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Fidelity Readers Service / Fidelity Reader Service is a rip-off!

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Fidelity Readers Service - www.frsnaples.com

I was visiting a friend when this young man and his companion knocked on the door. He said that he was with a company who help young people like him be productive in life. He claims that he was selling subscriptions for this company so he could go to film school. I was skeptical because I don't like giving out my personal information but he kept referring to my neighbor next door who wrote a check to him for magazine subscriptions. He told me that this company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and I could check out the company's website to authenticate his story. I guess he was in competition with another person because he indicated that he was trying to get more subscriptions. Against my better judgment I went ahead and signed up for one magazine subscription for $60 dollars. He told me that I could cancel within three days and that I could fax my receipts to cancel the issues. The next day I faxed my information to them. After a couple of days the money was taken from my debit card. When I called about it they told me that I was to mail my receipts in order to cancel my subscription. It has been a month and I still haven't received any magazines. I would like my money back because Fidelity Reader Service is a rip-off.


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A  12th of Oct, 2007 by 
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I am currently having a battle with Fidelity Reader Service. I sent in my refund and was told that my refund of $105 would be sent out to me. They cashed my check and are now not responding to my emails or voice messages and every time I call on the phone I either get hung up on, they take my name and number and tell me they will have someone call me back, or I get told that there are problems with the phone systems right now and no one can get back to me! I am highly upset! I need that money and feel completely scammed! What do I do to make sure I get my money back!
A  7th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I ordered a magazine from a very pleasant young man in a parking lot of a Walmart. He told me FRS would call to confirm the order and to ask questions on his presentation. I tried to call today, and got the same phone out of order thing when I tried to leave a message. My order status on the web site is pending. He copied down my address wrong, and I was going to change the street for my order. As it is, my magazine will not come until February. I feel scammed.
A  7th of Nov, 2007 by 
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On July 2nd, 2007, two men came to my door, one by the name of Brian Brown. They gave me the same story about how they wanted to pay for college and this was helping them with their sad, pitiful lives. That they were traveling and involved in a competition with other teams to win a trip to some factory. I had been planning to buy my daughter a Phonics set anyway, so I figured this would be okay. It's going to charity, right? I paid them $112 for the set and they gave me a receipt. They even sang "I'm a little Teapot" for my daughter (which I videotaped in case this was a scam). Suddenly I started getting Maxim and some Disney magazine in the mail. I checked my order online and sure enough, they were the ones sending me these magazines. I called the phone number and went through hoops just to talk to a person. I've been hung up on, put on hold and never gotten back to, left messages with no answer, told that they have a problem with their lines so they can't call me back and were actually waiting for me to call them back with my problem! If I can't get through because of their "bad lines" how am I supposed to get a hold of them. Today I talked to a man (at ext 104)claiming to be a supervisor. I started to tell him about my problem and he got angry and cut me off. He told me it will be another month before I get my daughter's phonics set. I told him that I wanted to cancel it as this is the fault of his company and I'm tired of the hassle. He was rude, disrespectful and then slammed the phone down in my ear. I tried to call back, but I guess their phone lines are still "bad."
A  21st of Nov, 2007 by 
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Yes, this evening there was a young man who barged his way in to my home & pretty much swindled me in to get a subscrption for$60. Not only that but he totally scoped out my home & made comments about all my nice things that I had. I felt EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. So IMMEDIATELY after he left I called my credit card company and stopped payment on the transaction AND cancelled my credit card. So in this case they are the ones who are getting screwed :) b/c they will not get their money :)
N  3rd of Mar, 2008 by 
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On Sept.7, 2007 a young girl came to my door to try to convince me of subscribing to a magazine. She said she was currently enrolled at Salem State and they were sponsoring this program so she could try to score so many points as possible. I hadn't heard anything so on January 5, 2008 I faxed correspondence to a reprentative explaining the situation. On or about January 7, 2008 I received a letter from Fidelity Reader Service Inc saying they had made an error on my zip code and to wait 3 weeks and I will be receiving my magazine and if I didn't to contact them at the number listed 1-866-444-7031 or e-mail at frs@frsnaples.com. On February 11, 2008 I tried to contact them with no luck so I faxed correspondence requesting a refund. On March 3, 2008 I received a letter from Fidelity Reader Service explaining I was unable to receive Sport Fishing which was not even the magazine originally ordered it was Sporting News. Now I was being asked to choose a replacement magazine. I was not interested in any of the choices given me so again tried to call the toll free number given me in which I reached a recording saying I had reached Fidelity Reader Service we are open M-F from 9:00am until 5:00pm ,but if you have reached this recording our office is not opened. So I then tried to e-mail the correspondence twice and I got a message from the Delivery Status Notification saying delivery to the following recipient failed permanently. So I can not reach them by phone or e-mail as instructed by them. They cashed my check on September 14, 2007 I never received any magazines and now I want a refund. It looks like I have a problem.
N  15th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I have had a similar experience to the ones mentioned above. The salesperson was a young girl and she kept referring to my awarding her points, the points of course, were a euphenism for a very inflated price on two magazines. She also told me that I could cancel the subscriptions within three days, I read the receipt which supported that statement and mailed the cancelation the next day, well withing the three date postmark period. Several week later I got a check for $1. in the mail from Fidelity Readers Service, Inc. I won't cash the check but will pursue getting my full payment back. I will also call the city hall for my community and warn them about this scam. I will also check with the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney's Office for Florida and see if they have any complaints against this company, if not I will report the problem. These people need to be put out of business.
A  28th of Mar, 2008 by 
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i'm in the same boat. this happened back in january. i was told that i can renew an existing subscription through them. i'm still receiving renewal bills from my mag provider. apparently, fidelity reader service doesn't have a working number. now what?
N  3rd of Apr, 2008 by 
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i worked for frs for three months and i have to say that this is a big shock to me. maybe they were hard up for money. maybe they were going through some kind of struggle. or maybe these are false reports. but i can assure you, when i was employed with fidelity reader service, none of these things were going on. first of all, brian brown has been with the company for many years. they took him off the street and turned him into a well mannered respectable man. i knew him to be honest and as far as i knew he was always honest with his customers. i seriously doubt that somebody did not get their magazines from him. if it was somebody who was new to the company and trying to take advantage i could understand but brian doesnt need to lie to sell magazines. he's very smart, very funny and people cant help but like him. if somebody bought a magazine subscription from brian brown, and they didnt get it i'm sure it wasnt his fault. it must have been a slip up with somebody else in the company. i could be wrong, people change all the time, but the brian that i knew wouldnt have done something like that.
D  24th of Apr, 2008 by 
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I am the Brian Brown that would sing i am a little tea pot to the individuals who helped me out. The statements that are posted about me are untrue and unjustified. I sold magazines door 2 door for about 6 yrs and never once recived a complaint. The individuals who taught us taught about life NOT SCAMING GOOD PEOPLE. I have been off the road for over a year now raising my daughter. If it wasn't for the GENTLEMEN like Belo and Steve i would not be able to take care of my family. On top of that if i ever sold u a magazine i gave u my personal telephone number and my email address. contact me if u wish. But fair warning u should check your facts before u go on accusing good people of fraud. Why wopuld i sing on video if i was scamming you??????
A  25th of Apr, 2008 by 
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I'm having the same problems as other people with FRS. My incident happened in Feb '08 in CA. I now know that I was ripped off and will have a next to impossible time getting my magazine subscription or my money back. However, I'm going to do something about it and I suggest everyone who reads this does the same thing. Florida has laws against the type of deceptive trade practices that FSR and its agents are doing. The Florida Office of Attorney General will investigate complaints concerning consumer fraud. Here's a link to the online complaint form. Please fill it out and let's put this unscrupulous company out of business!! http://myfloridalegal.com/Contact.nsf/Contact?OpenForm&Section=Economic_Crimes
A  1st of May, 2008 by 
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A guy with no arms and 1 leg came to my house with the same company. he was talking about a competition and he came into my house. I felt bad for him and he said he was also getting money to get arms and a new leg. So i bought a subscription. But i checked the company and responses to their services and i am going to go cancel my credit card, so they dont get the money. So any one who lives in Washington state, watch out these scammers are coming.
A  2nd of May, 2008 by 
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2-7-08 We recived a visit from Cory Hollerberhl from Fidelity Reading Service Inc selling these magazine's for college points I subcribed for two subscription with a $106.00 value which is they cashed it right away. Up to the point we just received a letter, saying that they do not have the books I wanted. They said we could order a different book, none of what I like or what I paid for. I tried to contact them but they only have automated service which they send you to another number and they hang up. They sent me the letter to a wrong name but address was right. All receipts have the correct name, As far as I see it is a good scam.
D  15th of May, 2008 by 
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well all of you that are complaining about canceling...wtf?! why are you gonna say you are gonna do it one day and change your mind when he leaves your door step. you tried to cancel the next day?! you are a ###in idiot. grow some balls and say no at the door. oh and if you are patient you will get your magazines. plus you signed something you didnt know what it said? it says on the reciept that you have to mail it in and it also says that it could take up to 4 months to recieve your first issue. the guy that stopped by, was his name sean rebman? bc he is using his money to goto film school and he is on his way...good guy. believe me im sure he really appreciates the points you got him.
A  28th of May, 2008 by 
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Chris Woolard said:
well all of you that are complaining about canceling...wtf?! why are you gonna say you are gonna do it one day and change your mind when he leaves your door step. you tried to cancel the next day?! you are a ###in idiot. grow some balls and say no at the door. oh and if you are patient you will get your magazines. plus you signed something you didnt know what it said? it says on the reciept that you have to mail it in and it also says that it could take up to 4 months to recieve your first issue. the guy that stopped by, was his name sean rebman? bc he is using his money to goto film school and he is on his way...good guy. believe me im sure he really appreciates the points you got him.

Chris, sounds like you're one of the sellers. You're plenty pushy enough to be one.
N  3rd of Jun, 2008 by 
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i ordered these had same problem. I noticed that things was fishy like it saying you wont get your stuff for 4 months. And the phone thing them not answering. First of all if you wont get your stuff for 4 months that means they dont send it out for a while, so why say you have to cancel in 3 days unless they trying to screw you over. Luckily for me i found out they was scaming before they charged me and had my debit card canceled and ordered a new one so they not getting a damn thing from me. And if another one of these people come to my door i am gonna say hell no and be rude just like they are on the phone watch
A  4th of Jun, 2008 by 
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Ditto...Thanks to a website like this I found out it was a scram. I changed my card number and account number. They are not getting anything from me. I canceled it and now if anything...its my word against theirs and I have the prof I canceled this scam! Thank you and I'm sorry this happened to you!
A  9th of Jun, 2008 by 
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I did business with these guys awhile back, ordered the Official PlayStation Magazine and Spin Magazine. To this day I have yet to receive OPM, though about 9 months ago I began receiving Spin, that is to say about 1 year from when I had actually placed the order. I was out $60 for the Official Playstation, but whatever, it's the cost of not being wary.

This leads me to my post now, having an interest in this company, after just about 20 minutes ago, talking with a young man I signed up for $240 worth of magazines, wrote them a corporate Bank of America check and told the kid that he was a good salesperson, and shouldn't waste his talents on just magazines, he apparently wanted to use the "prize money" of $5000 to open a sports grill. I told him that I wouldn't cancel it, however being the mischievous man that I am, real eyes realize real lies. I feel bad that he might be prosecuted eventually for my being so eager to sign up, however this company will learn not to mess with big fish.

Either way, I've canceled the check, sent out a formal request of cancellation from FRS Napels, and await litigation to bring this company down.

And to Chris from above, it's because due to the good nature in a lot of people they don't want to just flat out NOT believe in something just because they are wary of it being a scam. Some people are, god forsake it, gullible and trusting. Fortunately for the company, they make it very easy to get around, write a check and cancel the check, it takes about a week to cash either way and by the time they do that they are in a completely different city, state and zip. My room-mate had me talk to the young man because I've had an investigation going for quite some time, and low and behold that they come right the frakk to my doorstep. I really do feel sorry for the few kiddies and grown men/women that get swept up in this poor scam, but that's life and there isn't a whole lot to do with it. If possible I'd like to only put the responsible parties into safe hands, leave the lackeys to their own ends. And yes if you wait there is a good possibility that you might get some magazines, but that chance is just to poor for a lot of people. There should be a 100% guarantee that you'll get magazines. Hell even Best Buy had that 8 week trial crap, you got your magazine and all you had to do was make a lousy 5 min. phone call before the 8th week to cancel.
A  14th of Jun, 2008 by 
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After 120 days with no magazine I called and Fidelity told me my refund would be received in 2 to 3 weeks, but then a month later I received a letter requesting an alternate mag. Not interested after 150 days. I would suggest you all do the right thing. First, go to your local police department and file a police report of CONSUMER FRAUD against Fidelity Reader Service. Just takes a few minutes and no cost. Second, go on line to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION and file a complaint of CONSUMER FRAUD. Third, go on line to the FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL of your state and file a report of CONSUMER FRAUD. Fourth, go on line to the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF YOUR STATE and file a report of CONSUMER FRAUD. Keep going with, Better Business Bureau, etc.
A  19th of Jun, 2008 by 
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Well. The guy that came to my door claimed it was fifteen dollars, marked dashes in the empty spots on the receipt, had me sign it, then wrote in 60 bucks in the slots. He flatout lied to me about what I was paying (for a magazine I will apparently never receive...), then forged the receipt. How is this not theft?

I didn't notice he did that until my bank was charged. Wish I had been smart enough to google the FRS name before that charge occurred. I'm disputing this with my bank and filling out every complaint form there is simply out of principle alone. I hope every one of these ### rots.
N  10th of Jul, 2008 by 
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Well along with everyone else, my son (17) was home along and fell for the BS these people were selling, I mailed the reciept in the next day and still nothing, over a month ago... I have tried to call this company however NO ANSWER... Lesson learned... This company sucks...

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