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Family Pet Clinic Group of Hospitals / Animal abuse and pricing fraud

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Family Pet clinic Group of Hospitals
6724 Mid-Cities Blvd.
North Richland Hills, Texas 76180
[protected] Phone
[protected] Fax

Mr. Billy Johnson,

On February the 28th at 7:50 AM I called your clinic in NRH, I first spoke with Pam the receptionist who promptly connected me with your senior veterinarian technician Jason. I spoke with Jason in length regarding Charlotte’s gestation day of 65 and counting. Jason gave me pricing on a cesarian section, IV fluids with anesthesia, hospital care, recovery and antibiotics for a total of $433.71. Jason wanted me to bring in Charlotte at 8:15 which was right after I hung up the phone. I arrived at 8:15 promptly waited until 9:00 when I was introduced to Dr. Donna Bell. Attempting to examine Charlotte Dr. Bell was concerned she was putting Charlotte in undo stress and stopped the exam (only a rectal temperature was performed). I was instructed to take Charlotte home and watch her for signs of active labor.

On March 01st I arrived at the clinic at 07:30 at which time I waited patiently for the senior veterinarian technician to arrive. Jason informed me at 7:50 that Dr. Bell had an emergency with her son and would not be in until 11:30 that afternoon. I was concerned that charlotte would need attention before the arrival of Dr. Bell at 11:30. Jason assured me that the other doctors on staff would be helping out during Dr. Bell’s absence. At noon I left work to visit Charlotte at the veterinarian clinic during my lunch hour. Dr. Bell was still not at the clinic. I did visit with my Chihuahua Charlotte and Jason for about 20 minutes. Jason told me that Dr. Bell would call me before the cesarian section surgery. At 2:40 Dr. Bell called me with pricing of 800.00 I told her that was not the price I had discussed with Jason yesterday. Dr. Bell told me that the price she was giving me included the hysterectomy of my Chihuahua Charlotte. I explained to Dr. Bell that I didn’t have that amount and we agreed to spay Charlotte at a later date. Dr. Bell assured me that she would call be immediately after the surgery.

At approximately 4:00PM I received a call from Dr. Bell and Jason that Charlotte was doing well and to come pick her up. I arrived at 4:45 at which time Dr. Bell wanted to review the Invoice priced at a grand total $696.97. I looked at the Invoice and was speechless. I explained to Dr. Bell that these charges were not approved prior to treatment. Dr. Bell explained to me that she would be a negligent veterinarian not to perform all the testing that was done and that everything that was done was necessary. I again told Dr. Bell that these charges were not approved prior to the care of Charlotte.

1. Exam/Office Call 33.64
2. Complete blood count CBC 30.07
3. Chem 12 Biochemistry profile 60.41
4. Propofoll injection 47.16
5. Sevoflurane Maintenance 56.18
6. Canine cesarian section 298.20
7. Injectable Buprenex 25.35
8. pulse oximeter monitoring 31.45
9. IV fluid 35.00
10. EKG 36.81
11. Hospital professional care 12.27
12. Hospital nursing care 10.59
13. Day Hospital care9.87
14. Rimadyl 25 mg 13.00

My invoice grand total was 696.97 payable at time of services rendered. I had already provided a credit card number to the receptionist Pam prior to the pick up of Charlotte earlier that day. The amount permitted was $433.71 to be charged this total was discussed with Jason on February the 28th at 7:50 AM. When I was informed by Dr. Bell that no adjustment was going to be made on the Invoice, I wanted to break up the charges on two separate cards. This would be done after I left because the other card I was talking about was at my home. The administrator said that if I did not give him permission to change the original card that he was going to call the police for theft of services.

I was so upset when I left the veterinarian’s office I left without Charlotte’s bed, toys and medication. I have yet to receive a call as to how my Chihuahua Charlotte and her babies are doing. I did receive a letter in the mail that Charlotte is no longer welcome as a patient. As for Charlotte’s post op care I guess I will need to retain another veterinarian. It has always been my understanding that when you have surgery that post-op care is all inclusive.

Charlotte has had trauma from her care at ‘The pet clinic” She is suffering from multiple ligature marks from under her neck which no one has had an explanation for. Charlotte hasn’t been the same little girl since I brought her home. I have always given her kisses on the face and neck now she is terrified someone is going to restrain her by her neck. I have taken several pictures of my three pound Chihuahua Charlotte’s neck for your review.

Thank you,

Bianca M. Marcuccino

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  • Cr
      19th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Family Pet clinic Group of Hospitals

    Hi Bianca,

    I just read your report. This is not the first time I have heard of things like this happening from FPC. I would like to suggest Davis Blvd Animal Clinic. It's not a fancy place but my parents have used them for years and as a groomer I have a TON of clients that use them and are VERY happy. The problem with these fancy places is that you have to pay for their expenses. Put aside the frills and you will find a much kinder vet! I hope this helps. P.S. You are very lucky your Chi survived. Hope all is well with Momma and Babies

    Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make
    him wag his tail.

  • Cr
      27th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Here is the link you need to view the pictures of my abused Chihuahua "Charlotte" at the hands of Dr. Donna M. Bell at:

    Family Pet clinic Group of Hospitals
    6724 Mid-Cities Blvd.
    North Richland Hills, Texas 76180

  • Sa
      24th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Dr Ford did nothing for my sick birds-nothing> He made sure he charged a lot of money and then did no follow up. Horrible experience. Hey, return a call once in a while! I will never use that place again. I have had other bad experiences there before with a cat, again overcharged. Dr Bell was the vet then. No use for her. It is good that they make money I guess. Too bad they run off all the customers. Stupid!

  • Hb
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am with Dr. Ford's clinks for twenty years, and six dogs later. I personally have not had one single complaint.
    I certainly can't say anything about the treatment of other animals beside mine, but I am pleased. The fees are not quite as steap as some other vet's fees, but they had been lower (once).
    Also I see more complaints posted than post of people who are pleased with the services rendered, how is that?

  • Jo
      11th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Family Pet clinic Group of Hospitals
    6724 Mid-Cities Blvd.
    North Richland Hills, Texas 76180
    817-788-2525 Phone
    817-788-5575 Fax

    Hi Bianca,

    I will agree with you, I brought my rescue mixed breed dog in for a general health check up. I walked out with a bill that was horrific. I was not explained any procedures or treatments ahead of time. I was told that the office visit was a small fee. Please beware of the scam. As an animal lover we all need to be more careful and ask a lot of questions.


  • An
      26th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Someone may want to consider Bianca as a source for facts and truth considering she has at least one other alias and has had complaints lodged against her for misrepresenting herself and her business (see /URL removed/). Allegedly, she sells premature chihuahuas as "tea-cup" chihuahuas. Here's what happens: She commissions a veterinary hospital to perform a C-section on a ### before full term. The puppies are born and then sold at a premium to unsuspecting buyers as a "cute, tiny tea-cup" chihuahuas. The puppies hadn't even been weened from their mother (i.e. Charlotte or similar) or even have their first set of teeth. It is tiresome for me to read postings from a person with this type of respect for animals and breeding that totally distort facts and commits fraud toward several individuals all for her own sake. Disgusting is really a better word.

    Before anyone takes "Bianca Marcuccino" at face value, they might want to do some investigation as to her credibility. As far as the ligature marks on Charlotte: Would anyone actually think that a person that would do these types of acts to innocent animals and lie to the public for personal gain, wouldn't also be treating the animals suspiciously as well??


  • Sh
      27th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    OMG! I just read all the complaints against this "breeder" on [redacted] and it's shocking! She only cares about money and not about her dog! SHE's the fraud here- how can you sell a puppy that's unable to even eat properly!!

  • Mi
      13th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Please steer clear of Family Pet Clinic. First, I was quoted $300 on the phone for spaying. I thought that was outrageous, so imagine when I saw a copy of the estimate at the clinic and it read nearly $450! I freaked.
    Then one of the techs explained that the high figure was if I wanted all these extra services, but the real price was still $300. What if I hadn't asked? That's what they're hoping for in this deceptive pricing maneuver.
    If that was all, I could get over it. But no. When I picked up my tiny miniature dachshund, who was a rescue dog and underweight in the first place, Dr. Aschenburg pulled her up to show me her stitches, and when my poor little girl yelped in pain, Dr. Aschenburg actually scolded her! This is not the first time this has happened with this vet.
    I'm so appalled that I had to write this to warn others. Dr. Ford, the owner, used to be a good vet back in the old days when he just had the one clinic, but I guess greed got to him. Just keep him and his "vets" from getting to your pet!

  • Co
      25th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    PLEASE BEWARE OF BIANCA MARCUCCINO! I am a victim of her lies, deception and fraudulent activities. She recently sent her daughter Gina Bianca Marcuccino to buy my puppy and promised to give him a great home! They also agreed to stay in contact with me and provide me with all of their information so that I know that the pup is going to an excellent home. Well my husband met with Bianca's daughter Gina, when Gina couldn't make it and she gave this sob story about not having the ability to stop at the bank and cash a check for Bianca. My husband specifically told Gina, cash only because people just can't be trusted. Gina then begged my husband and told him that Bianca is a reputable breeder and that she would never not have the funds. So my husband took all of their information for half the money. Guess what??? Sure enough, the check came back STOPPED! Bianca stole my dog, canceled the check and will not respond to us at all. I have contacted her daughter Gina and text back and forth. She said she would take care of the problem and of course, never did. Now they're avoiding us like the Plague and refuse to give my pure bred quality pup back to me, that they stole. These people are crooks, liars and it is sad that they would take advantage of other like this! She basically bought my pup so that she can make more money off of him even though Gina agreed to have my puppy neutered as soon as she can. I am very upset by this and unfortunately, I now have to take legal steps to get my money and find this dog. Bianca and her daughter Gina are not credible people. Do not do business with them. They are broke and obviously not legit breeders. Good thing I believe in Karma!

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