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Face and body design by doctor Milla / nose

1 Tijuana, Mexico Review updated:

I went to this doctor in Tijuana, Zona del Rio, Mexico for nose surgery on 02/07. I had my nose broken and I wanted to straightened my nose. Dr. Milla was told right before surgery not to turn my nose up and to leave my Mexican nose.
The swelling started to go down after 7 months and I was so traumatized by what I saw he had done to my nose. He took my nose off from the bottom, the front, the sides, the top. He totally disfigured me. I use to take a lot of pictures before this surgery since I was photogenic. Now I look so horrible. It is terrible getting up in the mornings and looking in the mirror and not looking like me. This in it self is an emotional traumatic experience. The worst part is that he ruined my health. I cannot exercise or do physical work. I cannot go out in the cold. I cannot go out when the wind is blowing because he turned my nose up so high that the wind goes in and hurts my nose. Even the wind from the fan can make my nose hurt. I went in to see him and I asked him "why he cut my nose" he said " I didn't cut it, I molded it." When I asked why he turned my nose up he asked me "Do you know what a Barbie is?" Eleven months after my surgery I called him to let him know that my nose was in so much pain. He said, 'It was nothing I did". My nose does not feel natural. He rebuilt my nose with what he took off. I feel like I was in this horrible accident and lost my nose.

I found out that there are no medical negligence attorneys in Tijuana. I found out that Mexican Nationals have no rights, Lucha Villa (a famous Mexican movie star) has no rights, Americans have no rights in Mexico. The plastic surgery doctors can do whatever they want to us and get away with it. Americans please do not go to Mexico to have plastic surgery. I wish I still had my healthy crooked nose. I cannot speak for all doctors in Mexico, but this doctor only cares about the money. He does not care if he seriously injures someone for the rest of their lives or if he disfigures you. I realize from personal experience that he does not have the schooling or the experience to be doing this and other surgeries. I am hoping to find other web sites in Mexico and in San Diego where I can warn others. I do not want anyone to go through the pain and suffering that I will be going through for the rest of my life. I am thankful that I found this website, but if anyone knows of other website, please let me know.

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  • Ci
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    Hi my name is Cissy and this is a follow-up to my complaint against Dr Hector Milla. On July 8, 2008, I went to see a reconstructive surgeon specialist in Los Angeles United States of America. It has been a year and half. My nose is still hurting, there is never a day that goes by that is does not hurt and still shrinking. I can feel where Dr. Milla cut my nose on the sides, the bottom, and the top. The U.S. Doctor said that Dr. Milla turned my nose up 90% and that all he can see is nostrols. I feel or I should say my nose feels like Dr. Milla turned up my nose 100% just from the way it feels and looking at it. The specialist cannot reconstruct my whole nose. That would take a miracle from God. I do not want to look like a pig for the rest of my life. Dr. Milla left my nose super short. Doctor Milla made my nose super thin since he took off the sides of my nose. I ask the U.S. Doctor if he could make my nose go down. He said I will never have a normal nose. It will never go down. He would have to do a rib graft harvest, possible ear graft cartilage, and possible temporalis fascia. This four(4) hour surgery would cost $17, 000. and after all of this I will never have a nice looking nose again, or normal looking, and it will never feel natural. But it doesn't feel natural now. Right now my nose itches like crazy, especially on the sides. When I asked Doctor Milla why he left so much space between my lip and my nose. He said I didn't do it, your other doctors did it. That is strange the huge space was not there before he operated on me. My other doctors were not in the operating room with him. hmmmm. When I called him to let him know how much pain I was in (11) eleven months after surgery, when the swelling started to finally go down. He said it was nothing he did. Hmmmm. My nose never hurt before he took it all off. This man is not an honest person. He will not admit to his mistakes and will not take responsibility for his mistakes. Even though he appears nice, do not let this fool you.

    He did a tummy tuck on one of my girlfriends and she said, "that he did not do a good job".

    My personal opinion on plastic surgery is if you don't need it, don't do it, but if you do, find a doctor in the United States. We have the best doctors here. Do your homework. Go to a specialist that specializes in what you want. If you go to Mexico for plastic surgery because you think it is affordable. You could end up like me, loosing your attractive looks and health forever. I feel like I am in this horrible nightmare that I can't wake up from and thinking how could this have happened to me. Why me? If someone had warned me about him, perhaps this would not have happened to me. This is why I am writing this as a warning to others. I have a moral obligation to do so.

  • He
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    I'm really sorry you had such a bad experience with your surgery; my experience with Dr. Milla was great. I had implants and liposuction done about 8 years ago, and everything still looks beautiful. The healing was quite rapid, and everything was 100% professional. I sent a friend there, and she also was quite happy with her breast surgery results.

    I speak Spanish, so perhaps that was helpful in making sure he understood exactly what I wanted and didn't want. It sounds like your experience was just the opposite of mine, and I'm sure it's awful for you; still, I just want to be fair in sharing my results.

  • Va
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    I as well am very sorry that you had a bad experiance with Dr. Milla. I took my 5 year old daughter to see Dr. Millas due to a granuloma that was growin above her eye as you can imagine we were very worried of what the results would be. But thankfully Dr.milla removed this from her face and she has been very happy with her results. my daughter thanks her dad and i every chance she gets for taking her to this doctor. her recovery has been very quick with hardly any scare left and his staff was very helpful in keeping my doughter calm. I'am now thinking of having some work done by Dr.Millas my self in the future he gaind my trust.

    I'am Sorry about you experiance

  • El
      6th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I known Dr Milla since 2001, I actually had the opportunity to see before and afters in person. I did my homework and checked Dr. Milla's patients and all of them loved the results. I went to get breats implants and liposculpture. I loved what he did! I love my body! Advice I could give to whom ever is reading this is to see the doctors patients in person. Or ask the doctor if you could see a person before and after surgery. Dr. Milla was happy to do that for me! I was very scared that is why I checked some of his patients. I dont even know if there is a doctor that would go out of his way like Dr. Milla did!
    Sorry, but I think that what happened to you was a very bad misunderstanding.
    PS. Its hard to believe that you had a bad nose job...why dont you add pictures of your before and after? Because I do not believe you.

  • Ti
      2nd of Jul, 2011
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  • Lo
      16th of Jun, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I am a strip club owner in L.A. and I had a couple of lady's go there for new tits and this clown ###ed up on the tits big time he is a coke head that said he would do the tits for a kilo of uncut raw. And to top it off he did a ### job of the ### lifts as well the ###'s ### is like a dart broad and the tits look like bean bags or some ### . Hetor Milla should be working on low rider cars in East L.A. not on women!! He does not do a good job the people who are saying he did on this site are the girls that work at his office and not the lady's that got new tits there. He is banging the two good looking women that work for him at his office he told me he is doing work on them all the time they are like his own personal barbie dolls. It is really sick they are ###ing him for free boob jobs and ### lifts!!! What a shame!!!

  • Ma
      27th of Aug, 2012
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    estos comentarios son horibles, estaba pensando operarme con este doctor, pero ya estoy en dudas, estas personas deverian identificarse mejor con sus telefonos y correos electronicos, hasi podrian ayudarnos mejor a tomar la mas asertada decision, ahora me toca ir para mi colombia k esta mas lejos para mi, para hacerme mis arreglitos, pero yo veo en los videos de sus presentaciones excelentes trabajos en cuellos y nariz, bueno estare eternamente agradesida k algien lea esto y me conteste

  • Lo
      10th of Sep, 2012
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    Go to Colombia or somewhere else in Tijuana but not to Dr.Hector Milla his Face&Body company is a joke.

  • Vi
      4th of Oct, 2012
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    Wow... Some people don't understed that the body is different am not change my Dr. Just for 3 complaints... Every body is different .. A lots of friend when to Dr. Milla and they are so happy I had my boob job on oct 2008.. And I'm so happy...

    Cissy why you don't tell everybody that your first nose job is made with someone else...

    Incredible Estos commentarios conosco muchisimas gente ke fue con este Dr. Y la verdad estan muy contentas... Despues de mi primera cirujia hace 5 anios voy a regresar de Nuevo .. Me sorprende que mucha gente no entienda que cada cuerpo es diferente y reacciona diferente...

    Dr. Milla es muy reconocido y esta llenisima su agenda... La verdad que por 3 complaints no cambio mi doctor...

  • Ds
      29th of Oct, 2012
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    i had lipo and but lift my body is the ### im going back mabe the club owner should hire me i look great dr. milla is very nice its clean im the fourth person from my famiily to deal with dr. milla we all love him hell we dnt go all the way to that crazy country for nothing and to be honest if he is banging his staff thats their bussiness more power to them their body look great at lease they not low budget hoes surgery plus paycheck heyy yall hiring lol

  • Ev
      19th of Jun, 2013
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    que comentarios tan horribles!!! you fui con el doctor milla hace 5 años por primera vez por implantes lippo y aumento de pompis y me encatoooo!! los resultados fueron excelentes volvi en el 2009 y es cuando me di cuenta que enverdad no le importa el dinero queria una segunda lippo porqe subi algo de peso y me dijo que no que primero baje y luego hablamos asi que me lo propuse y volvi al año siguiente me hico mi lipo y quede muy bien = ) ahora estoy pensando en volver porque tuve a mi bb el año pasado y quiero un tummy tuck!! le recomende a 5 amigas y todas estan encantadas con su trabajo asi que las personas que se quejan de el la verdad es muy dificl de creerles. espero y esto les ayude a los que estan haciendo su tarea en buscar un cirujano no lo piensen dos veces!

  • Ga
      31st of Jul, 2013
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    Por favor alguien que me quiero ayudar con su consejo? Quiero hacerme lipo con doctor Milla pero me gustaria hallmarks con alguien que ya se hizo la lipo con el para que me platique como le fue mi correo es

  • Ga
      31st of Jul, 2013
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    Me gustaria hablar no hallmarks Lol

  • Ti
      11th of Apr, 2014
    -5 Votes

    This photo is for all fans dr milla I paid 3000 usd for that job " satisfaction guarantee" that he just laugh at this results!!! He didn't return my money, he want to charge me 1000 to fix them.. What a joke!!! I would never let him touch my body again!! So good luck to all this girls are so proud to be in his hands!!

  • Ci
      1st of Jun, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Dr. Hector Milla's wife likes to pretend she is a client. She handles the money. She does not care who he disfigures or injures as long as he keeps making money. I am sure some of these comments are from her She will use a fictitious name. She would probably use her or his family members pretend to be clients. or their staff. I do not believe that she would let their clients know that quack Milla has some very serious complaints against him and more than one.They would loose clients The reason I know this is because I saved the emails, she had sent me from Compliants Bored pretending to be a client. I checked it months later instead of the picture of the client, Lord and behold it was her! Dr. Milla's wife.I knew it wasn't a client just by her comments I had my suspicion/ hunch. My hunch was right. I am sure that some of these comments are coming from her and her/his family and staff, not the clients. She's cunning and devious just like Dr. Milla, that's why their together, but she is not very smart.

    I have not been on here for a long time because I have been fighting for my life. I have been in excruciating pain 7/24 . Our nose is part of our life force and I have lost most of my life force. I knew I had lost my looks forever after he disfigured me, but what I did not know is the toll it would take on me for the rest of life. If you can call been in pain 7/24 living. I did not know I was going to loose my health, and wealth. I have spent all my money on trying to find ways to stop my nose from thumping, hurting and the inflammation which has caused other wealth complications. It is only by the spirit of God that I am still here.I do not fear not living, where I use to want to live as long as possible because I had such a wonderful, fullfilling, healthy life, now I fear living too long and in pain. I know that I must tell my story to keep others from been disfigured and injured by this narcissistic social path. What quack Milla did to me and others you wouldn't do to an animal much less a human being.

    I wanted to take the time to thank you Complaints Board for showing me the way of telling others and empowering me at a time when I was in so much emotional and physical turmoil. At the time when I first wrote my complaint I did not know what toll it was going to take on me or that years later I was going to be fighting for my life because of these massive injuries. At the time I was in denial as to the extent of my injury and kept thinking the pain would soon stop. It never did.


  • Se
      5th of Nov, 2014
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    Quisiera comentar lo siguiente yo me realice este sep 5 del 2014, una lipo succion el la cintura y la espalda, y al mismo tiempo un aumeinto de busto con un levantamoeiento, y no solo eso, al mismo tiempo un tummy ya se que me diran wow cuanto, todo eso se hizo, no estaba tan mal como se verdad, no. yo era talla mediano de pantalon talla 5 y de busto era 38D, .
    Mi experiencia el primer dia que llegue a su officinal y clinica, fue la siguiente...primero llegue emocionada, y al mismo tiempo asustada, por todas las basbaridades que leei aqui, claro que no se si son ciertas, yo solo les contare mi experiencia esta bien pues aqui va...Leegue y lo primero que le dije a la senorita Mavi, es que estaba asustada por los comentarios que leei en el internet sobre el Dr Milla, y ella me dijo quisieras hablar cona alguna pasiente y que te digan si les gusto o no, o que te ensenen como quedaro, y yo le dije si espere que terminaran con una paciente y me entreviste con ella, y claro le hice las 100 preguntas que tenia y ella muy amable me respodio he incluso, me enseno como le quedo la cicatris despues de una tummy tuck...y luego fui a entreistarme con el Dr Milla y le dije que estaba asustada y el muy amble me atendio se tomo como 1 hora en esucharme y despejar mis dudas, en lo personal es una persona con mucha paciencia y te sabe escuchar, y eso me gusto, despues me tomo las medidas y me dijo que implnte seria el major, y lugo me opero, : al dia siguiente no tenia un dolor exajerado como me decian, y me levanter al bano por que queria ir y claro estaba doblada, al dia siguiente me dieron de alta y regrese a mi casa, no me dolia nada el pecho ni la cortada en mi estomago, no sentia nada claro, pero la lipo eso si me dolio claro imaginense que te golperon y te esten aplastando el golpe 100 veces, va a doler porsupuesto, y bueno como yo queria estar bella lo soporte, me recupere bien bien en casi 2 meses, me cuide mushisisisimo, por que queria estar bien...y claro el dr Milla muy amablemnte me recomndo a una masajista despues, para que me diera masajes linfaticos, que dejen me decirles eso es fundamental, ayuda mucho no dejen de tomarlos se los recomiendo, esta chica Luci masajista es maravillosa... y bueno tiene uno que estar fajada todo el tiempo eso hice yo y claro aun lo sigo hacienda, es muy importante cuidarte, los Cirujanos plasticos, no hacem Milagros, no son Dioses como el mismo dr me dijo, pero ayudan para eso estudiaron, y yo estoy inmensamente agradecida con el Dr Hector Milla, tiene para mi en lo personas manos de Angel por que no senti nada ahasta me tome una foto un selfi al dia siguiente jajajja... el se compromete a que uno quede bien, y si hay cosas que claro el paciente quisiera mejorar aun mas el lo hace...yo les digo a todas esas peronas que desean un cambio, en su cuerpo, en su caro, que no duden de hacerlo con el Dr Milla es un excellente dr se los recomiendo, yo les dijo esto por mi propia experiencia con el, y si se preguntan por que me tarde en comentar mi experiencia, pues fue por que, tenia cosas personales que attender, pero aqui esta todo lo que yo vivi al poder realizarme una cirugia plastica, no me arrepiento para nada, si alguna vez dude, estaba equivocada, y ahora, soy una mujer feliz y mi querido Esposo lo es mas, me siento nuvamente bella y sexy, gracias Dr milla por hacer mi sueno realidad, que Dios lo cuide y bendiga siempre a su familia...

  • Sa
      28th of Apr, 2015
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    Me opere con el Dr. Mills este 2015, le dije exactamente lo que queria con mi rhinoplastia e hizo lo que se le vino en gana. Le dije que no me la levantara y lo hizo, le dije que no me la afilara y lo hizo. Yo solo queria que me quiatara in bordito muy pequeño que tenia, la queria derecha del hueso de arriba NADA MAS.
    Estoy tan arrepentida de lo que hice, escoger a este Dr que es como un tipico peluquero que te cotta que cabello como quiere, pero el cabello al menos crece de nuevo.
    Hasta este momento no se que hacer, me siento impotente y deprimida, siento morir.
    I had a rhinoplasty done with Dr. Milla this 2015 as a Spanish speaker I told him exactly what I wanted done. Told him do not lift my nose & e did it, do not make it pointy & he did it. All I wanted was my top nose bone to be a little filed as I had a small lump I'd say, I swear nobody saw it but me.
    At the moment I don't know what to do I wish this was all a bad dream before surgery, I feel like dying right now.

  • Li
      16th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    Well i check him pict and read coments i think him no good for some cyrugys maybe just good for butt augmentation i see friend nice butt him make but no really like hiw him make nose or bra mmm maybe just good for somethings so bad him no responsable about him bad job i ready to go visit him for Lipoescultura but maybe not i see many bad comentario sorry my english

  • Ka
      16th of Oct, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Review in English y Espanol.
    I first met with DR.Mila, he was friendly and promised he would work with me to get exactly what I wanted. I had done some research on surgeries, procedures after care ; sadly what I didn’t do my research on was the DR. My mistake! We agreed I would get tummy tuck, lip on back and fat transfer to hips since I have a butt, but no hips making my shape look squarish. I had my surgery done Aug 25th, I was scheduled at 730, I didn’t go into surgery room until 530pm, no eating since 1 day before.
    After surgery I only noticed bruising on very minimal area, which is not good because this means he did not do lipo in areas he was supposed to. My hips still had those ugly dents, meaning he did not do fat transfer or shape me the way he promised he would. On the follow up appt, he looked at me and said its too early to notice change you are retaining liquid and area is still swollen. Days later I go back, my hips are still square and I still have my lil wings behind my bra strap, my love handles and whats worst the tummy tuck was not even, my left side was bigger than my right . I tried pointing these things out, he wouldn’t listen ; his reply was “this is not a doll house dear”, I was like WTF you’re a “surgeon” its your job . He never listens and does what he wants and then tells you “ im not a magician. I wasted so much money, and went thru so much pain, and there was no change in my appearance. Not one person at work noticed. I only lost 3 lbs. I was beyond disappointed. You know what we say “lo barrto sale carro” means cheap means expensive in the long run. As soon as I have enough money to correct his work I will do it… Stay Away!!! Also, I had noticed every time I would go, he had a new girl as office manager, I started noticing shady things going on, I asked one gal that had been there for a while why he would constantly change them, she agreed he is not easy to talk to. also confirmed over half of the positive reviews of the doc you find online are written by his staff, just sad
    Espanol= Tuve una muy mala experiencia, pase mucho dolor y gaste casi 6mil dolares para que no viera la diferencia, nadie noto que me opere, la lipo no se hizo como deberia. en cuanto tenga dinero para arreglarme lo hare. Si tienen dudas o preguntas por favor de contactar me

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