Ja
      30th of Aug, 2010
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    This is so so true about this company.

  • Ad
      19th of Oct, 2010
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    I am in the same boat as you all are loan is double the value of the am paying $21, 000 for a car not even worth $11, 000...and the harassment I get for being a day late is ridiculous...this has to be illegal on so many levels...does anyone have any suggestions as to a lawyer I can contact to discuss this? any suggestions or advice you give me would be greatly appreciated! My email address is morales_v2002 @ yahoo...
    Thank you very much...a damsel in distress!!!

  • Fi
      22nd of Nov, 2010
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    This is soooooo true about this company!! I am currently going thru the same thing right now as we speak I got ill and had surgery and am 2 months behind I tried everything possible to work something out but the people there are sooooo rude and disrespectful. I agree if we can get enough people together we need to get a suit against them.

  • Je
      4th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i financed a vehicle thru fireside thrift now auto finance. i bought my suv in 2004, when i bought it i also wanted a full extended warrenty even though my explorer had only 51k miles. i purchased a 24 mos. 24k miles bumper to bumper ext. warranty for $1400.00 financed in my loan. approx 6 mos later the tranny went out, i had the vehicle towed to a very good tranny shop in town. i gave them all my warranty info. later that day they called and told me that i did not have an extended warranty. i called the warranty co and after a few heated moments they told me that the dealership purchased a 3 mos- 3000 mile warranty. i called the dealership and left messages for 4 days before they called and gave me the " must be a mistake " and they would get it handled, i am an outside sales rep. so my auto is my job. again i didnt hear back from them for another week and when i finally talked to them they admitted what they had done. they asked that i not tell fireside and they would fix my tranny. but all they were willing to do was put in a used one not a rebuilt that would have been covered under my warranty. when i said no they said sue us then. i called fireside that moment and told them what the dealership had done and how they were not willing to rectify the issue at all, so i wanted fireside to step in since they had paid the dealer the 1400.00 for something that was not provided, as a matter of fact i thought that would be considered bank fraud. fireside said they would not take any action and even told me to go back to the same dealer and buy another warranty if i wanted one so badly. i told them to fu_k- off and recontract me less the 1400.00 the said no they would take the 1400.00 off the back of the loan but i had to pay the mos. amount. i said im not going to pay for something i did not recieve and i was not going to pay interest on the 1400.00 for 48 mos. and how could i be sure that they didnt go belly up before they took off the 1400.00 at the end. they then began to treat me like i was the criminal, i kept telling them re-contract me less the warranty price and i would accept the mos. payments then even though i still would not have the warranty i wanted. they refused. our last communication was in mar. 2005. i assumed they charged the loan off and would probably sell the unpaid balance to a collection co.i have gone thru stage 4 bladder cancer in 2006, 3 hernia repair surgeries in 07 and 08 an i had a heart attack in june of 2010. i have not been able to work since oct. 2008 . 9 mos ago they started sending me notices demanding payment on deliquent amount. i ignored them. they contacted my mother wanting her to tell them where i was [ even when they were sending the demand letters to my address] she told them about all the medical problems i had and was going thru and not working for the last 2 yrs they said they didnt care about my problems just pay the damn amount... the latest letter said pay the amount that is behind according to the contract i originally signed... can you believe that now their using the you signed the contracts so pay-up. even though those contracts should be invalid since they did not provide all of the terms originally agreed upon. if anyone out there can help me with advice on what my rights or options are i would be very grateful.. i live in oregon and i can be emailed at you for any help you might provide . jeffrey morse

  • Hi
      8th of Jan, 2011
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    Im a month behind and ive never been harassed more in my life!! they call NON STOP!! they call anyone you gave out your number 2 friends work etc.. After i got my loan i was hella pissed off to find out they charge a FEE every single time i PAY MY CAR!! If i pay my car ontime ONLINE they still charge a FEE?? they should be happy im making the damn payment in the first place.. I Just found out you can even pay your car at 7 -11 which i did today.. AND FOUND OUT THERES A 5 dollar FEE.. Theres a fee for everything.. I owe about 5k left on my mercedes ive been looking for places to refinance but im stuck.. This place is awful just like my insurance!!

  • Li
      9th of Mar, 2011
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    Hello Everyone,
    Has anyone been included or know which Lawyers were running the class action lawsuit against Fireside Thrift? I was just contacted by them for the first time ever since I had my car picked up in 2001-2002. It has been so long, I don't remember. I had finance issues when I had the car turned in and since I never heard from them again I just assumed the car was sold and that was it. I am now disabled with permanant illness and receive Social Security for myself and kids. I was working until 2006 at the same place as when I got the loan and when I received a letter from them this past September 2010, my mouth hung.
    It was 1 sentence that basically said call us to setup a payment plan or something simple but when I called they informed me that I have an outstanding Judgement against me with them . I asked them multiple times to send me copies of these papers but still nothing. The last time I answered a call from their daily calls they mentioned that they saw on my credit report that I spoke to a Real Estate Agent and that if I buy a house they will put a lein on my property. she also said that the balance after they sold my car was about $2500.-$3, 000. and now with interest is over $20, 000. I am so stressed out and don't know what to do. They will consider a payoff of $10, 000. but with my SSA payments that is not happening anytime soon. I was never served to appear at court and a woman I spoke to that was involved in the Lawsuit is going to try to see why I was not included in that Lawsuit since my case is the same as everyone else. They broke some laws but I just don't know which one's.
    Anyone with any info, please email me. I am going to look for a Lawyer but would love to put together a group that want's to fight them in a possible Class Action Lawsuit again!!


  • Jm
      14th of Dec, 2011
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    Fireside just sold my 4 year car loan, when I only had 2 payments left, to a credit collections agency AND I WASN"T EVEN LATE! Suddenly, I did not recieve my statement, so I phoned them to get the address to send off payment, and was informed they had sold my accounts. No reason why given. I have one payment left now, which is more than the original payoff, and am wondering how am I ever going to get the pink slip?

  • Ha
      29th of Apr, 2012
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    does fireside auto finance have an actual address to mail a certified letter to i can not mail to a p o box

  • Ah
      7th of Sep, 2012
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  • Da
      9th of Oct, 2012
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    Theses people are horrible people, after being harassed repeatedly even though iwas making any little payments I could without a job . The woman told me to get off my lazy ### and get a job because I needed to pay my bill !! I was in total shock here I was paying what I could every month and this woman had the nerve to say things like this to me . I can only say I am positive these ballsy collectors will never tell people where they work for the thought of retaliation . I know that if I ever came face to face with that ### I would tear her up !!! It's amazing that there are people that think it's ok to treat people this way . Believe me that was not the only ruse comment they ever made, but a major one that stuck with me .

  • Th
      18th of Oct, 2012
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    "Believe me that was not the only ruse comment they ever made, "

    REALLY!!! They have made more?

    Why are you doing a doggie trick at their command - a roll - by letting them abuse you? You are the one to blame for the abuse. They know the law. Obviously they know you don't the law. So how about you educate yourself a lil bit so you can respond with a greater legal force? Start here,
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick
    BTW if you are paying something why do you entertain phone calls from them? There's nothing to discuss on the phone about? Write them and tell them you want to be contacted by mail only once a month. Or if yuo like their calls at least tell them to call you juts once a month. Send that letter CMRRR. They will know they have awakened the wrong dog that's ready to bite back if they cross the line. That's how you get scammy, abusive debt collectors.
    And don't pretend you don't know where they are - you do send them a check don't you? It's not like you can do anything to that b**** if you met up with her. That won't help you. Instead use the law - you will be amazed how much of it you can wield in your hands like a big club. And debt collectors know when you grab it. They change their approach to you. And that's quite a kick when you reverse the tables on them! Try it.

  • Gg
      8th of Nov, 2012
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    Im not to sure on this but someone told me if a bank denies to take your money for a car payment it means you owe no money and the car is yours outright after that

  • Th
      8th of Nov, 2012
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    That process does not sound completed without something from somebody somewhere stating loan is satisfied.

  • Je
      21st of Jan, 2013
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    I had the same EXACT experience! Bought a sports car for 10 grand from a crooked dealership which is gone now probably because they were in trouble! When I tried to take the car back they threatened me and told me to get off the property. Even to a point there were weapons involved. We just left in time so no one was hurt. I had a hard time making payments and asked fireside to help me lower the payments a bit so I can make payments since I WAS STUCK WITH THIS CAR with tons of back luck on it and that CAR almost killed me because it's ballberrings on it broke out and the sterring went insane on the freeway! I was extremely lucky to live! When I couldn't make the last payment for 1 month fireside took the car and it was a relief to see that piece of crap leave ! Then the harrassment started. Calling all the time, non-stop all morning long. I don't know if I should hire a lawyer and sue them or what? I'm so eff'n tired of these guys I don't knwo what to do! IS there anywhere I can go to get help to get them to leave me alone???

  • Kp
      23rd of Feb, 2013
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    As a former employee I can tell you that most of what you are reading is definately blown out of proportion and sensationalized to make the reader sympathetic to the customer only. Twenty calls a day??? Threats over the phone??? I don't think so! First of all, if your account is in the early stages of delinquency it would only get called once (maybe twice) for the whole day. The customer is the one that already gave permission to do this when they borrowed the money and signed the contract.

    The main reason someone would even have a loan with Fireside is because they do not have "A" credit and they are looking to buy an automobile. Now, where would that same customer be without Fireside's help in the first place? I'm reading about a lot of ungrateful customers that are in a financial bind and are very frustrated with their situation. I am empathetic to their plight, but I'm not going to defend a customer that curses at my employee, is rude, and fabricates the truth. If anyone in this thread is actually harasses as many times as they have claimed to be, they would of contacted the BBB or gotten a lawyer and filed a lawsuit. Why not? It sounds like a slam dunk for the customer doesn't it?? BUT if you dig deeper into each situation you will probably see there is more to the story.

    For example: if a collector is calling to reach you, why are you not responding? Did you know that if you work with the collector it would eliminate the phone calls? As for the fees being charged: finance companies are not the only institution that charges for services. Banks and other retail companies have various charges that pertain to a particular service. Its called "the cost of doing business". But its easy to complain about the finance company, isn't it?

    Here is the bottom line: if you pay your bills on time, you would not get any phone calls. If you are late, you will. Don't ignore the collector, work with them. If you don't like how you are being treated, ask to speak to their boss. If you don't like working with that person, ask to speak to their boss... and so on. Believe me: someone WILL help you! Finance companies want their customers to pay on time. Why? Because when delinquency is low they can lend more money to more people. If delinquency is out of control then future customers might no be able to get a loan because the finance company may of "tightened their belts" a bit until the delinquency is under control. See, there are two sides to these situations.

    The main objective of any loan is to pay it back on time. When this happens you develop good credit and that can help you earn a lower interest rate on your next loan or give you the buying power to make larger purchases. If you are getting a loan with Fireside its because your credit score does not qualify you for anyone else. So take a deep breath, swallow your pride, and work it out. You get more with honey then you do with vinegar.

    Good luck.

  • Co
      30th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Fireside is a harassment bullying collection agency in my opinion!! There is no desire to work with anyone to help with payment issues INCLUDING PAYMENTS MADE THAT WERE NEVER POSTED DESPITE CANCELLED CHECKS PRESENTED TO THEM WITH THEIR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION INFO ON THE CHECK!!! I finally said screw it and told them to come get it that I was filing bankruptcy! 3yrs later I still am driving it, however I have no clean title, but when it dies I will just cut it up and sell it for scrap!! NEVER GET A LOAN THRU FIRESIDE...However I can say the information I have found searching the Internet shows that Fireside went out of business on March 31, 2012. If this is true it could not have happened to nicer people and I hope the account reps are unemployed and rot in hell!!!

  • Lo
      11th of Jun, 2013
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    HOW DO I GET IN TOUCH WITH SOMEONE??!! I PAID my $23, 000 benz off with no lates and it was on my credit reports and now all of the sudden it has disappeared that I even have paid off a car...this is shady as of course everyone thinks they are building their credit...I dont know what to do for them to report it!. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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