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Extreme Motor Sales / Bad product

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I purchased two 300cc ATV's from Extreme Motor Sales in April.

Parts are breaking and I am now being told that those parts are not covered under their warranty.

I have had nothing but problems with these ATV's. I wish I had never purchased these crappy ATV's and also not purchased from Extreme Motor Sales.

It will take me over a year to pay off these two ATV's and all they will be doing is collecting dust in the garage!!!

I personally say lets go towards a class action lawsuit!!! I also feel the companies who push these junky ATV's should also be held accountable as they KNOW the ATV's are junk. I was guaranteed that the ATV's that Extreme Motor Sports sells is not the same ones from PepBoys and it turns out they are identical!

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  • Ti
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    Parts not covered under her 6 month warranty that she has broken: light bulbs, Reflector, Lost wheel cover caps, black straps to cover the storage box were dry rotted, she thought the "Air Box" was broken but then changed her mind saying it was the choke on the handlebar that she broke. None of these are warrantied parts but "Wear and Tear" items that she either lost or broke on her own.
    She said that all of these should be under warranty...Things that she breaks due to neglect are not covered, I'm sorry.
    She sent me an email yesterday saying that this is the same as PepBoys. She was confused. She bought 300cc, Pep Boys had 250cc. We had shaft drive, different exhaust, different engine, just looked similar. This is not a Pepboys Baja at all. Try going to Pep Boys and asking for a simple part such as a starter, they will not have any in stock. We do! After explaining this to her, she said, "Oh! now I understand". I have kept her email as proof.
    This is simply a customer that does not know how to work on ATV's and yells at us when she breaks a part. She sends nasty emails for no reason and all she has to do is come get her parts (She is within 30 mins from us). Oh did I mention that she picked up both ATV's from our local store and they were working fine? She saw them work and was thrilled? We even helped her get her financing so she could get the ATV's!

  • Tu
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    You get what you pay for, you want a 250cc ATV? go to a yamaha dealer and ask, then divide that price by 4 and get something made from china and good luck.

  • Fr
      11th of May, 2010
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    I bought a scooter there and it was going bad from the beginning. Everything started breaking and the best they could come up with was that it was MY fault or that it was not covered under warranty. They have horrible customer service skills. YOU DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO HEIDI, she does not know how to talk to customers and has no customer service skills whatsoever. Now they are telling me that the engine might be blown and that if it is, i have to pay for it because the exhaust keeps getting undone. The exhaust that was put on was a aftermarket exhaust that THEY installed and HEIDI supposedly fixed it once and it came undone again. I bring it back for the same problem and they say that it's my fault and that rebolting the exhaust together everyday is part of regular maintenance. They have nothing but bad reviews everywhere, you can check for yourselves. The only good reviews they have are the ones that they wrote themselves. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DON'T GET SCAMMED. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. You don't even have to believe me, look for yourself on better business bureau website, they have 75 complaints within the past 36 months and a F rating.

  • Fl
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    we have already been had by this company.they will talk a nice talk but after they get your money, you can forget about them when something goes wrong.they won't return your calls if something goes wrong, and if they do call you, it'll be long after the warranty expires.Don't expect much..the first thing they will tell you is its your fault. Do yourself a favor and do your research and check the bbb.customer service is like awful, they definitely lack customer etiquette!! i'm warning everyone i know to be afraid, be very afraid!!!

  • Pe
      16th of Nov, 2010
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    Extreme Motor Sales - sent wrong size
    United States

    My husband went on the EMS website looking for a LARGE trunk for the back of my 150cc scooter. We are replacing the one that was on it. He found a 250cc scooter with a LARGE trunk on the back, on the website. He e-mailed EMS inquiring about a LARGE trunk. Tina e-mailed back saying that the color might be off. We ordered it and what we received was a SMALL trunk, off a 150cc scooter for $100!!! I e-mailed her and she asked for a picture of the trunk and we e-mailed her a picture of what we had received and a picture of what we wanted. we e-mailed her we returned the trunk (postage $15) hoping to be credited for the unwanted trunk and the B refused it because it didn't have a RMA#. So I e-mailed her for an RMA#...nothing...we had charged it, but Bank of America states they can't do anything for us because of EMS return policy...even though it was the wrong one!!! We did finally find a reputable company that had a large trunk for $100, and when we received it, it had a hairline crack in it. We called them and they sent another one out asap, without waiting to receive the cracked one back or for UPS to investigate the claim. I have ended up with three is on my scooter, one is sitting waiting for UPS and the small one which is of no use to me. Suffice it to say we will NEVER deal with EMS again and will tell everyone who will listen to do the same. They are RIP-OFF artists!! I am on the west coast of FL and they are on the east coast, or I would have paid them a visit personally. Their customer service sucks!!

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