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Eyecare International Ltd is a SCAM company / Run by criminal Aaron Gershfield

1 1379 Northway HouseLondon, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
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There is a very bad company operating out of Northway House, 1379 High Road, Whetstone, London, N20 9LP, England, and the registered address is Halswelle House, London N11.

The SCAM is as follows. FREE eyecare for ALL employees who need it. Last year they came to our office park and we were given this fantastic talk by one of their reps about how simple and easy it was for us to use them. I've never needed glasses but because the test was free and our HR people pushed the service, I went ahead and signed up.

The testing itself was the only decent part though the trailer they test in, a "Tardis" they stupidly call it, was freezing cold and wobbled every time anybody moved. They told me I needed glasses and tried to sell me some with "bendable" frames. I told them I really didnt want any but they must work on commission so they kept pressing on about their exclusive range which seemed quite poorly made. Eventually, they badgered me into taking some sunglasses, which I was on the fence about, but they wouldn't let me leave until they made me sign a direct debit and sales agreement (a copy of which I asked for but never received).

A few days later, I saw the same pair cheaper at Vision Express and so emailed by "Personal Manager" telling him I didn't want to proceed with my order. I didn't hear anything for a few weeks so I didn't think much more about it. But then I started getting these ridiculous emails from "my glasses" telling me I needed to collect them. I would also get constant emails telling me I had a balance and needed to go pay them. I would repeatedly respond to the emails telling them that I had cancelled my order, had never picked up any glasses, and didn't owe any money, but this only seemed to cause even more emails to be sent. And when I called them, they never answered the phone.

After many, many months of this, they finally stopped, but only because so many other people complained to our HR director, that she sorted the whole mess out. Needless to say, I'm told we won't be having those amatures back to our company again.

To anyone thinking of using them, I would say stay well away as they clearly don't know what they are doing and use high pressure sales tactics to coerce people into buying things that they don't need and into handing over their bank account details so the company can repeatedly make unauthorised debits.

Having done some research on this company, I have found that they also go by several names, Meade Investments, Rovinge International, Waterfront Investments, Heathmill, and are run by the twice bankrupt criminal mastermind Aaron Gershfield who was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for illegal money lending and is currently under investigation by UK tax authorities for tax evasion and money laundering.

There are many articles out there regarding their nefarious activities but I am unable to post these here. So I file this report as a warning to others who might be duped by one of their many scams in the future. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

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      20th of Dec, 2010
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    I'm glad I came across this post. I want to add a few points of clarification.

    The name of the company is Eyecare International Limited, a corporation registered in the UK, registration number 05902436.

    The entire operation is run out of 1379 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 9LP in the UK which is where Aaron Gershfield's office is based. The registered address of Eyecare is Hallswelle House, Hallswelle Road, London NW9 0DH, though this is just a company agent.

    The lens manufacturing lab is located in the basement of the Northway House address and spews out many toxic fumes and staff work there in appalling conditions, without proper ventilation or protection and no safety training. All the equipment is second hand and does not work properly. The manager Sandeep is a complete idiot who puts profit before quality and safety.

    The frames are all made in China but illegally marked made in the UK, and will fall apart and lenses are dangerously fitted by cleaners and other people with no training. No orders are ever sent out on time and the customer service is atrocious.

    I know these things as I used to work in customer services and had to explain to thousands of people on a weekly basis why their orders were wrong, or arrived broken, or why they were overcharged, which was the number one complaint I dealt with.

    I really feel sorry for the people locked away in the basement who are forced to work in these conditions by the greedy Aaron Gershfield. I hope they find jobs elsewhere and leave as I did. He should be made to work 24 hours, seven days like he makes his "slaves" work, instead of driving around in his BMW and luxuriating at his Hampstead mansion or Spanish villa.

    Though they claim to have clients like T-Mobile, Sony, and Coca Cola, all of these companies were duped into letting these cowboys onto their premises and T-Mobile actually threw the stupid trailers out. This is a one trick scam and once they've gone through all the companies, they move on to the next company, and so on.

  • Ch
      7th of Jun, 2011
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    I worked for this company, if you could call it that, cheap glasses and cheap frames used to make the glasses I even remeber seeing one of our cleaning staff in the lab using the machines that make the glasses. No traning was ever given and as for Aaron he is just a bully, walking round demanding crazy things with out any planning ie: your glasses emails (lol). He didnt care about customer service just about money, money, money the emails used to come in in there hundreds, a sales girl told me nobody even looked at them because they didnt have time or answers yet he would still push to get to as many companies as possible. Glad I got out along with so many others I heard they have gone bankrupt but im sure Aaron will find another scam to sink his teeth into soon I just hope he and a few others get whats coming to them (karma).

  • St
      10th of Nov, 2011
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    Haha, loving this. Yeah, sounds about right. The problem with working with any of Aaron’s companies is that it messes with your head and can leave you screwed up for life you ‘re not careful. I was only there less than a year (yeah, they fire people within a year) but watched so much ### happen. It’s a bit unfair to see everyone blamed for Aaron’s mistakes and crazy ###. Well definitely Ian and Stephanie should be as those two deserve what they get. Dunno about the rest, though Tara was two faced so that’s true as well.

  • In
      20th of Aug, 2012
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    They're still around and going strong as Sparkling Eyes Options and CE Apple Corp and Borders & Gates. All new company names but fronted by Andrew Osman, Yogesh Bafna, Sandeep Chauhan, and Oliver Gershfield. Go to sparklingeyes dot co dot uk and see if you recognise the horrible web page? Aaron Gershfield and Ian Harries must be desperate. Where is Stephanie Kleyman these days? Still clearing through the pile of writs coming in fast and thin to Zorro Law?

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