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Family Care Source / Scam/Pay for employment

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Went to this "job" interview for a case manager position, which turned out to be a group interview with about 30 other people. The position involved soliciting clients who needed services ie, elderly individuals and referring them to various places for transportation, in-home assistance etc. The clients needed to be receiving Medicare in order to qualify. The company would pay you "once" a month based on how many clients you signed up. The catch is that you work from home in your territory and need to have this phone service set up in order for the clients to call you. The service costs $80 and you have to have it before you can start. I researched this company and the interviewer and came up with no good info. Milton Collier is the "owner" and also has several other websites offering various services. I don't know of any job that you have to pay in order to work if it's not legit. I also checked around and Medicare, the government, has no clue about this company, nor does the BBB or Hoover'
The company also has no medical experience whatsoever. I used to do case management where I worked with a team of doctors and my clients, and this company has no team whatsoever. You don't need any experience to do this, so what kind of person would I be to offer someone's grandparent services when I don't even know what the DSM V is. I do, but some others don't. Please don't give this man any more money! Look for a real job and wait on it, it will come!

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  • Rk
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    I am employed with this company a few of my classmates and I already have a few clients. This is a NEW company. This is an INDEPENDENT contractor not some regular 9-5 job. I think I know who this is.. If you didn’t chose to stay with this company how dare you complain about something you know nothing about! The $80 was for a phone services that we are getting back with our first check THIS month. I just spoke with someone in Medicaid, because this post had me a little concerned. You have to make sure you talk to the right person.. Do you know how much trouble Mr. Collier can get in to.. 5 years in prison and a $25, 000 fine. Medicaid does not play when it comes to things like whoever else read this please know that this is NOT a scam! I work for this company and it is NEW. This phone is through a legit phone company for businesses. This money does NOT go to family care source. We were just told we do not have to pay monthly out of our own pockets we are doing well so family care sources will pay the monthly bill of $40. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THIS PERSON….excuse my grammatical errors!

    One more thing I read that you said this company has no medical experience…well this is NON-medical in-home care.

    Thank you

    FCS employee.

  • Su
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    The complaint above the FCS employee's comment is correct. The owner of FCS has failed to properly training the people he hired, which has caused many to invest in business cards, flyers, gas, etc.. only to find out that you will not get paid.

    This service or disservice not only affects prospective job candidates but now there are seniors that were extremely excited about the program, that are now left out in the cold.

  • Fa
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    Family Care Source is a World Class startup company. The company operation is VERY PROFESSIONAL.

    Family Care Source Hiring Process:

    1. Candidates must attend a two(2) hour Interview Overview at FCS office.
    2. Candidates must have complete a second (2nd) Phone Interview One-on-One
    3. If selected, candidates must come to In-Class Training for 16 weeks.

    Selected candidates are Independent Contractors (1099) employee. FCS provides selected candidates with ALL the below:

    1. Access to FCS online back office to process and track clients.
    2. Access to FCS company email account
    3. FCS setup a Toll Free Number Ext, for selected candidates to receive their calls at home in a PROFESSIONAL MANNER.
    * Yes, the selected candidates must cover the ONE TIME cost of $79.90 to setup the Toll Free Number to rollover and connect to their home phone!

    FCSpositions is not for everyone:

    *FCS program is not for individuals looking to earn a quick dollar (learning come first).
    * FCS program is not for individuals with unreal expectation.

  • Ms
      3rd of Apr, 2010
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    I also attended the interview for FCS with Milton Collier and felt that it was a scam once he asked for us to come to the next meeting with 79 dollars for a telephone line. Being that this was a brand new company, that really made me uncomfortable. Also, the job required for the employees to solicit elders and disabled people to sign up for medicaid to obtain needed services. He explained to the class how Medicaid offered him a contract to conduct these services. I thought this was great, until I contacted Medicaid and Medicare. They relayed to me that no such contract exists with this company. I was also suspicious after my telephone interview with Mr. Collier. He only asked me three questions and told me that I was hired. What legitimate company would hire independent contractors to enter into homes of elderly people and people with disabilities without contacting former employers, obtaining references, or even conducting some form of a background check. I don't know, maybe this company is good, but the way he conducted the interviews made me very uncomfortable and I would be wary of any new company that asks for money up front.

  • Kf
      23rd of Jul, 2011
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    This individual is still at large! Now with a different company: Truck Load Support! Whomever posted the comment about they work for him...are you still employed????
    And Family Care Source or Truck Load Support...are you still in business????

  • Kf
      23rd of Jul, 2011
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  • Pr
      20th of Nov, 2011
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    It is a SCAM and I want my $80 back. I want to call the phone company and ask them about the money. I am calling Medicaid too just to make sure this man gets in trouble. I hate that I didn't read between the lines AND I drug two friends into it. After Milton took our money, we never heard from him again. The last thing I heard was that he was meeting with Medicaid for some approvals. If there were no approvals then why did he take folks money. I should have known something when the guy beside me didn't pay and Milton didn't say nothing (BECAUSE IT WAS AN OPTION). I want my money back. We paid that man's mortgage that month.

  • Ms
      14th of Dec, 2011
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    Hello Prayercloth and KFarrow. I am Ms. Flowers the one who went for the interview for the business he had called Family Care Sourc LLC. I never gave him any money, I refuse to pay for a job. After my 3 question interview I refused to continue, I was too wary, especially as I stated when it involved me forking over $$$. However I would like to thank you KFarrow for placing that link. I had a chance to view a complaint on of his trucking company and it sounded almost 100 percent identical to my experience with him. Hopefully, somehow someone will stop him in his tracks because no one deserves to be scammed like that. I also hope and pray more people will see our postings as well as the ones on [redacted].com before giving him any time and money.

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