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Faithisinus / teacup pomeranian puppy

1 Springfield, OH, United States Review updated:

I contacted this user for a teacup Pomeranian and she had the price of $475 a description he's had his shots and wormed, a cute description of how playful and loving he is. I went and she gave me the address of 2201 East Main Street my GPS led me to a weird side street and I contacted her asking what house was hers and she said she'll just meet me at Frisch's Big Boy with the puppy and puppy stuff. I went and met her at Big Boy which was right beside that street and her and her husband came pulling in a silver mini van, she gave me papers of the Vet check ups with the address and number and batch numbers, showed me pictures and videos told me he was 9weeks old and has been eating Iam's puppy chow and they seemed okay, kind of weird and trashy looking, but I didn't think anything of it and ended up my puppy at night I noticed he had a bunch of fleas, kept throwing up, won't eat, and the vet paper was fabricated it wasn't a real vet office and the one close to the area said she never had that puppy in and it was not legitimate and never filled out or registered he's an AKC Pomeranian. My vet said he's really sick suffering from dehydration, could have gastritis, or parvo but he's very ill. She will not contact me back with any information, blocked my number when I'm just trying to save my puppy's life. It's disgusting she scams people and abuses dogs for probably drug money. Never buy a dog from this woman and report her!!!


  • Updated by Kelly24fit, Aug 08, 2017

    Her number is 937-926-2127

Aug 8, 2017
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  • Gr
      28th of Aug, 2017
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your new puppy, I hope he is doing better now. Unfortunately, she's been doing this for years. Her name is May Manus and the guy she's with Andy. She's a short chunky red head, they live in the Springfield, Ohio area. She gives many the same address she gave you to meet at, making it seem like you are going to her home to meet your new potential puppy but when you get there you find out she's meeting you in the parking lot of the Frish's big dog. She has a long history (years) of flipping dogs (getting them for free or cheap) just to turn around and re-sell them. She scams the original owners into thinking she is giving their pup a loving forever home but she's just in it to fatten her pockets. She sells many mix breeds claiming they are purebred, when she knows they are not. She will sell any breed/ mix she can get her hands on. Be very careful, she lists on craigslist and hoobly she uses many different free pinger phone numbers and the pictures she uses to list her puppies are not even of the actual puppy she is trying to sell you. She takes still shot pics of YouTube videos of other reputable breeders dogs that kind of resemble whatever dog she is trying to sell at the time. She does this for two reasons 1. To avoid being caught flipping the puppy she just got for free or cheap. 2. To make it look like the mix breed she is trying to sell you is purebred. She claims the puppies she sells all have shots and are vet checked but none are and she's sold sick puppies in the past whom unfortunately passed away from parvo. If you Google her name you will see that both have past criminal histories in the Springfield area with May's latest run in with the law being earlier this year for theft. I would recommend you contact the authorities in the Springfield area with what they did to you as well. I wish you and your pup the very best, again so sorry you had to go through this. These [censor] need to be stopped for good!

  • Jk
      5th of Oct, 2017
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    Faith is in us. Ha ha ha ha!

  • Sc
      13th of Jun, 2018
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    I bought a puppy last year off of Craigslist. he was advertised as an AKC German Shepherd and when I went to meet the people to get him they did not have the papers but I really liked the dog and was primarily purchasing him as a pet so it didn't bother me a whole lot he didn't have papers although I do think it would be interesting to look through them and see where he came from and stuff like that but anyways I was given some vet papers and stuff and the name May Manus from Springfield was on them. I don't think I bought the dog off of her but maybe someone bought him off of her then sold him to me. I don't have any issues with him at all he's a healthy boy just turned a year old but I just thought it was interesting her name was on there I so happened to be Googling her name because I was trying to see if I could possibly get the AKC papers and came across this post

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