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ExxonMobil / human resources

1 5959 Las ColinasIrving, TX, United States

ExxonMobil Contacts & Informations Posted: 2013-12-25 by Angela Ashworth Unethical Business Practices Complaint Rating: 43 % with 7 votes Dear Mr. Tillerson, I received a letter from Mrs. Burket in the Houston Human Resource Department responding to the letter that I sent you regarding: 1. The consequences when your employees fail to disclose parental obligations when requesting expatriate assignments. 2. Human Resource’s failure to properly screen for potential conflicts. The response from your office did not address the core issue of the complaint. Justifying the oversight as “benefits” were sufficient enough to justify this oversight and to “contact an attorney". Parents are subject to criminal laws against abandonment, abuse, and neglect of children. Your response was not only supporting these unethical business practices your employees choose to practice but ignores the fact that Children have rights in this country. If Corporations, such as ExxonMobil choose to assist in supporting and covering up these unethical business practices then they should be held accountable as well. In the event an employee chooses to accept a job overseas there are court policies and procedures that are in place to assist your employees in properly pursuing other opportunities without causing harm and displacement to the children left behind. Mr. Michael Ashworth, a ExxonMobil employee failed to mention that he was appointed Joint Managing Conservator with a Extended Visitation Schedule of his 2 young daughters, just a few months prior to moving overseas. No childcare was offered to provide care for these children -during the time Mr. Ashworth agreed to - Your employee has not Petitioned the Court to request Temporary Modifications to the current Court Order. Failing to provide proper notification, failing to provide changes in the address, failing to follow through on visitation and completely ignoring all rights and responsibilities that are clearly outlined in his Divorce Decree questions the moral integrity of your employee. Paying child support does not justify the emotional turmoil, confusion, displacement, discord, and unwarranted emotional pain that these oversights have caused 2 young girls. Using Corporations such as ExxonMobil to evade parental obligations and to seek monetary gain at the costly expense of causing much unwarranted emotional pain and suffering to children, is contrary to the Code of Conduct that ExxonMobil claims to follow. Children have a Rights in the USA, one including Protection: Children have the right to protection from abuse and neglect. I am seeking legal representation and with the advice of legal counsel intend to file a lawsuit against your company for a Violation of Children's Rights along with other potentially unlawful acts, for the complete chaos, turmoil, emotional trauma and stress your costly oversight has caused my children. Sincerely, Angela Ashworth Amari cc: Board of Directors/ExxonMobil Cavanaugh Le/Vice President Mrs. Burket, HR Houston Texas Childrens Rights Coalition

Jan 20, 2016

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