FairySeasonsite claims 10-18 day delivery; 33 business days and still waiting

The site says that items will be delivered in an estimated 10-18 business days, if you use free shipping, which I qualified for with a $50+ order.
I ordered 5 items in November, expecting Christmas delivery. As of January 11, I've received 4 of the items (on 3 separate days) and have yet to receive the 5th item.
I contacted the company. They responded with "(item) was shipped out on 12/23/2016 Free Standard Shipping is unable to track online.
Normally, it will take 10-30 working days to be delivered."
Prices are incredible... until you see the poor quality. One item that I have received fits poorly, but I have serious doubts about whether I'd ever actually see an exchange.

Jan 11, 2017

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