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Fireside auto finance / Harassing and threatening

1 Sun City, CA, United States Review updated:

Fireside Bank Auto Loan Department...They are very un professional and Harassing I phoned them on 11-19-2010 To arrange to get my loan up to speed .The only help they offered was if you cannot promise to pay by Nov 30 2010 we are going to take your car. They do not work with anyone they have no Business Ethics at all. I am sick of the harrassment and Threats. They want you to post date a check for a future date even if you do not have money to cover that post date check. Isn't that illegal? I will never purchase a vehicle or any loan if this company is involved. I tried to work out the payment again as I said 11-19-2010. They were not helpful. Guess what someone showed to my house that night to repo my car said that i was offering it voluntarily I told them on the phone that I did not want to offer it to them voluntarily. I guess they did not here that part. Well guess what you are not getting it I made a payment today 11-20-2010 For the payment you wanted by Nov. 30, 02010. I will get the next one to you soon ..YOU ARE NOT BULLYING ME ANYMORE. I AM KEEPING MY CAR AND THAT IS THE END OF IT. QUIT CALLING ME QUIT CALLING MY CELL AND QUIT CALLING MY FRIENDS. They want it because it is a great car and they do not make them anymore. I really do not think it has to do with anything else. They have been a pain to deal with ever since Sept. 2007 one of my worst nightmares.

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  • Ca
      3rd of Mar, 2011
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    Same story here. I did not give them any numbers, address, or information until they agreed on working with me. When they agreed to take the payment they sent it back and sent a tow truck to Wal-Mart. I sent the money via money-gram knowing I could not trust them. And I was right. Basically they were taking my late payment and still wanting to repossess my car. HERE IS THE UNETHICAL PART - AFTER I PAID MY BALANCE, THEY REPORTED THE CAR REPOSSESSED ON MY CREDIT HISTORY - DISPUTE IN PROGRESS FROM 2/10/10 - Preset.

  • V1
      2nd of May, 2011
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    Fireside auto finance - debt
    fireside auto finance
    United States
    Phone: 888-894-1169

    i have ask fireside auto not to call before, know i have ask them not to call or write me or to other that has the same last name as mine. they are very deceptive will not show number nor announce who they are. i have call 888-894-1169, and they get very nasty with you, as they say this number is to pay the bill, well i told them that iam not working. so how will i pay a bill. they have even trying to find out what i eat, and pay for rent. so they can come up with shorter way, to send them money. i have been told once by a lady " her huband pay all her bill . i am tired of heare them .they so hard, as if they see you on the street, they will mess you up. so i don't want them to contacted me, no phone call and no letter. the other person on the bill with my name did chapter 13, so her name should't be on the bill now. as i have told them. they say they don't care.

  • Qt
      1st of Jul, 2011
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    Totally agree, i purchased a car and got a loan through fireside bank in 2007 well long story short i had my car all paid up to date and had gotten in a car accident in may of 2008 and totaled my car. well my insurance company paid what my car was worth and i had gap insurance to cover the rest that my insurance wouldn't. well my gap insurance went out of business right before my accident without giving anyone notice, and now i have fireside calling me seriously 15 times a day HARASSING me and telling me there going to garnish my pay. its been ongoing and wont stop. i'm not paying for something i paid a premium for and now that my car is totaled my gap insurance just goes out of business? yea right... they are a bunch of scam artists. someone needs to stop this company from scamming more and more people

  • Vn
      21st of Sep, 2011
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    We purchased a 2000 Chevy Suburban in 2007 and it was financed through Fireside Auto Finance. Throughout the course of the loan, we were 15 days late on one payment and the vehicle was repossessed. After paying an enormous amount of fees, our vehicle was returned. I called today to finally pay the vehicle off and learned our account had been transferred to a collection agency even though we were not behind on any payments and only owed $266.00 on the vehicle. Fireside Auto Finance was not able to explain to us why our current account was transferred to a collection agency. Additionally, when attempting to get an explanation, the customer service agent was rude and very unprofessional. After several attempts, we learn Fireside Auto Finance is closing!! Thank God! This financial institution was horrible!!!

  • Sl
      25th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Reading both complaints I understand. Here is the real facts, Fireside Bank sold ALL their loans to Consumer Portfolio Services, making Consumer Portfolio Services a third party. As a former employee of Consumer Portfolio Services what became crystal clear, is that Fireside targeted certain groups of people who they knew were a risk from the start or could not get a loan to begin with. Of course Fireside threw in a few different groups but for the most part targeted Mexican and blacks who had questionable credit, no credit or bad credit and then gave them a loan on old cars, with interest rates anywhere from 18% and up to 25%. When it went bust back on Sept of 2011 they sold these loans and filled bankruptcy because they had already gotten or written off most of these loans, selling them to Consumer Portfolio Services at pennies on the dollar for a fraction of what the loans was worth which of course Fireside profited from too. Consumer Portfolio Services are far worse than Fireside will or ever would be, talk about questionable practices, heck they are threatening people who are less than a week late with repo, there are three branches, Fla, Va, and Chicago, and of course Irvine Ca, the headquarters of CPS.. While preach professionalism they are screaming to the top of their lungs call call call, collect collect collect as much money and as quickly as they can, they don't care if they threaten you, call your employer or relatives or your next door neighbors, and if you don't hit a magic number of collects they let you go and get someone else who is even more ruthless than you are. I quit a few weeks back after being with CPS for some time, it got to a point that I felt dirty on the inside knowing that Fireside had targeted a certain group of people then sold the accounts out and CPS who has had complaints upon complaints about FTCPA violations to a point they have been sued in the past.

  • Al
      22nd of Mar, 2013
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    HI All! Does anyone have Fireside Telephone Number? If so please help!
    Thank you!
    Alexis 602.300.4876

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