family treasure parcelblackmailing me to send money

This UK based company.they sent me a parcel of family treasure.Mr. Pastor Smith Daniel sent by 05.12.2014. Tracking number:2820584MHM.they showed in internet parcel is in United Nations Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.But I went there.there is no parcel by my name.UN office track them and confirmed me, swiftposters cheated with me.they don't post any parcel of family treasure to my address
But they are blackmailing me by the name of custom officers and take from me USD 2000/.Again by the name of UN officer take from me USD 5000/.in Brac Bank, Soniya Sharmin, bonosree branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.Again they are blackmailing to send USD 10000/ by the name of US intelligence unit.UN office tracked no parcel shipped from Italy.They are well organized scam team.Using FBI name, [protected], false barristersaheedhakeem, [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]

Jan 09, 2015

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