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This Nationwide Maintenance Contractor routinely skips paying the local companies they hire to do their work. When they do pay, payment often takes 90 days or more to come. When I took over management of my firm in mid-2013, Ferrandino was #1 on our slow pay list. I called and called to try and get invoices paid. Promises were made, but never kept. In 2014, we stopped working for them after nearly $1000.00 dating from January 2014 were still unpaid in August. Although we did more get paid for more than $5000.00, today's balance is $969.50 including unpaid work, late fees, and other charges.
When we told them we'd require a credit card authorization to accept new work, their representative said they couldn't do that. She did offer to try to find out what was delaying our payments. Later we got a call from that same rep asking to place the same job. As we kept her on the phone, we realized that the she thought she was calling another company to place the order we'd just turned away. She didn't realize she was just calling another number from an office we used to have in another location. In short, her goal was to get somebody to take the order.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Farmingdale, NY She had no intention of trying to resolve the payment issue from the previous unpaid orders.
We urge anyone considering dealing with this firm to be extremely wary of their business practices. Expect their contracts to show up after the order requiring you to waive your right to place liens, contact the end-user customers about anything, and allowing Ferrandino to not pay you if THEY say their customer (the one you're forbidden to contact) hasn't paid them.
They'll call you demanding immediate service, fast action, insist you carry all the burden for materials and labor, and then you'll be lucky if you see your money within 75 days or more.
We have plenty of records in our files substantiating all the statements above. We gotten repeated requests for paperwork to be resubmitted stating "they didn't receive it" before or the person who should've handled it is no longer with the company. In short, all we've ever gotten is a runaround.
Whether you're HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Landscaper, Snow Removal, or other trades: beware of Ferrandino and Son from Farmingdale, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and another office in Florida.

Feb 14, 2015
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  • Sh
      Feb 19, 2015

    same thing appears to be going on here. Im in the middle so wont say too much. They cant be allowed to go on knowing and willingly scamming people. class action lawsuit!!!

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  • Ge
      Sep 12, 2015

    They started out great, but it is harder collecting than actually executing the work, saying they lost paper work, did' receive it, no way is this the case, I have a clean record, execute all jobs promptly, I never loose a work order, funny that they would loose track of invoice when jobs are given a completion record via iPad from the field to PROJECT
    MGR. I charge .there accounting is a nightmare, stalling mechanism, saying invoice not received, the problem is with there personnel some are awesome, a few are so bad, unethical, incompetent individuals, dishonest .

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