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1 1500 East Tropicana, Suite 200Las Vegas, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-705-5455

This company’s principals are the former employees of the now miserably failing grant scam company - Compass National (formerly QuidCorp) - owned by Bobby Fusco and formerly run by Cecil “Severin” Gates, a.k.a. – Danny Banks/Dan Andrews (dirty horn dog used to hit on me ALL the time)!

They contact victims under the guise of how they are “Faith Based”; just scammers hiding behind religion and faith. They truly disgust me. Faith Based Funding CLAIMS to have the ability to get your business thousands of dollars in Grant Funding! It is a SCAM based on fraud and deception preying on peoples misfortunes, and moreover, their faith and beliefs!

PLEASE be aware that it is a SCAM! There are several fraud companies in the state of Nevada posing as grant servicing companies, or non-profits, and Faith Based Funding is one of them. They claim ALL of their proceeds are donated “except administrative costs”. (I wonder if that includes the Mercedes and BMW’s and nice homes they all have)

Their website claims that their corporate headquarters is in Cheyenne, Wyoming and that their processing center is in Las Vegas, Nevada. What a blatant lie! The WY address is a “virtual office suite”!! Check it out for yourself: - what a bunch of liars, especially Severin! This “business center” is scam headquarter central. These guys belong there. Their main headquarters (“processing center”) is located in the heart of Las Vegas. Stop in and visit them for a surprise visit – all their managers, sales reps and “processing” are located in Vegas. Or, you can stop in and see their “virtual office” in Wyoming. Funny that a “faith based” company is located and operates out of “SIN CITY”!

Also, if you go to and click on the “HISTORY” tab, you’ll see that even though the company was set up in 2004, the name changed on 2/11/2011 – the date they purchased the LLC. It’s a common practice with scam companies – they purchase an aged corporation, a “shelf corp”, to fraudulently obtain credit, show length of time in business, and commit fraud using an “aged” name. (See )

Please call the WY or NV State Attorney General and STOP GRANT FRAUD.

The scam is simple, they tell you they can help your business get thousands of dollars in grants but ONLY if you pay them a RETAINER fee (charitable donation…whatever!).

These guys have been opening, closing, and operating grant scam companies for a long time!

The years of experience they CLAIM to have is experience in Grant Scam Boiler Rooms, where they take retainers for services they NEVER provide! Please report these scammers and file your own complaint here or /link removed/

I wouldn’t have posted this up here (although I don’t like the guys running it), but once Severin told me the name and the “angle”, I became disgusted and had to tell people about it. Plus, he has some nerve trying to hit on me while he’s sleeping with Summer, who also works at Faith Based Funding, and worked with all the other losers at Compass National. Summer, run away from that dirty man. He’s a cheater trying to sell as a Christian, he’s gross, and he’s disgusting. Ewww!! I’m sorry this is so personal, but everything in here is true and verifiable – EVERYTHING!! For the record, I quit working for Compass National after I found out what a scam they were, and refused to go work with Severin at Faith Based Funding. My morals and ethics caught up to me as I hope the law catches up to these crooks.

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