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Faith Ranch Schnauzers / Aggressive dog

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We bought a Year and Half year old Female Schnauzer that is CKC registered. We were clear that we wanted a well socialized dog as we have other pets and a neighborhood full of dogs and kids and live a very active lifestyle. When we got Cookie, the very next day I had to take her to my Vet for ear mites! She supposedly was at the breeders vet 4 days prior to me picking her up! Andrea the breeder did nothing but say sorry. It was a $280 bill! Then Cookie became aggressive after a few days. She tries to attack every dog she sees and nips at neighborhood kids. We've only had her a few weeks. When we tried to contact Andrea, she didn't return our call. So we texted her the situation and she said Cookie was never like that and that we are liers and to stop harassing her! The only option I have now is to hire a trainer for $100s and if that doesn't work find her another home! Very disappointed and upset by the lack or professionalism. I wouldn't buy a dog from her. I don't usually write complaints but a dog is a significant purchase and member of your family. She told us Cookie was socialized, well behaved, good with kids and other animals. Not our experience at all!

Nov 17, 2014
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  • Fa
      16th of Mar, 2015
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    I'm sorry Cookie did not fit in with your family. I was aware you wanted/needed a well socialized schnauzer. That is what every family wants when bringing a new family member home. Sometimes, when adopting an older dog (older than a year of age) they may not adjust to their new family or surroundings. I have a very active family, three older kids that have friends visiting all the time. Cookie was very well behaved and socialized. I'm unclear of the communication, or lack of that this family stated. It is part of my guarantee, that I will always take a pet back. I never want them surrendered.

  • Bo
      7th of Jan, 2016
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    Oh do I ever agree with the complaint!!! For now I will not go and pull all the vet records to list all the cost due to the fact I also believed FaithRanch/ Andrea was a good reliable breeder. We purchased a 8 week old puppy from her 2013 littler with Dodger & Penny, as soon as we drove off he was going after his ear and I texted her as to what might be the reason. Her response was maybe he got scratched from another puppy or from grooming, so I let it go for a week an half thinking there is no way it could be ear mites because they were signed off my her vet just a few days before of being clear of ear mites or any parasites. I took him to the vet and it was ear mites and it took 3 trips to the vet to get this taken care of. She told me he might have got them from a dog she was sitting for. She does not socialize these puppies our dog loves to eat his food when it is put on the floor and would always go crazy when you wipe the floor with paper towels. Kind of tells you how she fed and cleaned up after them. Then by the time our Schnauzer was 3 months old he stared itching and going after his feet and after many trips to the vet, food testing, and regional testing he is allergic to almost everything. We have spent many many dollars on trying to make our baby healthy and we are still dealing with it because I simply do not want to cover the symptoms by giving him steroid shots. I wrote to Andrea and was very blunt about our frustration and that our vet had explained that the immune system comes from the mother and I felt she should not be breeding Penny. Also, from watching her website you can tell she breeds her every time she comes in. Her response to me both times about the ear mites and the allergies was my vet was just ripping me off and or I wanted a refund. She is a irresponsible breeder she hides behind the supplements/ food she recommends and her family raised God bless puppies. She is nothing more than a PUPPY MILL! I would have wrote and complained before but I couldn't seem to find a proper site. Yes she will take them back after you paid her $1200.00 and out vet bills so she can sell them as older pets. BEWARE OF THIS BREEDER!!

  • Fa
      19th of May, 2016
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    While I LOVE the attention this owner continues to give me after 3 years AFTER purchasing her puppy watching my website as she claims to do I would hope she would have a CLUE to what she is talking about. At NO time was I sitting for another dog at the time of this litter, I NEVER said that ear mites came from another dog. The owner disregarded her agreement on bringing in the puppy 3 days after bringing him home. The true facts about my breeding is as follows and my WEBSITE shows the actual facts... I own 4 females that breed and 1 male, I breed ONLY Miniature Schnauzers and we have litters TWICE a year. You can do the math, if I bred the females EVERY heat cycle as this woman CLAIMS I would have 8 litters in a year!! A PUPPY MILL is actually a breeder that owns several females and males of more than one breed and has litters available at all times from several different breeds. The puppies and adults in a PUPPY MILL are confined to a outdoor facility and I AM NOT ONE OF THESE BREEDERS.. Our adults are our family pets FIRST and have the run of the house, the puppies are raised in my living room, in an exercise pen and can see out in EVERY direction. We take our puppies outside starting at 5wks old and all our puppies have been 90-95% house trained upon leaving at 8wks. I homeschool three children and we are around the puppies throughout the day, we have large get togethers and the puppies are around other people constantly. The non-socialization is not an accurate statement.
    I live in a new housing development, so as mentioned above I do NOT feed any adult or puppy on the floor as I would NOT want bugs in my home. I also do not know of any trained dog that would refuse to eat food off the floor, as I don't exercise this in my home it looks like the owner does. I also know as common sense tells me that any playful dog/puppy would try and PLAY with a towel if moved back in forth in front of them...
    My agreement that EVERY buyer signs in front of me states the buyer has 3 days to bring the puppy to their own Vet to have the puppy looked after, as such time if the Vet disagrees with the health of the puppy that my Vet has examined then the puppy can be returned. Puppies can contract parasites from any soil, ear mites from any other animal that they come in contact with and it does happen very quickly, that is the reason for the 3 day Vet visit.
    Our puppies leave with a FL Health Certificate including shots and the test results of a fecal test and an ear mite test, which has to be negative before the VET will release the Certificate and the puppy would not be allowed to go to a family until the results were neg. The Certificate would also show IF the tests ever had a positive result first...Vet's can loose their license in the state of FL for falsifying the Health Certificate.
    This owner was advised on food to keep him on, and a NuVet supplement that would help with any possible allergy that any dog/puppy can develop. The puppy was THRIVING in our care, just like his litter mates that have gone to families and the families have kept their puppy on the food and NuVet. I have spoken with several Vet's concerning the Immune System as a heredity issue and it is NOT. .Immune systems can break down with Vaccinations, a change of food, an allergy that is developed from household cleaning products, laundry detergent, and Flea & Tick preventatives that are topical and added to the pet's neck. I NEVER recommend this as it is a poison that goes in their blood steam. Diabetes, Thyroid, and Hip Dysplasia are examples of HEREDITARY issues. This owner contacted me after she spoke with EVERYONE and TRIED their suggestions which meant a lot of food changes...this is NOT good for any dog/puppy's development. I DO NOT ever recommend VET pet food, it does contain several NON-DIGESTABLE ingredients that are not good for dogs/puppies. A rule of thumb when you go into Petco or Pet Smart and notice the dog food choices towards the isles that get close to the cat food, these are VERY POOR choices of food including Science Diet, Royal Canine, Eukanuba, and now Iams.
    Many of my puppy families, come back for a second puppy from our family. I know you can not make everyone in the world happy, as with this buyer that refused to keep the puppy on the suggested food and NuVet and would constantly contact me telling me she could've got a puppy cheaper some where else, even in her complaint she continues to mention his cost.
    If you would like any more details or a list of family testimonies and referrals please email me at

  • Bo
      20th of May, 2016
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    Wow! I have no idea where this Breeder gets some of her information except that it is from making it up. The puppy going after his ear was as soon as we got in the car from picking him up. When we stopped for fuel is when I texted you and asked what it could be, your reply was that he might have scratched it playing with the other puppies. When I found out it was ear mites I sent you an email letting you know, your reply was he could have got it from a dog you were sitting for. I still have the email if you would like me to post it... My vet stated the immune system comes from the mother of the puppy, immune systems can break down from the items you listed, but it would be great if they had a strong healthy immune to begin with. Don't know what you are talking about that I contacted you after I spoke with EVERYONE and TRIED their suggestion, which meant food changes. I kept him on the food you had him on for a very long time, until I did blood work for food allergies. I have NEVER PURCHASED FOOD FROM PETCO, PET SMART, OR THE VET!! I do agree the food brands you have listed are very poor choices, there is a long list of poor dog food.
    I never mentioned that I could have gotten a dog cheaper, I have mentioned the cost of my VET BILLS, allergy testing for food and regional testing are not cheap. It is not cheap trying to make a dog healthy, and build up his immune system without doing the typical steroid shots.
    I stand by everything I stated, you are not a truthful, honest breeder.

  • Oa
      5th of Jan, 2018
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    We purchase a puppy 3 years ago Skye's parents are Penny and Dodger. She was very social .all puppy's need to be trained as we went to classes for over a year . If you don't stay consistent they will regress .Never been happier .I have a friend that purchases a puppy this past year .She is 8 months old now and I pet sit frequently, she too can have aggression issues .YOU MUST! stay on top any unwanted behavior issues .
    Andrea's dog's are the best behaved puppies I have encountered .Like children they all need disapline.As far as health issues I nor my friend has ever had any genetic problems.I think she is a responsible breeder and would not have a problem recommending her.

  • Vi
      10th of Dec, 2018
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    This breeder passed off a parti to a Sarasota woman in 3-2013 claiming the male pup was from one of her litters. Simply put, she lied. Skipper's mom sadly died in December of that same year and that is how my husband and I became his new family in 2-2014. I had some info on his adoption from a neighbor of Skipper's first mom, so I contacted Faith Ranch and talked to Andrea to glean some facts about the parents, registration, etc. She was subdued and reluctant to help me. At that point, I called the AKC and gave them as much information as I had available. Imagine my shock to then discover that Faith Ranch was not the breeder. All of their records indicated a Kentucky breeder. I later that same day made contact with her and discovered that Faith Ranch purchased two of their pups and transported them to Florida to sell them as their own. A very shady practice, to say the least. On the good side, Skipper has been the most wonderful and loving dog. We are completely smitten with him and he with us. When I came upon these other comments tonight, I felt I had to speak out. I sincerely hope this was a one time only occurrence. I chose not to make a stink after learning the facts back in 2014, but maybe that was my mistake.

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