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We brought our puppy from her when was 4 weeks old. I was suppose to pick up the puppy when he was 8 weeks old. We would visit the dog once a week and noticed the dog pen had a mat and it was covered in *** and pee. I called her about this and she claimed that they do not use a mat and if they did it was washed everyday. She told me she doesnt push dogs out, but I get a phone call to pick up the dog when he was 6 weeks old. She is not so bright because she contradicts herself all the time. By the way, the dog was sick when I brought him home and had to be taken to vet. I asked for the papers for our dog and till this day no papers for our dog. She is a liar and a cheat there is no love for those puppies. It's all about the money. Sad but so true after reading everyones comments.

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      10th of Mar, 2010

    As a former employee i have seen her throw dead puppies in a dumpster, make first time puppy owners cry and regret ever buying a dog from her, not give customers their money back for returned dogs( mainly because she quickly spends the money shopping or on vacations or even on breast implants). She is a disgusting excuse for a human being. Remember, I know this personally. Her house has oover 70 dogs that are covered in feces and matted to the skin. she might not keep them in cages but she is no better than a puppy mill. sShe claims to love the dogs but she loves the money. I, along with many other good groomers and employes, have left her because she bounces checks left and right. She even went as low as to say i have a drug addiction. Ask her about the time she was on the news for possesion of cocaine :) I have never done a drug in my life so this made me laugh. Do Not buy a dog from her cause they will have something wrong with them heath wise. And if she ever owes you money, dont expect to get it, her checks bounce and she doesn't care

    I hate Heidi :)

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  • An
      28th of Oct, 2010

    This Breeder FAILED an unanounced State Inspection on 10-20-2010
    Contact the Department of Agriculture, Pet Dealers Division, NYS
    You can obtain a report under FOIL, (right hand side of Home Page).

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  • Pu
      31st of Jan, 2011

    what is breeders name

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