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Evia Auto Sales / Fraud

1 Queensbury, NY, United States

I recently went to Evia Auto Sales on January 23rd 2013 and found a vehicle that we wanted. The salesperson seemed nice and stated that the vehicle we wanted he knew had some issues but that they had changed the cadalidic converter, breaks, rotors and he told us that we had bumper to bumper coverage including electrical or 24, 000 miles. As he put it, this was a great insurance coverage for the vehicle. He brought the price of the vehicle down to 6 thousand dollars. Had to put down 650$ that day in order to keep the vehicle. The vehicle had over 1000, 000 miles on it. We got it home and found out that it was leaking antifreeze, there was an issue with the radiator leaking. The oil pump was weak. We called them back to discuss bringing the vehicle in. they had it in the shop for a day, they stated that the radiator was not leaking, that it was a loose hose and that they fixed it. They also stated that chevy’s were noted for having a clattering when started. We were told it was okay to drive and brought the vehicle home. The problems continued and when we called them back about it they said to bring it in again and they would have an adjuster look at it. After having it 8 days the mechanic Travis told us that the adjuster said the vehicle would not be fixed because it was failing, not broken. This did not honor the warranty. After bringing it back home we brought it to Advanced Auto where it showed the camshaft and crankshaft sensor were making the check engine light came on. We kept driving the vehicle for a like 2 weeks until it died on the northway stranding us in the cold for 3 hours at night. We called Evia’s the following day and explained what happened. We also told them that we had it put on the machine at advanced auto and what the results were and they told us to buy the parts and see if that worked. We did and it DID NOT solve the problem. They told us if it did not run after we put the sensors in that it was probably the motor and that they would fix it. So we called them back after putting in the new sensors and told them it still did not run. I told them that I was pretty sure it had jumped time. They said that they didn’t think it was covered under warranty. I told them it was, it was stated in the contract. I told them they needed to come get it to have it fixed and that it was not drivable. The head mechanic got nasty on the phone and said that he had to get an adjuster to look at it again to approve the teardown and if that was not the problem we had to pay for it. I told them they we were not paying for it because it was covered in the warranty and that I was not paying for the vehicle at all because it was not drivable. I told them I had a mechanic look at it and the head mechanic at Evia’s said to us ‘then have your friend mechanic fix it then because we are not going to.’ And then hung up in my ear. DON’T EVER BUY A VEHICLE FROM EVIA’S! Run away like they have the plague. The staff are nasty, beligerant and don’t know their ### from their elbow. Now we have an unusable vehicle sitting in our driveway. PLEASE DON’T GO THERE!

Apr 20, 2013

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