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I joined the "ezsalvage" dept of elite motors of nyc, I made a bid on an auction car I was led to believe that I had won this said auction, a few hours later I begin to receive phone calls from that company (elite motors), the sales person confirmed that I had indeed won the auction and I needed to send them a 10% deposit so they can continue to process the deal. A few hours later I start calling the numbers that called me and I had no answer from anyone. When I finally find a # that I didnt already call I was lucky enough to speak with someone, and that someone said that I didnt win the auction. After the others said I did, when I ask for my deposit back they said it would take 6 weeks to process my refund, when it only took them 2 minutes to process it from my credit card.

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      19th of May, 2010

    If copart sale a car for $200, Ezsalvage will have the Same Car for $ 2200 so Ezsalvage copy, yes you have fond They Still the content from copart in put then in the web sites, do not buy anything from EZ Salvage **WATCH OUT FOR THESE CLOWNS** they all way put $2000 on top of the original cost on the website of (

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  • Lu
      26th of May, 2010

    New York police Should put this people in jail.
    You should call your police station to see what is required.

    Collect as much information as possible about, Ex-former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik
    said that this company knowingly commity some type of fraud or crime then they are caught, they can be put in jail. When you have a company that opens and all of a sudden they are commit fraud are stealing, then they can send {YOU} to jail.

    What these people have done is larceny, they should be prosecuted. ... Why are these people not in jail?

    The check itself had an entirely different company name on it which I looked up ...Ezsalvage.coma then as .These people need to be in jail along .

    Prosecutor reveals how companies broke the law, this company should be rounded up, arrested, and prosecuted. ... As long as we allow corporations to have the same rights as people without the same responsibility they will keeping doing bad. People, this is a SCAM company.. {}

    No criminal thinks they are going to get caught. ... When criminals do get caught, the risk of serious jail time

    I spoke with the district attorney, He says the company, continues to endanger the self do to the bad practices.

    Contact the Attorney General

    On this page, you will find information to help you contact Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and key links for reaching the Attorney General's Office.

    To contact our office by phone, please call one of our hotlines:

    General Helpline: 1-800-771-7755
    TDD/TTY Toll Free Line: 1-800-788-9898
    Fraud Hotline: 212-416-6149

    To contact our office by mail, please write to:
    Office of the Attorney General
    The Capitol
    Albany, NY 12224-0341

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      30th of May, 2010

    EZ Salvage is NOT a scam!! We have purchased from them and everything went exactly as stated on their website. Maybe people should read the web like it states before placing a bid. They outlined everything exactly the way it happened. As the name implies, EZ SALVAGE deals in salvaged vehicles that are wrecked which may have unseen or underlying damage, again as stated in the website. I have done body-work and collision repair for over 20 years and they are as good or better as any company I have every purchased from and I plan to continue using them as a source for buying salvaged vehicles.

    Learn to read things before you bid and problems will NOT occur!!

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  • Do
      6th of Jun, 2010

    I have requested a refund from ezsalvage after not aquiring me a car for about 2 months. It has been 2 months since I request the refund and they will not answer e-mails and I can't seem to get anybody at their phone number. They seem like very poor people to deal with.

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      25th of Jun, 2010

    I wish I had found this webpage before I gave E-ZSalvage my deposit. I bid for a pop-up camper in West Palm Beach, Florida. The bid on the E-ZSalvage website was at 650 so I was forced to open my bid at 700 dollars. It seems all the bids on E-ZSalvage now start at 650 dollars.
    I then went to the website and watched the actual live auction. The opening bid was 200 dollars, NOT 650 dollars, and I watched the bidding go up until "Florida" won the bid at 325 dollars. I thought "good, since I live in Florida, that last highest bid must have been mine."
    I watched my e-mail account for notification that I had won but if you've taken the time to read this far you can already guess that I have heard nothing from my new business partners at EZS.

    Perhaps the "Tell a Friend" link on the E-ZSalvage website should bring you to this page before you lose any friends...

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