Fidelity Information Corporation / withdrawal

3805 Edwards Rd suite 110, Cincinnati, OH, United States

I have been on the phone since 11 this morning with fidelity trying to get my withdrawal that I put in for important reasons they lied to me twice and gave me confirmation numbers that my will draw has been wired successfully and as I just now spoke to the representative at 4 20 p.m. January 16th now I have to wait another whole day and miss My 3rd flight home. I can't trust anyone with my money who tells me continuous lies in have to identify who I am when I submit two forms of IDs registration card medical bills with my old license that matches the information they wanted and still have to go through too much for my moneyI can't get lie to you no more by Fidelity I want out and customer service is terrible and back-office lied to me as well even though I did not speak with them he told me the back office successfully wired my money and they approved it but another representative said that the back office is now closed and they have to approve it.

Jan 16, 2019

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