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Faraz Majeed trading as Fpro ltd / Took my money never delivered Goods

1 England, Essex, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 07904950788

Faraz Majeed Trading as Fpro ltd approached my company as a Boxing and martial arts kit supplier, after working with Faraz with designs of Kit for Boxing gloves, Focus Mitts Kick shields etc we was invoiced and paid the invoice amount in April 2015 Being promised the delivery of our kit in 4-5 weeks as per his terms and conditions! to this Date Sunday 19th July 2015 we still have not had any delivery we have been given excuse after excuse and Faraz is now not answering our calls,

we Now have it in an email dated Saturday 18th July 2015 that our Kit order has been stopped by Faraz Majeed Trading as Fpro ltd, we also know that we are not the only company that this has happened to.

I have full documentation of all kit ordered and paid for with full correspondence of text emails etc

Please be aware of this guy as he has caused me, my family and my company undue stress and financial hardship £4278 is alot of money to lose when you work 6 days a week and have 4 children to provide for

i would like to also state that if my situation is rectified and my goods are delivered or my full Invoice amount is paid i will update this thread accordantly

the above complaint is true to my knowledge and i have full documentation of the events acceded.

Yours truly
Bernice Smith

Jul 19, 2015
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  • Be
      20th of Jul, 2015
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    I would just like to make an amendment to the above statement that the delivery was 5-6 weeks and not 4-5 weeks not that this makes any difference as Faraz Majeed trading as Fpro ltd still has not delivers my kit

  • An
      20th of Jul, 2015
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    I have had dealings with this man. I got told by someone pretty close to him to watch out as i would maybe not get my order. I have had several conversations with other clubs he has had dealings with and they are all saying the same things, either they dont get all of the goods or they dont get any of the goods. Only getting some of the goods is like paying over the top retails prices which is not why these people bought from him.

    It appears that he is very good at giving the excuses and an be quite believable, but in all honesty it appears he is the only one benefitting from these deals and blatantly ripping clubs of left right and centre.

    Dont take the risk by using him, its not worth it!

    I also found this image on the interent!

  • An
      20th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    This man is going round the country to martial arts clubs and lying to poeple about supplying them with goods. I had dealings with this man, nothing added up and I caught him out lying on lots of occasions. I did not do business with him in the end.

    I have spoken to various other clubs and they are telling me they either dont get all the goods or they dont get any of the goods.

    Im my opinion he is a fraud and not to be trusted with any money. He will leave you high and dry with nothing but empty promises and with out ant money.

    DONT TAKE THE RISK - its not worth it!

  • Fi
      21st of Jul, 2015
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    Gona keep this tread updated as much as possible and true to the fact, we have had contact with this person today via text 10.19am with our accounts team his words where "i'm seeing my solicitors today so i will discuss and get back to you with some options what can be done to move forward . i will get back to you in writing by friday regards"

    I'm hoping this can be resolved to save both parties time and money

  • Fi
      27th of Jul, 2015
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    As i said here is an update
    i will always give credit where credit is due(or Not)
    This guy has now told us he is in no position to refund our money but is happy to arrange to have our kit delivered through a third party to meet so we can can check if all stock is correct and once checked he said ." Once this is done i can issue you a refund of £500 for the delay and inconvenience caused "

    But again has not yet committed to a delivery date

    we have copies of the above texts and emails

    in my option if this guy had our kit he would just get it to us to resolve this problem and move on

  • Fi
      6th of Aug, 2015
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    we have been promised our delivery on the 15th August 2015 11.30am.

    but have been trying to contact this guy by text and email and calls but as expected no replies.

    Have found out that he promised another guy a refund by a confirmed date and this has not happened so not looking good for our delivery on the 15th

  • Ja
      6th of Aug, 2015
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    I have worked with FFP for their marketing and they have made me aware of the issues and the distractions this saga has caused.

  • Be
      11th of Aug, 2015
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    Things are not looking good for this Saturday "our so called final date for delivery" Faraz Majeed is not answering calls emails or Text again and everything is ready with court action all ready to go i dont even know if he is at the address that was given to us as i dont beleave a word this man says !

  • Ch
      16th of Sep, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Faraz has taken £3550 off me and my family back in march 2014 and he has promised delivery and £500 refund
    He even sent me new designs in August 2015 his phone has now been cut off
    I spoke to somebody today who also paid him £5000
    What can we do ?
    Our business has folded because of this

  • Je
      28th of Oct, 2015
    -2 Votes

    Fraz Majeed
    DOB 30/01/1983
    SS14 2FR

    Hi is involved in human smuggling from UK to IRELAND
    fake marriage in ireland

  • Je
      5th of Nov, 2015
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    how can i remove my complaint on this page ?

  • Be
      23rd of Nov, 2015
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    Just an update on Saturday 15th August 2015 i was promised my kit again i waited 50 minutes at the agreed time and place and yet again no show and Faraz phone was turned off from here we have had the police involved again as well as other agency's that are working closley with us to get this issue resolved. we tracked Faraz Majeed down again only to receive an email that he was going back to pakkistan to sort our kit out! that was the last we herd from him.

  • Be
      23rd of Nov, 2015
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    below is an email we received from Faraz Majeed direct out of the blue on 9/11/15

    Hi lee

    Apologies for the delay . I have decided that you will be delivered your stock directly . I am going Pakistan to personally resolve this and get this checked and sent over to you . The suppliers have lost a lot of business due to the online campaign that you started so for that reason I have to personally go there and get this sent over to you . I will be sending you an exact delivery date once I am there with suppliers . It will be a direct tracked delivery to your home address
    In the meantime as per your voicemail left few weeks ago I will be transferring £200 in your account in few weeks as well

    Kind regards

    Followed by This email on 16/11/15

    Hi lee

    Just keeping you updated . Had contact with couriers and there's a 3 days delay from their end due to gatwick flight disruptions. However you will get a call from them this week with exact delivery time . They have been given your numbers


    I STILL HAVE NO KIT OR NO SIGN OF MY MONEY BACK! our job today follow up police and other agency's because not only he has taken my money not only my money but the money for my kids future! but i now feel like we are being taunted by this man yes he conned me and never had no intention of giving me my kit but he now keeps contacting us telling us its coming but it dont never turn up!

  • Be
      23rd of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    he has been involved in a few businesses

  • Be
      8th of Dec, 2015
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    Just an update we had a delivery on Friday 5th December 2015 with Part delivery of my order, as per the terms and conditions of mr Faraz Majeed ive sent an email advising of all kit missing and am awaiting a reply, will keep this post updated until i have my full kit that was ordered and then it will be removed once resolved Regards Bernice Smith

  • Je
      17th of Dec, 2015
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    Raja imran

    Stallion Inc Ltd:
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  • Be
      25th of Jan, 2016
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    OH dear 5th of December i had my surprise delivery emiled faraz that same day to say we still had ALOT of kit out standing and still to this day 25th jan 2016 ive had no reply or the remander of my kit.! but looks like hes been busy reading the message above!

  • Be
      15th of Mar, 2016
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    wow had a email last night to say the outstanding kit i had due will be here this friday or saturday its only taken a year since payment i hope Faraz Majeed this is not a game and that it does turn up to put an end to all this and if if do come this weekend as promised then i will delete this complaint towards you and your company i really do hope you are being true to your word. Bernice Smith

  • Be
      30th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    just an update part of our kit was delivered on 18th March 2016 we are still alot of kit outstanding as normal we emailed on the same day to advise that kit was still out standing and asked when or remainder of kit will be delivered or remainder of money to be refunded to end this. today 30th March we had an email to ask for our bank details and told our refund will be actioned within 2 weeks ill await our refund Bernice Smith

  • Ma
      14th of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    two weeks ago this
    Faraz Majeed trading as Fpro ltd ( don't know what he is trading as at the moment)
    England, Essex
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 07904950788
    Faraz Majeed

    promised to resolve this by paying the remainder of what was outstanding to us, two weeks have gone and yet again nothing from this guy he did send us some products some focus pads but they were not the best quality product by far we would not be able to sell them to even get our money back ...

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