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Everest University Pompano Beach, FL / Scam

1 225 N. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, FL 33062, Pompano Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 954-783-7339

I enrolled at Everest Univ. (when it was FMU) (Pompano Beach, FL location) in May of 2006. I enrolled to get my GED while getting my Associates in Paralegal Studies. I did well for the 1st couple of semesters with a 4.0 GPA (making A's in every course). Then I had to take online classes because the classes that I needed to take where only being taught in the daytime (which I cant attend bc I have a f/t job). I was forced to enroll in Online classes and even though I made every effort- I found it extremely confusing and difficult and expressed my concerns to my counselor (Dr. Lydia Haynes and Marilyn Perez) I ended up failing. Then, I was automatically enrolled for the next course (online classes) which I never knew about and was given an F due to not doing them. I tried getting back into school but they advised me that I was "suspended" from school due to my grades and I couldn’t register until I speak to the Dean, well, I called the Dean probably about 20 times w/o a return phone call.

Its been a few months now that I have been trying to get someone to help me out w/no success. No one at the school returns my calls or emails (not even the Dean). I finally emailed a professor who I had a couple of classes with (Dr. Ronnie Savar) and she was able to get the President to email me (Eduardo Sama) which was also very rude and nasty and NOT helpful. I am disgusted with theis school and how they treat their students. I now owe them a balance of $2680 which they are willing to settle with me for $1340 which I have to pay by 8/17 in order to get my official transcripts. Why should I pay for this when this was for the online classes that I didn’t even sign up for or even started. Why cant they just release my official transcripts and let me move on?

I went to PBCC (boca Raton campus) yesterday and they wont even transfer all of my credits (when I finally get the official transcripts). I also now have to get my GED as well.

I want to know if you can help me in any way. I have read MANY articles online re: this school and how students are being cheated out of thei $, time and hopes/dreams.

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  • Th
      15th of Nov, 2013
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    I won't be long I promise. I attended this University in 2006 to 2010 took two semesters off during that time and finally refused to let the anise continue and removed myself from them. I brought my transcript over to a main streamer's university only to be advised that during the time I attended Everest / FMU lost their accreditation and hence my credits that I paid for out of pocket with 3.75 GPA were worth dirt. This school is a scam and I even had to seek professional help to move on from their abusive strategies. Now after some three plus years I am two classes away from graduating from a top HSBCU with not one but two degrees with a 3.96 GPA honors. My only regret is that I could not afford to sue them or shout them down. I hope this will prevent this from happening to another student, but something has to give!!!

  • Za
      28th of Feb, 2011
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    Aside from EverestPmpnoBchStudent being called out enough already for his/her apparent direct interest to Everest, the reply comments that place onus on the person who made this complaint are out of place. The types of complaints made are of the nature that one would (or should) have received some notice or instructions. It sounds like there is some fine print somewhere in their application materials that allow them to automatically do the things they did here. That said, just because it's written doesn't necessarily make it right, or legal for that matter. And even if such "business practices" (I'll call them) would be judged legal, it doesn't necessarily make them moral. Kudos to those of you who continue to call out such practices. My sympathy (and my arguments) lean in favor of the person complaining here.

    I would be interested in knowing if this practice has continued. Furthermore, if the person complaining has not satisfactorily resolved this matter, i.e., forced to pay those amounts in order to obtain transcripts or threat of this unpaid balance affecting the complainer's credit report, you should be aware that a statue of limitations to pursue legal action is either very close or possibly recently passed. If you are going to follow up, you should do it now. You may even be able to start a blog or otherwise generate buzz about this to determine if you have standing for a class action.

    Consumers, you have much more power than you are aware at times! Stand up, speak out, and if necessary, boycott. With the internet at your fingertips, you can be extremely creative in getting businesses to respond to consumers. A university is no less a business than a gas station. Ultimately, their bottom dollar will dictate the outcome of such circumstances.

    I am very passionate about things that are patently unfair and am willing to help you take this on if you so choose. Remember though, time may be of the essence depending on the facts. So whatever you do, I urge you to decide soon!

    Best wishes.

  • Va
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    I graduated from FMU in 2006 with a 4.0 GPA and an AS in Paralegal Studies. Prior to graduating I applied at Nova Southeastern University for their Legal Studies BA program. I was accepted and MOST of my credits transferred over. There were about 3 courses that I had to FIGHT to get transferred in but at Nova they DO have a process that can be used to do so, and I did it. I graduated from Nova cum laude in 2009. Prior to graduating I became the first ever recipient of the Corinthian Dream Award for Everest's Pompano Beach Campus. I even spoke at their graduation ceremonies in 2008. So needless to say, my experience at FMU/Everest was a great one. I still talk to Dr. Savar to this day. Any issue I ever had was resolved but I never let up and I never backed down. I knew my rights and made sure everyone else knew that I knew them. I was a single mother who worked full time while I went to school and I also did online, weekend, and evening courses. So that's not an excuse. Every school you go to will automatically process your financial aid once you do the FASFA application without you having to sign...that's fairly routine. I've yet to find ANY school that will automatically enroll you in courses. I wasn't automatically enrolled in any class online or otherwise at either school. But yes you're right... there are schools that Everest doesn't have an agreement with regarding the transfer of credits. They're not accredited in the same manner as some of the other colleges in our area, but they are accredited. Maybe things have changed since I left but that truly doesn't sound like the school I went to.

  • It
      4th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I do understand your worries. I've been a student at Everest for 3 years and I know how they operate. They are big scams. Every terms they open up a loan for me that I never approve. I had to go off on Maria Cotto about this until she fixed my account. which she did. I know from personal experience that they do not return phone calls. The only ones that has really HELPFUL, TRUTHFUL & HONEST the whole way through this is DR. FRED VALDEZ and COLEEN BRADSHAW. I can call them and know I will get a call back. Everyone else are fakes and and only try to get you for all your money.
    The person that wrote the last comment you are a FAKE AND PROBABLY ONE OF THE SCAM ARTIST. SUCH A LOOSER!

  • Tr
      3rd of Jan, 2010
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    obviously you are a fake, and works for Everest.

  • Ev
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    You would be implying that the same people who draw up an academic contract with you are scamming the hundreds of other students who, register, ACTUALLY DO their work and GRADUATE. That just doesnt make sense. I'm currently enrolled at Everest and am maintaing a 4.0 GPA. I didnt enroll in college to be baby-sat but that was apparently what you did. If you were not ready to accept all the resposibilities that are puit in front of you at a collegiate level, then obviously you would feel scammed. Your "counselor" as you call her, Dr Lydia Haynes, happens to be my Program Director and also my professor several of my major classes and the last time I checked Everest University was not called Everest High School; there are no "counselors." Dr Haynes works hands on with students in her program to make sure we understand our material and on top of that, make sure we registered ahead time for upcoming terms. Again, something that isnt part of her job, as she isnt a baby-sitter. I sincerely hope that you dont have the intentions to use your Paralegal degree (assuming since Dr Haynes is your "counselor") as an intro into a law degree because you will becomed just a failed statistic to that school's graduation record!

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