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Fast Link Couriers / Parcel

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I have been sent a parcel by Ernest Frank he is in UK he sent 2 big bags via fast link couriers then they called me to tell me that my parcel has arrived and I must pay the handling fee of R2850 and I must deposit it into their bank and I did then they said they will deliver them the following day as their manager was not available that time to sign off the parcel, the following day in the morning they called me to tell me that they have scanned that parcel and they found money inside and that is not allowed for that I have been fined R5500 if I pay it I am going to get my staff I then went to the bank to deposit that money after 2 days of waiting they called me again to tell me that I must pay R3000 for the insurance to tell you the honest truth I am not even sure of those people whether they exist or they are scamming me of my money, please help as I have already lost R8350

Jul 9, 2015
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  • Mi
      8th of Aug, 2016
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    I was expecting a parcel from a friend called Doran Messey living in Scotland. He courier the parcel on a FRIDAY, on Monday morning I got a call from a lady called Larry Comfort saying they got my parcel and need to pay 1750 and she send me banking details to deposit money she said it covers insurance and delivery. I deposited the money. Later on the same day they collected the parcel from airport in Cape Town and custom scanned the parcel and found money in the parcel and I have to pay 3860 i paid again.She called me to say the parcel will be delivered next day but the custom advised them to convert the money into Rands and deposit it into my account as it is risky to travelling with that amount of cash. I understood her and she said I need to deposit 7980 for conversion I did that again. Then the next day another issue came cause i was now angry with all the stories I ended up saying she must deliver the parcel without the coversions and other stories she told me. It was the second week and I was suspecting a scam in this whole thing because the bank accounts I was given was for a certain guy not company account. She send me a message saying i need to pay another 4850 as a risk fee and delay for delivering cash and guaranteed me the delivery next day. I paid it again and warned her that I am going to open a fraud case against her company and demanded the company policy that States that clients are suppose to pay all the charges she mentioned to me. All in all I paid 18410After paying the last amount of 4850 she said it's late the parcel will be delivered the next day. The following day she sends me a message saying they are leaving Cape Town but will have to go to Durban airport to leave parcels there then Bloemfontein. At about 12hrs that day she sends me a message saying they are about to leave Durban airport but custom again search the parcel and need to pay 3250 to release the parcel and I told her I am not going to deposit any money anymore she can take that parcel for herself or throw it in the sea. I told her i dont need that parcel anymore. She insisted that they are stuck there in Durban and pleaded with me to pay and i denied saying its not my fault she must talk to her company about that not me. Please assist me as i think there is no such a courier company called Express fastlink couriers here. If it exist i need to know about this charges they are charging clients upfront.

  • Hl
      17th of Oct, 2016
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    i also have the same problem i was ordered to pay 1350 because the parcel was over 50 kgs i did that and they said they have found money i should pay again. the parcel was from United Kingdom. now im doubting if there is any courier by this name.

  • Pr
      22nd of Nov, 2016
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    I am a victim too! i was expecting my parcel from the United Kingdom from a friend of mine . On Wednesday 16th November 2016 someone called me that my luggage has been arrived and i have to pay 1500 Rand as charging fee i understood that and they gave me an account number from FNB Branch, i deposited that money and after some hours He called again saying while scanning my luggage they find money in pounds, , yes i was expecting money from that luggage and i say yes, , , He then told me that He can not deliver the parcel to me if the is no certificate for clearing the money, So the United Nations wants 2000 Rands so that i will be able to change the money into Rands He also gave me the same account number and thats where i started asking more questions about this Fast Link diplomatic courier company that is it existing or what? Why are they giving me personal account instead of company account? after paying the 2000 rands He then called me in the morning that the bank will contact me he deposited the money to the South African Reserve Bank, after some hours a women called me and she said she is working at the south African reserve bank in Pretoria money has been deposited but i have to pay 3500 rands for the money to be cleared and i ask her bank details so she gave me same account where i deposited the 2000 and the 1500 and thats where i panic when i asked the friend of mine he said they said they wont deliver my luggage and cleared the money at the bank if i dont pay the 3500 rands . So am scared because i dont know if this people are working together, i am confused at the same time please help me does the company exist ?? What does the Law does about this people who are thief's?

  • Je
      20th of Dec, 2016
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    hi.i think we are in he same situation however, i am still planning to pay for the package. I am expecting to recieved a package today that was sent from UK but before i can get the package, i need to send around 13, 000 pesos to a person. I am afraid i might experiece the same way you experience. Can i have some advice on whether i'll pursue my payment for the package or not. Your advice will really help me a lot.Thank you.

  • Na
      28th of Dec, 2016
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    I was expecting a package from Michael Larry hart in Malaysia, on the 15 December 2016 the package arrives and Johnson from Fast link called me With number 073 094 1481 and he also asked an custom fee of R2000 after that he send an account number 1436979127 of Miss MM swartz, He said they are going to deliver immediately they receive that money. Following day they called and they said they found $3000 in my package now they fine me R3000 for the money that they found they said it's against their policy. After that they wanted another money for delivery certificate R1500 and now they want another R1500 for transportation fee.

  • Lo
      4th of Jan, 2017
    -1 Votes

    I have lost a lot of money. I was expecting a package from dubai uae, it arived and i had to pay 2760 they also scaned the package and they said there is money in the package i must pay 20 000 so i did and then they said i had to get a certificate so they said it is another 45 600. But i told them i don't have that much. So now they are mad. And that was 2 days ago. Does that company excist? Why are they doing this?

  • Bu
      17th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    I'm also got a call from this courier company. They ask me to pay duty fee. If I don't make the payment they will not give me the parcel. But the account numbers is not the company name but a person name. I don't know what should I do. Because it smell fishy and I could not believe it. I though this is scam. What should I do?

  • Re
      18th of Oct, 2017
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    I am awaiting a product I purchased from new life herdal clinic, I had to pay Texas customs 531.00 and then I had to pay for FDA permit 775.00 then went to Erie PA where they wanted another 699.50 for EIN tax then they sent a another email I have to pay 772.00 for GST tax I ordered this July 31th and still havent received it yet.

  • Co
      23rd of Nov, 2017
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    I am not a victim of this scam but almost. I met a guy on tagged a site where you can find a companion or a husband maybe. It first began when he ask me were i was working, personal stuff. He claims is works on a shipping cargo and i never saw his face because of the ship policy since we often video chat on what's app. He goes by the name Taylor Robson and claims that his wife died about 3 years ago and he has a daughter that lives in London with is mom a good story and he wanted to come and meet me in Guyana (south America). he than ask me for my full name address home and cell phone number ring size shoes size i though to myself this is so quick having talking to this guy for less then 2 weeks.So one day he message me on whats app mentioning that he is going out with his friends for shopping in china since the ship was there for a few days. After a day or so he sent me a link to fast link dispatch courier and a tracking number since he shop for me too. I opened the site enter the tracking number only to find a laptop I phone shoes dress diamond necklace and ring, wrist watch an a envelop. At that time my heart melt to see what he had send even though i never ask him. it was ship on the 20th November then will arrive in Guyana on the 22nd November it was excited to reach here. I tried endlessly to locate that same carrier in Guyana by looking in the telephone directory and calling the operators for a number so i can contact them locally, then the search came to a dead end.Whenever i would have check the package it look the same way china to India to Guyana every time. So i was up that very morning that the pack was schedule to come here at around 3 am to locate it once again. He message me on whats app and said" it is already in your country" and about half an hour later my home phone rang and this women with an accent called me stating" that the package is in India and i have to pay 500 US to clear it from the customs department in India" I got really upset knowing that he should have handle all of the expense. I couldn't understand her accent so i ask her if she wants my e-mail but she request my whats app, we exchange a few text and she said the name of the person i have to send the money too Patrice Sobea Ghenye lation New Delhi India (Money Gram transfer services) and she was so persistent calling me 3-4 time with in the hour and messaging me on what's app but i was thinking should i have being sending this money to the shipping company. So every message the this agent sent me i would send to Taylor so that he can confirmed what i am seeing.He would always say to me keep pour relationship a secret cause i doesn't what any one to discourage me to end it.but in the midst of it all i spoke to God cause i had this feeling that something is not right with the entire situation nevertheless I then decided to to send the money even though i told him i would have to used some of my daughter's saving and some of mine he never outer a word 500 US is a 100.000.00 Guyana dollars .So i grad my bank book and catch a taxi, I explain the situation to the taxi driver and another passenger in the car but pretending it was one of my friend and boy the said "why is your friend sending out money to India when package is not even in Guyana that's a fraud and the make all kind of jokes about it .Then i though to myself this is a real scam.But i have message them both and jive them a real trashing. People don't be fooled, The agent number +918376024379 and the Guy number is +44 7526771876 thanks for reading, Concern citizen.

  • Ju
      5th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    i bougt somtine in kameroen . i paid 260euro than they said i needed e fda certificat for 790euro than i think this is scam and e stopt with paying because e pakket from person to person is present and jou dont need fda for that is al bulschit and scam fastlinecouriersevices te kameroen even doenst exist their i am scamt for 260euro i have to look before i buy greetz jurgen

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