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Farm Bureau / Car Accident

1 Columbia, TN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 931-560-5000

Like many others on this forum, I too experienced poor customer service from Farm Bureau. If I was looking for an insurance company, I would not NEVER USE FARM BUREAU AS MY CARRIER. I was involved in an auto accident (not my fault) with a driver insured with Farm Bureau. Farm Bureau did not contact me regarding the claim and left all the work up to me to repair my car. After making the initial call, I was asked THREE different times to submit information about the car, including estimates and even taking my own pictures of the damage. This was all through email. I never received a call, a claim number, or even so much as a "I am sorry you are having this problem." I ran all the errands when the accident was not my fault. Finally, after gathering all the information for FB, I asked for compensation for the efforts I made and the loss of use of my vehicle. FB claims adjusters did not want to pay me a dime, even though I had done most of the work to resolve the claim. They were very rude to me, in an attempt, I think, to just "make me go away." Clearly, they care little for their company's reputation. I asked for money for a rental vehicle for the number of days I would be without my car. Instead of working with me on that, I was asked time and again to drive a damaged vehicle, which is illegal in some states, not to mention that it puts the driver and passengers in greater danger if there is another accident. I had to explain why I was not willing to drive the car over and again. I was even asked what transportation I had since "I surely had not been sitting at home all this time." I thought this line of questioning pretty brazen, and I finally got the agent to understand that I had a spare vehicle, but would prefer not to use that vehicle for reasons of fuel economy. Then, the agent began to question me about the amount of time that I would be without my vehicle. I had explained that the body shop was busy and could not repair my car for 2 - 3 weeks. I spoke with two different agents about these issues - rental fee and repair time. Neither agent contacted the body shop to confirm anything I stated. Instead they told me time and again that my claim was ridiculous and they were being asked to pay too much. No person from the insurance company ever came to look at my vehicle, making judgements about the car's drivability and safety just from one photo I took myself and sent to them. They claimed that it would not take that long to get the car repaired, essentially calling me a liar. They made this assertion based on their "experience, " not on fact. I documented everything said and the manner in which it was said. One of the agents was so rude to me that I ended up in tears at the end of the conversation. I finally talked with a manager at the regional level who apologized in an attempt at damage control. However, I never got the settlement I asked for. All they did was repeat the same statements again and again. This worked for them because in the end, they are writing the check. It matters not that their driver is at fault, that you have done all their work for them (essentially doing their job for them), or that you are enduring the hardship of the loss of your car. The thought that ran through my mind time and again was, "this accident is not my fault, and I am doing all the work and enduring all the stress." So, if you get in an accident with someone who uses FB, I recommend that you keep a journal and get ready for a battle. This company does not care about you or anyone else for that matter. All they care for is making money and they do not want to give wronged drivers what they deserve. Tell your friends and everyone you know. Don't buy Farm Bureau Insurance, that is unless you enjoy verbal abuse and being treated like a number.

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