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Fake ID / Passports / fake id / passports

1 United States Review updated:

Not only scammers are a huge problem, also the quality of the Id’s/passpors is very different.

My experience with some EU ID vendors:

A guy named STEVEN, fromm „Passports and Identification Services“ his email addresses: and
I orderer a doner UK passport
Delivery: 0/5, nothing received
Communication: 5/5, quick & prof. answers
Quality: 0/5, nothing received
PREFECT SCAMMER! Took over 2000.- from me! Don’t handle with this guy!
His bitcoin address: 17YwrD7UWjdPNLitc5PvvoiejgpmGxDVAn
I ordered a dutch & germany national ID.
Delivery: 5/5, fast
Communication: 5/5, quickly and professional answering
Quality Dutch: 2/5, min. 1 security feature missing (no laser cut holes)
Quality German: 2/5, hologram is the wrong color
Good for financial purposes (banking, WU, etc.), but I would never travel with this document!
I ordered a dutch national ID
Delivery: 5/5, fast
Communication: 5/5, quickly and professional answering
Quality Dutch: 3/5, better quality than flawlessfakeids, the color looks a little bit strange, but perhaps it’s new
Good for financial purposes, but I don’t want to travel with it too. Because cops aren’t stupid!
Found a post from a former customer in a darknet forum
ordered a Swiss DL & belgium national ID
Delivery: 3/5, quite slow, 20 days.
Communication: 4/5, very professional but sometimes it takes 2 days to receive answer
Quality: 5/5, absolutely perfect! comes with ALL security features.
Perfect for financial purposes AND also for travelling. Really 1:1 quality.
I also ordered a doner Passport (UK) from him, should arrive soon. I will post my experience here.
Here are 2 photos of the swiss DL:
Absolutely not difference to the original one!

And yes, I could compare them with real ones!

Nov 21, 2014
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  11th of Jan, 2015
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This poster = scam

I lose 500 euro to and is same guy... and I think this poster is him! I also buy from flawless (a Perso) and received great quality ID, but it is very very expensive, but seller is legit. These reviews should not be listed to, most posters have other motives!

Sorry for my poor English.

  13th of Feb, 2017
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@WilhelmKilink No I see a recurring theme through this board with your posts. You blame everyone here without any proofs.

  11th of Jan, 2015
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You certainly shouldn't listen to any reviews by Sam and Dean who are yet another blatantly obvious sock puppet of John K*nn*y

  10th of Feb, 2015
Agree Disagree -6 Votes staff here! We wonder the aim of whoever created this post and what he/she is trying to achieve?

We have never received any order from anyone claiming to have bought Netherlands (Dutch) ID from us. We did not sell any Netherlands (Dutch) ID in 2014, it's February 2015 now and we have sold none till now.

Whoever is claiming here he/she bought from us is lying. We permit him/her to publicly post the order screenshot he had with us if he/she is telling the truth. People beware, we smell scam here!

WilhelmKilink, we are NOT

  9th of Mar, 2015
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Nonsense! Show a screenshot of the order you placed on including order number, what you bought etc. Anyone can say someone is a scam, SHOW PROOF!

  18th of Mar, 2015
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The rubbish you are posting is stale. Show proof: screenshots of order or screenshots of conversation with us on our website. SHOW PROOF! Otherwise you are just a BIG FOOL wasting your time because you have nothing beneficial to do with it.
It's easy to come here and write rubbish, but difficult for you to show proof? SHOW PROOF!

  26th of Mar, 2015
Agree Disagree -11 Votes

Kiddie, we know nothing about, but your claim about is false and lame...SHOW PROOF!

  9th of Apr, 2015
Agree Disagree -10 Votes

SHOW PROOF! While you are hating and wasting your time posting rubbish, we are busy filling orders and making money :) SHOW PROOF!

  9th of Apr, 2015
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'Victim 5' is one of many fake accounts of a supposed supplier of ID

  9th of Apr, 2015
Agree Disagree -11 Votes

You are quite correct, he does seem to have a LOT of spare time to post rubbish here and all over the place.

  9th of Apr, 2015
Agree Disagree -13 Votes

Guess his business is not quite the success he makes it out to be. Can't think why that might be!

  16th of Apr, 2015
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Guys don't trust he scammed my friend.

  16th of Apr, 2015
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Well look who's back. Give it up won't you.

  17th of Apr, 2015
Agree Disagree -6 Votes

lol, ComplaintsBoard deleted your 'Victim 5' profile and all the rubbish you were posting and you're now Jose Mendes? What a shame!

You have nothing else to do with your life? How's life like living in your parent's basement? As we see, you have no responsibilities that's why you have all the time in the world to post silly/unfounded accusations against others.
You're not even a competitor, because you provide nothing to people you suck in, but a blank SCAMMER. SHAME ON YOU!

To you, everyone is a liar, scammer, thief. You down-vote other people's replies and up-vote yours, what a waste of your life.
Tell your "friend" who you claim we scammed to post proof. it isn't you: 'Victim 5' we scammed, but your

Give it up as Little Jimmy Krankie said and do something positive with your life.

  22nd of Apr, 2015
Agree Disagree +10 Votes is a complete scam, do not waste your money on Him.

  26th of Apr, 2015
Agree Disagree -9 Votes

They've certainly got your number and they don't seem to consider you 'competition'. Are you JEALOUS of them?

  27th of Apr, 2015
Agree Disagree +7 Votes

Betty Lying Truckle is a Vendor, do not believe whatever he says.

  2nd of May, 2015
Agree Disagree -5 Votes

You are talking to yourself under different names AGAIN. No wonder no-one trusts you.

  3rd of May, 2015
Best Best Advice Agree Disagree +10 Votes

Betty Truckle is the biggest Liar alive.

  5th of May, 2015
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has anybody ever gotten any id or passport? if show can you post up?

  6th of May, 2015
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That website is full of the usual tall tales told by a certain well-known 'vend0r'. You will probably recognise some of his endlessly recycled posts under the usual array of false names from elsewhere.

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