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Purchased two pair of glasses on 3/19/2009 in the amount of 224.00.
by June 1st one paid had formed a gooy substance on the nose pad and not being able to clean the lens because of smeary goo. I switched to second pair and they did the same thing in less than three weeks. I called Texas because I was home in Il. 1400 miles away and they sent me some nose pieces that wouldn't work and a bottle of lens cleaner that wouldn't clean to goo off. I then took them to Memphis, Tn. while when on vacation and ask that my money be returned for a substandard product they flatly refused because they only give a thirty day return policy, and accused me of using some chemical agent to them while I did not do. I told them it was on my nose all the time. They also told me that if anything was to be done I would have to contact South Texas in which I did by phone. After talking to South Texas the store manager reminded me of the 30 day store policy again and said he would check with his supervisor and that call has never been returned. How can you go through two pair of glasses in three months if they are not defective in some way.

Mardin E. Betty
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      Sep 01, 2009

    If the nose pads were silicone there may be a possibility that you are allergic to the pads. The allergy and resulting skin secretions could have caused the gooey substance. If you still have the glasses, you could take them into an Eyemasters and ask for vinyl or PVC nosepads. Rubbing alcohol may remove the goo off the lens. Just a suggestion.

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      Oct 02, 2010

    "Why pay more?" I guess that's why. :)

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