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1 5817 N. ANDREWS WAY, FT LAUDERDALE, FL, United States Review updated:
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Let’s call this “Why I will never do business with again.” The following letter copy (initials replacing others’ names) pretty much summarizes our situation. It has been a long road. After dealing recently with the Florida BBB when we filed a complaint, fastfloors basically did two things –

1. Tried to base their non-response to the problem on an inspector’s report, which was intended to find any reason, however unrelated to the defect, to deny the claim; and

2. Insisted it was Berry Floor’s problem, and since Berry would not stand behind their product nothing more could be done.

I never dealt with Berry Floor – only fastfloors; that they themselves wouldn’t do something to at least partially help us correct this problem is disappointing and, in my opinion, another blot on their reputation.


Tonger Industries
5817 N. Andrews Way
Ft. Lauderdale. FL 33309

Customer number XXXXXX

May 3, 2010

Dear Owner,

Well, our Berry Floor laminate flooring ordered through has, if anything, become worse since I last contacted S.S. there. We would have written this earlier except for being out of state for an extended period and due to a family health situation.

I feel it is worth one last attempt at a resolution before we take it up with the Better Business Bureau. Since we ordered the flooring through, it makes sense that you have responsibility to resolve this complaint - in coordination with Berry Floors as you feel appropriate.

For both our benefits, I will try to summarize the issues as clearly and succinctly as possible:

1. On 3/3/09 we ordered $2, 657 worth of Berry Floor laminate flooring, pad, trim, etc. Upon arrival, it was stored for two or three weeks inside our temperature controlled home.

2. 4/10/09: Floor was installed for $1, 633 by E. G., a very experienced installer with all the right tools and equipment (invoice copy enclosed). Total floor cost: $4, 290

3. We began noticing both short and long edge-flaking on the boards – even a fingernail on an uninstalled plank would easily chip off some of the coating. Also it seemed to scratch more easily than commercial grade should.

4. 5/7/09: I submitted a summary of the issues to (copy enclosed), surmising that the cause of this problem may have been old (2006) and/or defective material. In addition, it was not the same ID number as that ordered, though the same color and width. A copy of the Berry UPC code from the package is enclosed.

5. 6/8/09: A S. J. conducted an on-site inspection of our flooring and issued a report on 6/10/09 (copy enclosed). This report is remarkable in that it doesn’t address the issues and is actually close to an insult to one’s intelligence –

• The inspector claimed the flaking was the result of cutting of boards. Except for sides and ends that are not visible and under quarter round molding, the boards were not cut!

• “High” moisture content was reported. This does not hold water (pun intended) – it was a June day with presumably higher ambient moisture; since the home was built 16 years ago with parquet floors (over which this was laid), there has never been a moisture problem; and… this does not at all explain why boards that were never installed have the same edge flaking issue. I’ve enclosed a sample board (cut for mailing); I strongly suggest a thorough inspection plus abrasion test.

• Similarly, an alleged ¾” deflection and some low expansion space measurements, even if they were accurate, does not impact edge flaking of dozens of boards located all over or with those not installed.

• This report reminds me of a car dealership voiding an engine warranty not because the oil was not changed, but due to the tires not being rotated!

6. 2/6/09: E. G. submitted his report and comments regarding this issue – copy enclosed.

7. I have also enclosed 5 pictures to illustrate the edge flaking problem we are talking about.

In summary, we request replacement flooring, with installation costs covered (which should be less than original if the padding and trim can be reused and vertical molding does not have to be re-cut). Believe me, we would rather not have to take time to bother with all this plus a re-installation, but what is fair is fair. You of course have the right to disagree and ask the BBB to arbitrate.

Thanks for your attention to this problem, and I’ll look forward to your response.


cc: E. G.

E. G. invoice
5/7/09 Summary of issues
Product UPC code copy
6/10/09 inspection report
2/6/10 inspection letter from E. G.
Five prints of edge flaking
Two pieces of a sample board

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  • Hu
      10th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Berry Flooring is the worst ! I have it in my home, and have only had it for over a year. It is already chipped, pealing apart, and looks bad. I cannot get the company that installed it to fix the problem, and Berry Flooring will not return my calls. NO MORE Berry flooring ever for me !

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